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Organization is Healthy

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

For many of us cleaning up and clearing out to get our home more organized can feel like a monumental task we probably prefer to avoid.  While getting organized can be a challenge, the benefits are worth the effort.

“Living in a cluttered home can create constant low-grade stress and subtly, but steadily, drain your energy,” explains, Kathryn Norton co-owner of Tailored Living of Knoxville.  “Just spending 15 to 30 minutes a day cleaning out a junk drawer or the family’s mudroom has proven to have many benefits to make our lives healthier and happier.”  

The biggest benefits of an organized home are:

Save Time

One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of an organized home is saving time. When you don’t know where to find things, you spend too long searching. You waste valuable time you could be spending on something else. If you organize your things, giving every object a home that makes sense and is functional for your life, then you’ll know where they are, even when you’re in a hurry.

Save Money

Have you ever had to buy an extra flashlight or blouse because you couldn’t find the one you already had? Replacing items due to poor organization can obviously waste money. Once you get everything set up the way you want, you’ll also be less likely to impulse-buy odds and ends that are just going to take up space.

Promotes Productivity 

Disorganization can make you feel unmotivated. How many times have you put off a work project or even a hobby because you had so much stuff you needed to do? The same goes for a cluttered home. It’s difficult to feel inspired to work on a project when there’s so much visual stimuli going on you can’t concentrate. Fostering a clean, decluttered environment can help encourage your creative juices and give you time, energy, and the focus you need to see projects through to completion. 

Increases Energy 

Chaos and clutter is draining.  It can sap your energy and even make it feel like it is hard to breathe. A well-organized space gives you an energized feeling. Pay attention to how you feel the next time you walk into a cluttered room. How does this compare to walking into a well-organized room?

Soothing Surroundings Are Nurturing 

Being in a space characterized by order and a sense of tranquility, is soothing and helps relive stress.  Coming home to an orderly home can help you feel like you’re entering a sanctuary away from the stresses of the outside world. 

From inside the home to the garage, Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage will listen to your specific needs and design systems that help you stay organized in your closet, home office, mudroom — almost any room in the house.  Turn chaos into calm with Tailored Living and PremierGarage. 

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