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The Lakeside Renovations You’ve Been Looking For

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Does your home match your vision for what it should be? If it falls short, as is so often the case, have you considered renovating your home, only to push the thought aside because the project either seemed too small to warrant it, or too big to be realistic? Perhaps you’ve struggled to find renovators you can trust to make your dream a reality. If this describes you right now, then it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Mike and Lisa Tapola and their local, family-run business, Lakeside Renovations.

MV: So, tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to move your family out to Tennessee?

Lisa: We are from Southern California, born and raised. Mike and I got married as high school sweethearts and are now blessed with 3 amazing children. As for what led us to move out to Tennessee, we really felt like God was leading us out of our home state due to the wrong direction California was headed. We traveled to 33 different states before we found beautiful Tennessee, and Tellico Village, and have been proud to call it home ever since.

MV: Mike, how did you get started renovating houses?

Mike: I have worked doing construction since I was a teenager, but I have my wife to thank for encouraging me to break into the renovation industry. Thanks to Lisa’s obsession with HGTV home renovation shows, she talked me into buying our first renovation project. She had faith I could do it, and with my skills and her knack for design and strict time schedule, our business has taken off ever since. 

MV: And, where your business has taken you since then?

Mike: Before we moved to Tennessee, I completed our first renovation and dream home, which we lived in for 10 years before heading out of California. From that house, we were able to buy 3 homes in Tennessee that we successfully renovated and sold. Once the market shifted away from flipping houses, we moved to home renovations. One of our clients, also from California, lives near us in Kahite/Tellico Village, and thanks to Lakeside Renovations, now enjoys a new, fully-renovated kitchen. 

MV: Tell us about one of your most challenging home renovation projects.

Lisa: That would have to be a 3,800 sq. ft. house that had custom-built, and it was a foreclosure. Everything had been stripped from the home including the floors, kitchen, toilets, doors, you name it it was missing, including the electrical. 

Mike: That was a huge challenge, but also worked as a blank canvas we could completely recreate all brand new. 

MV: What do you feel sets you apart from other home renovators?

Mike: I believe what makes us different is we are a family-owned business that understands the importance of being honest and reliable. We have a passion for home renovation and take great pride in our quality of workmanship, from my own manual labor to my wife’s skills in design and giving clients the greatest range of options and ideas. Our business philosophy has and will always be to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

MV: It seems like most contractors are so busy today that they dont have time to call people back when they ask for an estimate.  Or, once a job is started, clients don’t know when things are going to be done due to a lack of communication. How do you deal with those concerns?

Lisa: We know that many renovation and construction workers are not readily available right now, due to staffing shortages or taking on way too many jobs. Here at Lakeside Renovations, we only take on one job at a time and are honest and realistic about when we can get you on the schedule. 

MV: Is there anything else youd like to say to our readers?

Mike: Our goal is not to have quantity, but to strive for quality and the utmost satisfaction from our customers. So, we hope to hear from you soon for all your renovation projects, both big and small.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the first step in making your home renovation a reality, and call Lakeside Renovations at 661-992-6333. Allow them to wow you with their excellent customer service and commitment to top-notch, quality results.

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