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Where New Home Dreams Begin

Friday, February 1st, 2013 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Mike Jamison

As a home builder with more than two decades of construction experience, I can tell you that no two homeowners are the same. That’s because each of us, individually or as a couple, have different perceptions of just what constitutes the perfect home.

I think those differences are what I enjoy the most. In fact, I employ a strategy to help each homeowner identify and clarify precisely what their dreams are before the process of construction gets underway.

In the next several issues, we will discuss the home building process in a series of articles, which encompasses a myriad of other considerations, including:

• Budget
• Design
• Energy efficiency
• Relationship with banks and title companies
• Working with a builder
• Construction techniques
• Insurance
• Construction timeline & schedule

While this list may appear a bit overwhelming, you will need to address each of these issues at some point during the construction process, whether you wish to or not. My experience has been that when the proper degree of planning takes place at the beginning of the cycle, rather than later, it not only reduces the number of challenges which can arise during construction, but also shortens the construction process, resulting in fewer delays and unexpected and unplanned expenses, which can derail your building budget.

Your new dream home is where you will spend the rest of your lives. It may be your last major investment and is the culmination of many decades of hard work and planning. Doesn’t your new dream home deserve the same carefully thought-out, comprehensive plan worthy of your dreams? Take the time upfront to plan and go over details before you start and the process will progress more smoothly.

Next month we will discuss budgeting for your new home.

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