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Your Pets Deserve to Eat Like Champions

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 | Uncategorized | No Comments

One thing pet parents everywhere know is that each and every one of our dogs and cats is special. They are our four-legged kids. They enrich our lives in unimaginable ways, asking very little in return except an occasional hug and to be petted.

One way each of us can demonstrate both our love and appreciation for our kids is to provide them with a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet that will improve their well-being and enhance their longevity.

If you are a pet parent who thinks that all pet foods are created equal, you’d be wrong. Despite what pet food advertising might suggest, pet foods are often full of fillers and undergo significant processing. It is the same things that humans try to avoid in their own diets. But admittedly, it’s confusing.

So where can you go for answers? How about canine breeders and husband and wife team, Martin and Sandy Gabel, owners of Luv-A-Pet pet food store and pet grooming.

“There are a great many factors that go into breeding and showing championship dogs,” said Sandy. “But nutrition is a key factor, perhaps the most important factor, in breeding and showing champions.

“While most of our customers at Luv-A-Pet are not breeders, these dedicated pet parents are nonetheless in search of information on how to provide an affordable, yet nutritious diet for their pets. The information that’s typically unavailable at the big box stores or at chain pet food stores.”

“By combining our nearly two decades of dog breeding and show experience with many of the most respected manufacturers of pet food in the industry, we are able to answer most of your pet’s nutritional questions and concerns while providing you with the most nutritious, healthy and well-balanced pet foods available anywhere,” said Martin.

So if you agree that your dog or cat, who gives you their best and deserves your very best, why not provide them with the same healthy and nutritious diets that their championship cousins enjoy? After all, there’s a little bit of champion in each of our pets.

Luv-A-Pet also provides pet grooming for your four-legged kid. Grooming is provided by Phyllis Cleveland, Ishah Jones and Beebe Wright, each whom has many years of experience.

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