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Don’t Say No

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Brian K. Whitehead, Managing Partner of The Village Salon 

As we get older, we oftentimes continue to discover some of the little secrets of human nature.  In my own experience, one of the most consistent human nature traits is that we do not like to hear the word NO.  Here are some hints as to how you can avoid hearing the word no during your salon visit.  

At our salon, our entire staff works on the premise that people do not like to hear the word no, and as a guest of the salon, you should almost never have to settle for a no in any shape, form, or fashion.  

When discussing possibilities for your hair with your stylist, it is of course important to effectively manage your expectations when asking for a particular style.  When we make reasonable requests of people, the opportunities to hear the word no are almost always reduced.  Should you find yourself in a conversation with your stylist and they have been forced to tell you “no,” don’t be afraid to ask what a possible compromise might be.  

When it comes to scheduling your salon visits, make sure you do not have to hear the word no from the front desk.  When you have a stylist with a large practice, sometimes finding an appointment that fits your needs can be difficult, and sadly, the front desk is not able to accommodate every scheduling request.  

In order to not hear the word no, simply ask the salon representative to take your name and number, along with your request, and give the note to your stylist to be placed on their waiting list.  Oftentimes your stylist can find openings to squeeze you into their book at a time that the desk representatives simply do not have the authority to schedule.  

Everyone enjoys their salon visits more when they do not have to hear the word no, and if you have played your cards right, you will never have to hear it again.  

Thank you all for the continuing stream of ideas for this column, and should you have any problems at all with your salon visits, please consult your salon professional.  

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