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Make the Smoky Mountains Your Happy Place

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Many people find happiness in the Smoky Mountains. Burdens seem to roll off as the stately mountains come in sight. The Smokies are a restful place to retreat from the busyness of life and to be restored and refreshed by their beauty and serenity. Life is just better in the mountains.

Having grown up in Gatlinburg, Carol experienced the splendor of the mist-shrouded Smokies that greeted her each morning as Mt. LeConte stood majestically outside her bedroom window. 

“My childhood was filled with the joys of living in the mountains,” Carol remembered. “My days were spent outside exploring, hiking, picking blueberries, sledding, building forts, and eating family meals on our front porch picnic table. My parents’ love of the mountains not only overflowed to my siblings and me, but also to everyone they met. They welcomed relatives and friends into our home who wanted to visit the Smokies.”

In the 1970s, Gatlinburg’s popularity grew, and the local mom and pop hotels could not meet the demand for rooms. Visitors found themselves stranded with nowhere to stay. 

“Because the hotel owners trusted Mom and Dad, they asked them to take these desperate vacationers into their home,” Carol explained. “Our family would scramble to clean a bedroom and bathroom in time to welcome weary travelers to our mountain home.”

Carol’s parents’ opportunities for hospitality continued to grow. Neighbors with vacation homes on the mountain began to leave their keys with her mom and dad, so her parents could rent their homes. As Gatlinburg grew into a year-round vacation destination, people began to buy properties as a rental investment. As a result, Carol’s parents began managing more and more rental properties. Mountain Laurel Chalets Management Company was born – a true family business.

“My siblings and I answered our home phone, Mountain Laurel Chalets, how may I help you?” Carol recalled. “We were reservationists, cleaners, laundry workers, customer service representatives, remodelers, and decorators. While in college, my siblings and I recruited friends to help us clean cabins on busy fall and holiday weekends. We had a blast with our friends, and they enjoyed the extra spending money they earned.”

Carol considers it a privilege to have grown up in a family who loved combining life and business together as they endeavored to bless others through their hospitality. Carol’s mom and dad are gone. They left her with this wonderful legacy of six incredible rental cabins nestled in the Smokies, which became Trillium Family Properties to be shared with families like yours.

Imagine cool mountains breezes, the sound of gentle winds rustling through the surrounding trees, the smell of pine trees, an abundance of wildlife, and a crackling fire at sunset. And of course, the awe-inspiring views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Trillium Family Properties looks forward to the opportunity to share our mountains with you, your children, and grandchildren. Why not begin creating a lifetime of fond memories by contacting us today and reserving your family getaway or staycation? Why not start your own family legacy in the mountains? Visit us online at www.TrilliumFamilyProperties.com to explore all our cabins and to book your family escape.

“Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” – Mark 6:31

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