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Great Expectations

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East TN Mountain ViewsAt Tennova Healthcare, we believe in love at first sight. We see it every day.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are among the most special moments in life. At Tennova Healthcare, we want to make this a time you’ll remember with joy. That’s why we’ve designed our childbirth centers at Turkey Creek Medical Center, Physicians Regional Medical Center, and Newport Medical Center to offer the comforts of home and the reassurance that – should the need arise – a full range of healthcare services is available close by.

“Being pregnant or planning to have a baby is a good reason to want the very best,” said Lance Jones, CEO of Turkey Creek Medical Center. “At Tennova, you’ll be cared for by a team of skilled, supportive doctors and nurses who are committed to providing you with information, attention, and support throughout each stage of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond.”

Since not everyone has the same expectations, Tennova offers a wide range of options for the birth of your baby, including rooming in, midwifery services, and specialized care for high risk births.

Allison Peek (31) was excited to learn she was pregnant. Allison and her husband, Douglas (36), were also concerned about the delivery because Allison was considered “high risk.” During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure), hyperemesis (severe nausea leading to dehydration and weight loss), a low platelet count, and a heart murmur. The Sequoyah Hills couple, who both work in the medical sales field, knew they wanted the best care possible for their baby.

“Having a high risk pregnancy and going into labor early was a frightening experience,” said Allison. “My obstetrician, Dr. Michael Fields, and the team at Turkey Creek Medical Center were extremely reassuring. They worked in collaboration with the high risk doctors to ensure that both my baby and I stayed healthy before delivery.”

The Big Day Arrives
Allison delivered a healthy baby girl, who they named Lochlyn, in November. Although she delivered the baby early (at 36 weeks), Allison reports there were no complications or the need for specialized neonatal care for Lochlyn, who weighed six pounds and three ounces at birth.

“It’s hard to describe the gratitude I have for this amazing team of doctors and nurses,” said Allison. “From my prenatal to postpartum care, I felt like the team was constantly cheering me on.”

“Our experience was remarkable from the very start,” added Douglas. “We felt like ‘family’ from the first time we walked into the hospital. Being new, expectant parents can be an overwhelming experience. But the staff made every effort to reassure us, comfort us, and care for all of our needs.”

Tennova offers private labor and delivery suites at its three childbirth centers. They look and feel like home, with comfortable furnishings and warm touches throughout. Each suite includes sophisticated monitoring equipment, and, should you require a C-section delivery, we can handle that in our special operating rooms. Our top priority is always the health and safety of our patients.

“As Douglas and I enjoyed our first few nights together with Lochlyn at the hospital, we were amazed at just how comfortable we were,” said Allison. “We felt almost as if we were at home.”

Families Matter
At Tennova, fathers are welcome at all times and may stay overnight in the birthing suite.

“The labor and delivery suite was comfortable and accommodating for my husband and sister, who joined me for the delivery,” said Allison. “We had plenty of room for all our family who wanted to visit our new addition.”

“Anybody who knows me knows I am not often left without words, but I was definitely taken aback at just how smooth our experience proved to be,” said Douglas. “I really appreciate all of the care and consideration the staff gave us, including the occasional downtime in order to rest up.”

Bonding – the emotional attachment that occurs between two people – is promoted at Tennova’s childbirth centers. Immediately after delivery, parents are encouraged to touch and talk to their baby. With rooming in, your baby can stay with you as much as you wish.

“It was important to me to have my baby at a hospital that valued the importance of mother-baby bonding, especially the tender and early moments of my baby’s life,” said Allison. “The medical and nursing team encouraged Lochlyn to stay close to me but also offered to give me time to rest when needed. I feel like the bonding time we had while still in the hospital was invaluable.”

Allison also praises the support of the hospital’s lactation consultant.

“As a first-time mom, I only had ‘book knowledge’ on how this entire breastfeeding thing would go,” she said. “I was scared and intimidated. My lactation consultant and my nurses patiently worked with me and Lochlyn at each feeding session. By the time I went home, I was confident at nursing and pumping, and Lochlyn could easily latch and eat at each feeding time.”

Allison and Douglas concur that the education and support they received made all the difference.

“We felt it was extremely important to get as involved and prepared as possible, so we attended childbirth preparation and breastfeeding classes,” said Allison. “We were impressed at how knowledgeable and understanding the instructors were with us. The classes were packed with other couples, and we even made some new friends.”

A Happy Homecoming
“I can’t adequately describe the pure joy I felt when seeing Lochlyn for the first time,” said Allison. “The crazy thing is that the joy has continued to grow every day. I never imagined that being her mom would be so much fun. Every minute holds a new discovery.

“I am so impressed by the holistic approach that Tennova has incorporated into having a baby,” she continued. “From the classes to prenatal and postpartum care, it felt like each step was deliberately created to take the surprises out of childbirth and newborn care. It was apparent that everyone was extremely experienced and well-equipped to support and assure new parents.”

“Working in the medical industry ourselves, we know there are many great facilities here in Knoxville,” said Douglas. “However, if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to have the best experience with the most caring staff and the most memorable moments, Tennova is exactly what you’re looking for.”

Let Tennova help you celebrate a happy, healthy birth. To learn more, visit www.tennova.com.

Every Step of the Way

Tennova Healthcare brings together medical expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive services to address the unique needs of women of all ages who are embracing motherhood, maintaining wellness, or making life transitions. From adolescence through menopause, Tennova is the place to turn for the information and services you need to maintain your most precious possession – good health.

Tennova offers a full spectrum on services to meet a woman’s healthcare needs and those of her family at six convenient locations:
» Physicians Regional Medical Center, 900 E. Oak Hill Avenue, Knoxville
» Turkey Creek Medical Center, 10820 Parkside Drive, Knoxville
» North Knoxville Medical Center, 7565 Dannaher Drive, Powell
» Jefferson Memorial Hospital, 110 Hospital Drive, Jefferson City
» LaFollette Medical Center, 923 East Central Avenue, LaFollette
» Newport Medical Center, 435 Second Street, Newport

“Whether you need gynecology surgery, prenatal care, or support during menopause, Tennova can help,” said Karen Metz, CEO of Physicians Regional Medical Center. “To us, you’re not just a number or a procedure. You’re a woman – a woman who deserves the best. That’s why we offer services like mammography, bone density exams, pelvic ultrasounds, and massage therapy in comfortable surroundings. We also offer specialized services, including chronic pain management, laser surgery, treatment of sleep disorders, weight loss management, and fitness classes.”

Tennova Women’s Health includes:
» Bone Health – Comprehensive services for osteoporosis, from preventive screening and education to diagnostic and treatment services.
» Breast Care – Education, breast cancer screenings, and advanced diagnostic technology, including digital mammography and breast MRI.
» Cancer Care – Expert care for cancers that affect women.
» Gynecology – Services range from preventive annual exams to treatment of conditions such as endometriosis, bladder problems, and more.
» Heart Care – Preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services for heart disease.
» Women’s Wellness – A variety of fitness, nutrition, and emotional support services just for women.

Physicians Regional Medical Center and Turkey Creek Medical Center have both been named Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health Surgery by the American Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Earning this distinction recognizes Tennova’s surgical expertise and continued commitment to offer women the latest minimally invasive procedures, including robotic-assisted hysterectomies.

Tennova also offers a complete range of maternity services for normal and high risk pregnancies, from pre-pregnancy through delivery, at three locations: Physicians Regional Medical Center, Turkey Creek Medical Center and Newport Medical Center.

Physicians Regional Medical Center is Knoxville’s only hospital offering midwifery services by certified nurse midwives. The hospital is also home to a Level II-B NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), which is equipped to provide advanced care to newborns with health risks, including breathing difficulty, nutritional deficiencies, or other conditions that may occur with premature birth.

To learn more about Tennova Women’s Health, visit www.tennova.com.

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