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Recycle a House

Friday, October 31st, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Tom Gongola, Broker – Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace REALTORS®

When you build a new house, you get to pick everything. You pick the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom, the flooring, the color on the walls, and the landscaping. The drawback is it takes a really long time and has been known to be quite a stressful adventure. There are plenty of lots available, but you will quickly find that the awesome lots were built on long ago. This is likely the most expensive and most time consuming option.

When you buy an existing home, you get someone else’s choices of kitchen, baths, flooring, and colors. Some may be a perfect match for you, and some may be close enough, but it’s still not as good as picking them out yourself. Even if the home is in excellent condition, it is still used, and if it is in premium condition, it typically demands a premium price. Buying an existing home is a faster and likely less expensive option than building new.

Recycling a house is another option. A smart option. Buy an existing house that has not been updated for a long time. Buy it for a great price. Hire a contractor. Pick you kitchen, baths, flooring, and colors. Watch the transformation, and move in soon. It’s so much faster and easier than building new, you get to pick everything, everything is new, you get an awesome lot, and it saves money.

Recyclable houses quite often are on some of the best lots. They picked their lot 15 years ago, and they chose wisely.

You can buy the recyclable house in Tellico Village cheap. Real cheap. Cheaper than in many other locations. The reason is Tellico Village age people typically don’t want one. They are many years beyond sweat equity. If fact, one reason they move to Tellico Village is they don’t want to sweat again. They have done well in life and reached a point where they get to retire and relax and live the good life. They just don’t want any part of a fixer upper.

Another reason they are cheap is there are plenty of them available. People move in to Tellico Village often at the onset of retirement, but as they age, they tend to not have the energy to keep up or no longer wish to refresh the house. The houses are well maintained, just dated. Lots of supply and not much demand is a recipe for opportunity. Recycled houses are a good value because you can buy at a good price in a great location and get them updated exactly how you want easier than building new.

Sometimes the project may seem intimidating, but let’s face it – you’re not going to swing the hammer, you’re going to swing the pen. The same great local contractors that would love to build your new home would also love to remodel, rebuild, and recycle a 15 year old home. You meet with the contractor, pick your new kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and colors, and watch the transformation. When you are done in a few months, you have everything new, just how you like it.

How do you pick a recyclable house? Choose wisely. Shop smart. Negotiate aggressive. Be patient. And, of course, choose Tom Gonogla as your Realtor Buyers Agent to help you hunt down properties and negotiate.

The Chota Cove property at 111 Hiawassee, which is listed in this ad, is a lakefront home with a deep water boat dock and is for sale for $675,000. It is in an area of much more expensive homes. It has a fantastic view of the lake and the yacht club, and at 3,252 square feet, it is perfectly sized. One of the best parts is it is on one of the flattest lakefront lots around. The walk out to the dock is flat, flat, flat. Obviously this home gobbled up one of the best lots in Tellico Village back in 1999. In fact, a lot a few doors down is listed for sale at more than $500,000. The home is very well maintained, it’s just dated. This is about as easy of a recycle project as they come. Pick your color and updates and select a contractor, and you can be moved in quickly for a great value. Visit the website at 111HiawasseeLane.CBWW.com, view the mobile website and pictures on your smartphone or iPad by texting T182576 to 85377, or just call Tom Gongola at (865) 203-8800 for a quick, easy showing. If you are going to buy on the lake, you really should see this one.

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