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Why Bring the Party Back Inside?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 | Uncategorized | No Comments

When family and friends are outside enjoying a special event or just a time of relaxation, why be forced to bring your party back inside because of an unexpected afternoon shower or that relentless summertime sun? The solution is simple thanks to Undercover Systems.

If your home has a raised deck, Undercover Systems will install a modular designed roof system under the underside of your deck. Their patented roof/ceiling system, consisting of individual ceiling panels and integrated gutters, collect rain water and melting snow or ice, channeling water and debris from the panels to the system’s perimeter gutters and downspout system. While protecting you from rain, this same ceiling system will also provide much needed shade during those “Dog Days” of summer.

Homeowners appreciate the fact they can select from a variety of colors and panel profiles to create that showcase quality look that not only enhances their home’s exterior appearance, but also increases the value of their home. “But be careful not to confuse Undercover Systems with the competition which uses generic, off-the-shelf components purchased from the local big-box retailers,” says local Undercover Systems owner, Jim Conn. “Every system we install is custom engineered, designed and manufactured by Undercover System specifically for your home’s raised deck. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here at Undercover Systems.”

Here are some other important facts to consider when selecting an underdeck roofing system:

> The Undercover System is self-supported by its structurally engineered load bearing gutter system that attaches to the inside perimeter of the area being covered.

> This patented Under-deck Ceiling System does NOT attach to your home’s deck joists – no nailing, stapling or joist modification.

> To protect your deck joists, NO water or debris are brought into direct contact with your home’s deck joists.

So why are these facts important you might ask?

Architecturally recognized to promote the health of your deck, Undercover Systems modular, self-supporting Under-deck Ceiling Systems are designed to maximize the air flow in and around your deck joists ensuring their longevity. Systems that attach directly to deck joists can impair the free flow of air which can dramatically reduce the life of your deck.

“We can help you to replace that dark, damp space under your home’s deck with a dry outdoor living space that you and your family can enjoy in every season of life. Why not transform that space into a new outdoor living room or kitchen that blends seamlessly into your home’s exterior and surrounding landscaping?”

Say goodbye to that ugly water stained, cobweb underside of your home’s raised deck and hello to your new designer inspired out-of-doors living area with one easy phone call. A complaint free member of the Better Business Bureau, Jim and his team of experienced craftsmen will complete your project to your complete satisfaction. In fact, Jim personally supervises each and every Undercover Systems installation and backs it up with a lifetime guarantee.

Discover the Undercover Systems difference for yourself and begin creating a lifetime of family memories today. All it takes is a phone call.

Undercover Systems

Discover a Life Worth Hearing – Part Two

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As we described last month, in the August 2021 issue of East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, hearing loss is increasingly becoming more of a problem in the United States as large numbers of Baby Boomers retire every day. Because hearing loss is often gradual, it can go undetected for long periods of time. We may feel that others are speaking too quickly or perhaps are mumbling. Untreated, those experiencing hearing loss may begin to feel a sense of isolation and may elect to reduce their social interactions. And those with more severe hearing loss can actually experience speech impairment when left untreated.

Thanks to today’s exciting new advances in hearing aid technology, more and more people are overcoming hearing loss allowing them to maintain their healthy and active lifestyles. The solution to hearing loss is education. Information can help us to overcome both hearing loss and other related problems.

In this month’s issue of East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, we are pleased to bring you Part Two of our recent interview with Tellico Hearing Solutions owner and founder Robert Ferraro. As you will recall, Robert’s interest in hearing aid technology first began when he and his wife, Connie, learned that he was experiencing hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss or have a loved one or close friend that is, we hope you will find this feature helpful. Here is the second part of that interview.

ETMV: Robert, remind our readers again about your own hearing loss experience.

Robert: My hearing loss started a few years ago. I was straining to hear everything that others were saying. I began to tune-out in social settings and missed much of the conversations. It was just too tiring to try to keep up. I had to constantly ask people to speak louder or to repeat themselves. Connie was also telling me that the TV and radio were too loud. We connected the dots and decided it was time to have my hearing examined. My first set of hearing aids was like a reawakening. It opened an entirely new world to me. I couldn’t believe how much of life I had been missing.

ETMV: You stated previously that your own hearing loss was what lead you to pursue a career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Explain.

Robert: Hearing “normally” again had an incredible impact my life. It really opened my eyes, or should I say ears? It created a new awareness. I came to realize that there are literally millions of other Americans just like me experiencing hearing loss which is going undiagnosed, and worse, untreated. The solution to hearing loss and a full and productive life is within everyone’s grasp.

I made a major decision to go back to school to become licensed and certified in Tennessee to be able to test peoples’ hearing, and if appropriate for them, fit them with proper hearing aid devices.

Look, today’s hearing instruments are extremely sophisticated and each person’s needs are unique. At Tellico Hearing Solutions we have the required technical expertise, but more importantly, my own personal hearing loss experience helps us to truly relate to each and every patient on a level that others simply can’t.

ETMV: Today’s hearing instruments are unlike those used in the past. Why?

Robert: Technology. Today’s hearing instruments possess technological advances unheard of just a few short years ago. Miniaturization has made them virtually undetectable and technology has made them adaptive, enabling them to adapt to ever changing environments. We can even help you to make refinements to your hearing instruments remotely without having to leave your home. Our clients are also surprised to learn that our hearing instruments can reduce the severity of tinnitus that many experience.

ETMV: What’s the next step for someone who thinks they might be experiencing hearing loss?

Robert: Avoid inaction. The sooner you act, the better the outcome. Untreated, hearing loss can negatively impact you in so many more ways than you might imagine.

Remember, I’m not only a licensed and certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, but I also overcame my hearing loss.

Won’t you let me help you to rediscover a full and productive life? Why not call me today!

Tellico Hearing Solutions, PLLC

Living the Dream?

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By Jim Fairweather
Owner/LPL Financial Advisor – Fairweather Financial

“Living the Dream” is an idiom often used by people in response to the question, “How are things going?” Usually this response is uttered satirically, suggesting that we’re far from living our dreams.

But I’m here to tell you that can live your dream. And your response to the question, “How are things going?” doesn’t have to be that typical whimsical retort.

Rest assured that some rain will fall on all our lives from time to time. But living the dream isn’t an accident. Living the dream is the result of careful planning and the implementation of a well thought out strategy designed to take full advantage of those objectives you’ve worked decades to achieve, as well as providing for those occasional rains that will require skillful navigation to lessen their impact on our lives.

As a young man growing up in East Tennessee, my plans for the future were in their early and informative years. I continue to be surrounded by many wonderful people who have helped to shape who I have become and who will continue to influence me in the future. I love the community in which I live, work and raise our family. I have a passion to see our community prosper as well as its people. In looking back nearly 2 decades now, perhaps it wasn’t a surprise that I chose a career as a financial advisor. Financial planning has provided me with the unique opportunity to help those I care so much about to pursue their dreams.

I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding my career has become as I discovered that by helping others to work towards their dreams, that I would fulfill my goal of living my own dream. I have been rewarded far more than I could have imagined by the knowledge that Fairweather Financial has helped so many of its friends and neighbors to discover the rich and fulfilling future that awaits them.

If you’re like me and believe that you too deserve to achieve your own American dream, than I would like to personally invite you to call me and to set up your no cost or obligation consultation. By asking the right questions, by listening carefully and by implementing a well thought out financial strategy for your future, you too could be well on your way to living your dream.

Fairweather Financial
107 West North St.
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Disclosure: Securities offered through LPL Financial FINRA/SIPC.

Sneak preview… Fall 2021

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The idea for fall and winter 2021 is casual comfort… Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, fashion had been headed in an overall comfier direction for some time! The athleisure category has held strong for years, and stylish sneakers have overtaken sleek high heels as the footwear of choice for women everywhere.

Best of all, there’s now a comfortable look for everyone! Matching lounge sets have become a huge style staple – whether it be funky tie-dye or simple all black, these coordinated outfits can take you from morning errands to afternoon zoom calls with ease.

If the matchy-matchy outfits aren’t your thing, an outfit made up of comfortable separates may be the 2021 trend you should explore. Try an “elevated jogger” pant paired with a statement sweater and denim jacket for a perfectly comfortable, but still put together, look!

Of course, all the comfortable outfits for the upcoming season are best paired with sneakers! Whether you choose a simple white, a funky print, a beautiful fall color, or a stylish platform – each sneaker “look” has its place in the fashion world for fall 2021.

Of course, we still offer a great selection of dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, and separates that can be pieced together if you are needing an outfit for a special occasion – perhaps a fall wedding or a holiday party.

At The Lily Pad, we have evolved with these ever changing times to offer our customers the stylish comfort we are all looking for – and a safe environment to shop in.

Happy shopping!

Discover the Extraordinary World of Antiques

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By Peggy Cones, Owner of Cones Cupboard Antiques

I was first introduced to the world of antiques at a very early age by my mother, who instilled in me her passion for antiques. She helped me to discover that the antique world was much different than what most people believe, which is that antiques are comprised mainly of furniture items. And while furniture is an important component of our world of antiques, there are other, and just as exciting, areas just waiting to be discovered by you.

I would like to personally invite you to visit Cones Cupboard Antiques located in the West End Antique Mall in Knoxville, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of antiques, all selected by me personally during my buying trips throughout the United States. I guarantee you that my eclectic collection of antique and vintage furniture, glassware, sterling silver, collectibles and gifts will excite both the newest antique enthusiast and antique aficionado among you .

Unlike the traditional “big box” department stores which only offer offshore, mass-produced, generic gift items, Cones Cupboard Antiques features many one of a kind gift ideas that simply aren’t available elsewhere. Truly unique, these gifts will remind family members and friends alike just how much they mean to you and the thought that you put into selecting their gift. And you can also take heart in knowing that your gift may also be destined to become a shared family heirloom.

Whether you’re an antique expert or a virtual newcomer, I invite you to visit us at Cones Cupboard Antiques, where you can rediscover or discover for the very first time our world of antiques in the West End Antique Mall in Knoxville. Also, like us on Facebook!

Cones Cupboard Antiques
7200 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

Room Decor, Panoramic Views or Privacy

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Today’s Window Treatments are Class Acts
By Darla Zorn – Owner/Founder – Express Blinds

Called on to perform a myriad of functions within our homes, window treatments are class acts to be sure. In fact, we view individual window treatments as actors on your home’s very own stage. Designed to complement each and every room in your home, well designed window treatments will accentuate your room’s décor, they provide just the right amount of personal privacy, they blend light from outside your home with light from within your home to strike a perfect balance, and they also provide energy efficiency and savings.

With the pandemic in the rear view mirror, and friends and family visiting as before, perhaps it’s time to restage your home’s window treatments as you welcome new and more frequent guests into your home. With you as director, your home as the stage and your window treatments as actors, now is the time to create that showcase quality look that you’ve been dreaming of.

Last month we directed our lights to a different actor, the amazing and versatile honeycomb shade. In this issue of East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, we will introduce you to another exciting and equally rising star, the natural woven shade. Crafted from exotic organic fibers from jute to rattan and bamboo to wood, natural woven wood shades offer global texture to compliment our mist shrouded, rolling, Tennessee countrysides, mountains and pristine Lake Tellico shorelines. And these same fibers are designed to perfectly accentuate the décor within our homes as well.

From harvest to fabrication, focus on up to 20 artisans handcrafting each shade. Meticulously hand-fed on a loom by skilled artisans using man-made yarns spun from natural by-products. Picture their enduring quality by examining the intricate details such as hand-sewn rings stitched right into the weave and handsome sewn-edge binding options that add a finished flair.

Observe as the incomparably variegated textures and hues of naturally processed fibers, become the hallmark of each and every one of your natural woven shades.

Select your colors and fabrics. Choose from light-filtering grasses, reeds, papyrus, and bamboo woven by artisans which exhibit all the perfect imperfections. Revel in the rich hues that only nature can capture, offering an organic, sophisticated style. And be bold. Venture into an exotic twist by adding a pigmented stain option.

Cheryl Pfund, Express Blinds’ Design Consultant & Tellico Village resident with 20+ years of window treatment experience

Next, set the stage by selecting from a variety of motorized and cordless options to create the proper balance between beautiful form and beautiful function, and to ensure a safe and serene environment.

And don’t forget those added touches of class, including top-down/bottom-up option, fixed liners and more.

Ready to get YOUR SHOW on the road? Call Express Blinds, Shutters, Shades & Drapes today at 865-730-4880 and ask for Cheryl Pfund, your very own Tellico Village resident and Tellico area expert with over 20 years of experience in the window treatment industry. Cheryl, and our team of designers and installers from central casting, will work closely with you to ensure that your new home’s Class Act will become the Talk of the Town.

Express Blinds,
Shutters, Shades & Drapes


Choosing the Right Refrigerator

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Submitted by Pattersons Home Appliance Center

The refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in your kitchen.  When you choose a new refrigerator, it’s not just about function:  Consider its features, style, and build.  Your next refrigerator should last for years, and part of its longevity depends on how much you love it.


Before looking at new refrigerators, measure the space where it will be placed. Don’t measure your old fridge – refrigerator dimensions change over time.

Modern refrigerators usually fit into a 36” wide and 72” tall opening.  The only exception to that is the built-in refrigerator, which can be as wide as 48″.  When measuring refrigerator depth, add an inch to your measurement to allow space for cords and water lines.  Your refrigerator also needs at least half an inch of space on either side.


Counter-depth refrigerators and most built-ins are usually shallow enough to sit flush with your countertops.  This is helpful for smaller kitchens, or if you prefer a smooth transition between your counters and appliances.  These refrigerators make up for lost depth by being a little taller and/or wider than average refrigerators.

If you’re not worried about floor space, maximize your refrigerator’s internal storage with a full-depth refrigerator.  There’s more room for chilled food and drinks, plus you’ll save money since full-depth refrigerators are usually less costly than counter-depth.


Build quality is often best graded by the features of the refrigerator.  For instance, a fridge with automatic humidity controls for its crisper drawers would be higher quality than a refrigerator with non-humidity-controlled crisper drawers.

An easy test for build quality is by checking the type of track that drawers run on.  Higher quality refrigerators use metal tracks for a smoother glide, while lower quality refrigerator drawers run on plastic tracks.


The most noticeable features of your refrigerator will be the color and style.  Most refrigerators come in stainless steel, but you can also find white, black, black stainless steel, and panel-ready refrigerators, which means you can add your own personal style to it.

The style of your refrigerator depends on how convenient the style is to your lifestyle.  For example, a french door refrigerator is perfect for someone who uses their refrigerator more than their freezer, while a side-by-side refrigerator offers more freezer space in exchange for a slimmer fridge space.  If you prefer a single-door refrigerator, you can still choose between a top mount or bottom mount freezer.

Refrigerator features to consider include an interior water dispenser, in-door-ice system, sophisticated temperature and humidity controls, slide-away shelves, and can caddies or wine racks.

Pattersons Home Appliance Center
10640 Kingston Pike

Smart Strategies Before You Retire

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By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

If you’re looking forward to the day when you can permanently silence your morning alarm clock and pursue your own interests, you’re not alone. Perhaps your days will be filled with a hobby, golf, tennis, exotic travel, or just relaxing.  Here are some suggestions to help you to achieve that goal:

• If you’re retiring before age 65, budget for the health insurance that will be required to fill the gap between the end of your employer’s plan and the beginning of Medicare. Shop for individual insurance policies, and make sure you understand the true cost of Medicare once it begins.

• If you are married, create a Social Security claiming strategy that will allow you to maximize your benefits as a couple. At our firm we have proprietary software that can help you identify a strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits.

• Create an after-tax emergency fund so you don’t create taxable income by dipping into your 401(k) or IRA to pay for an unexpected home or auto repair. 

• Segregate your investments into time horizons. Conservatively invest a portion of assets for the first phase of your retirement years, and use a growth focus for phase two assets. A key to success is having a well-diversified portfolio that can withstand the market’s inevitable rollercoaster ride.

• Have enough guaranteed income to cover your fixed living expenses. If you don’t have a company pension to combine with Social Security, you can create your own. The right pension annuity can pay you (and your spouse) lifetime income that keeps pace with inflation and provides a death benefit to your heirs if you pass early. 

• At age 72, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) begin, creating additional taxable income for you. Prepare in advance and create a smart tax strategy for the years between retirement and age 72. 

Your retirement can become the dream that you’ve worked and saved toward for so many years, and proper planning is the key to help you achieve those retirement dreams. Call me today and discover how together, we can help you secure your retirement by scheduling a one-on-one, no-cost consultation or introductory phone call today. Retirement dreams begin here.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC
Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor
504 Ebenezer Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

Delivering Extraordinary Results One Home at a Time

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CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee, a complaint free member of the Better Business Bureau in 2020, has been delivering extraordinary results to area homes and businesses for nearly 2 decades. Because painting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to update and protect your home’s interior and exterior surfaces, growing numbers of East Tennesseans have come to rely on CertaPro Painters. Offering a worry-free experience from start to finish, locally-owned CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee has earned a reputation for superior customer service and craftsmanship.

After visiting CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee offices, one thing became abundantly clear – every CertaPro team member genuinely enjoys their chosen careers. Each member embraces the contribution they make in the total customer service experience. From the first customer contact through the “Pride Walk” at the completion of every project, each member is confident in the knowledge that the CertaPro Painters team delivered results designed to exceed your expectations.

East Tennessee’s Mountain Views recently spoke with CertaPro Painters president, Devin Taylor and associates to discover just what makes them rise above the competition to deliver superior customer experiences. Here’s a portion of those interviews:

ETMV: What does CertaPro Painters offer that other painting contractors might not?

Devin: We focus on our level of service and the experience our customers receive. There are many painters out there, but few are as easy to do business with as CertaPro. We want to make our customers’ experience easy and worry-free. We do that by implementing proven and time-tested processes for everything we do. This allows us to provide a consistent experience from project to project.

Andy Barton, Director of Residential Operations, along with Matt Riley, Director of Residential Sales, and Melissa Smith, Scheduling Coordinator, offered their insights on this important issue.

Andy: I think it’s the overall attention to each job, regardless of how large or small it is.  We say that we paint lives, not houses, and we work very hard to deliver on that promise to each and every homeowner we have the privilege to work with. We put great emphasis on remembering that we are working on or in the largest investment most people will ever make – their homes. It’s not just caring about the paint we apply; it’s valuing the emotions and memories our clients associate with their homes.

Matt: It’s definitely our genuine concern for our customers’ needs. I really try to take the time to listen to customers, not just be an order taker, and present solutions that fit within their desired outcomes and budget.

Melissa: I interact with all of our Job Site Supervisors on a daily basis. These incredible team members take tremendous pride in their workmanship – many of them have been with us for years. We offer a consistency of character that not all businesses can provide today.

ETMV: What are some of the biggest benefits that CertaPro customers are likely to experience?

Devin: The certainty of a job well done. At CertaPro, we have processes in place to ensure things go smoothly, and if for any reason we hit a bump in the road, we have management teams in place to address any issue that might arise.

Carl Lemmon, CertaPro’s Residential Service Manager, and Kimble Manuel and Jacob Thurber, two of the Residential Sales Associates, added:

Carl: Quality and service. Our painters and carpenters take extreme pride and ownership in their work. Our management team is always available to answer all of your questions and to guide you in your decisions. You will never be left guessing about costs, what’s going on with your project, or when it will be completed.

Kimble: As a reliable, trustworthy contractor, we know it is nerve-racking inviting people into your home, but you can trust CertaPro from beginning to end to get the job done right. We have been locally owned for 18 years and make sure that your project goes according to the agreed upon plan.

Jacob: We are also proud of the fact that CertaPro is the most referred company in Knoxville, and that speaks a lot to what we are providing our customers! Because we deliver exceptional experiences, people want to tell their family, friends, and co-workers. With multiple levels of management on each project, we fulfill our promises, and I think that means a lot to the East Tennessee community.

ETMV: What do you enjoy most about working at CertaPro?

Carl: I have an awesome team to support me in my role and really enjoy helping our customers to transform one of the most personal things in their life to something they have always wanted or dreamed of. It is a great feeling to be a part of that transformation and to bring joy and happiness to someone through painting.

Matt: I love working with people. I get to meet 3-4 new families each day, learning about their lifestyles, work and what makes them go. Being able to help them accomplish a project, care-free, in their busy lives, just keeps me motivated daily.

Andy:  This job is great because of the people.  I have the opportunity to meet and get to know several hundred people each year.  It is incredibly rewarding when we deliver on the promises made to every homeowner and to experience, with them, the joy of having a freshly painted and beautiful house.  Our guys are great too, not just as painters, but as people.  Most of them have been with us for several years, so we have been able to really get to know them and even their families. I love being a part of that experience.

Harry Puckett, Residential Service Manager, and Jim Mazrimas, Residential Sales Associate, also responded.

Harry: There is an obvious “family” environment here. Everyone that works at CertaPro understands that teamwork is essential to getting projects completed successfully. There is a real sense of pride in doing their jobs well that I appreciate.

Jim: CertaPro presents an opportunity for me to help a homeowner protect and beautify the largest single investment that they will likely own. Whether a small condo or a large home, we are there to help them customize their living spaces to their desires. We do not think of ourselves as salespeople as much as we think of ourselves as consultants and problem solvers.

ETMV: What personal business philosophy do you embrace?

Kimble: It’s simple – I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes. This really helps bridge any gaps in understanding.

Jim: The philosophy I bring to every customer estimate is to serve as a consultant to listen to your needs, then offer the best available options to bring those needs to fruition. I want a homeowner to be comfortable with me as a person first and confident that I will be able to provide them with the best options or solutions available.

Jacob: Don’t make excuses; just make improvements to the process.

Devin: And always treat people the way you want to be treated. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that we are listening to our customers’ needs and ultimately meeting or exceeding their expectations.

ETMV: CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee has been the recipient of a number of awards recognizing your achievements. Tell our readers about some of CertaPro’s business and individuals’ achievements?

Andy: The greatest honor is to be named the winner of the CertaCup. This annual award recognizes the top performing franchise in our system of more than 400 privately owned small businesses. We have won the award four times and have been a finalist for half of the years we have been in business. We have earned more nominations and wins than any other CertaPro company in the system. We also have a team full of high achievers who have won numerous regional and national individual awards as well.

ETMV: Is there anything else you would like East Tennessee’s Mountain Views to tell our readers?

Devin: In addition to residential and commercial interior and exterior painting, we also provide all levels of drywall, carpentry, and remodeling work as we strive to become your “one-stop resource shop.” We would especially like to take this opportunity to thank our many loyal customers. We have enjoyed working with and for you all these years and are excited to continue these relationships while fostering new ones!

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

CertaPro Services:
• Interior and Exterior Painting and Staining
• Kitchen Cabinet Painting
• Drywall Repair
• Carpentry Repair
• Deck Construction
• Re-Screen Porches
• Wallpaper Removal
• Re-texturing Drywall and Ceilings
• Stripping/Refinishing Wood

Mashburn Homes

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Delivering On What We Promise For Over 45 Years

Under that iconic and weathered outback hat for which Kenny Mashburn is perhaps best recognized is a Tennessee native and businessman that has embraced the American dream and entrepreneurial spirit for over 45 years. From it’s Tellico Village showroom and headquarters, Mashburn Home Builders, LLC, has earned “a reputation you can hang your hat on.”

“I can’t imagine myself doing anything else,” said Mashburn Home Builders, LLC owner and founder Kenny Mashburn. “Helping homeowners to create their very own dream home and watching the expression on their faces as their home nears completion is its own reward. Enriching the lives of others is truly the catalyst which motivates us each and every day.”

Kenny and his team of talented and experienced craftsmen have also earned a reputation for combining value and quality. “Homeowners often express their surprise at the level of craftsmanship we exhibit, believing that true craftsmanship was a thing of the past. We also believe that every home, regardless of its size, can be a custom home. We enjoy showing our clients how they can affordability create that showcase quality look in their homes which reflect their individuality, style preferences and tastes.”

While perhaps best known for new home construction, Mashburn has also earned a reputation for remodeling and updating existing homes. “Many homeowners, who prefer to remain in their homes, express a desire to update their homes to reflect today’s newer styles and trends. We routinely replace kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, install new countertops, complete an unfinished lower level, replace or refinish their hardwood flooring, create a home office or craftroom, or even a home entertainment room. You’re only limited by your imagination.”

Kenny and team also specialize in enhancing your family’s out-of-doors living experiences by creating outdoor living areas that allow you to enjoy all that Tennessee has to offer. An expanded deck or patio, screened in porch or a four-season room will allow you, family and friends to take full advantage of our area’s rolling and often mist-shrouded countryside, beautiful lake, forest and mountain views, and your own beautifully landscaped yard.

Whether you’re considering building your new dream home or updating and remodeling your existing home, you are invited to experience the Mashburn Home Builders difference for yourself. Discover true creativity, quality and value.

“I would like to extend my personal invitation for you to visit us at Mashburn Home Builders today. Call me at (855) 458-3008 or email me at info@mashburnhomebuilder.com to set up an appointment. I look forward to our visit. You’ll discover the pride we’ll take in creating your custom home, a home which will reflect your unique and active lifestyle, while preserving and enhancing the character of your natural surroundings and community. We stand behind the quality of our homes and offer you our personal guarantee of customer satisfaction as proof.”

Kenny Mashburn

East Tennessee's Mountain Views

P.O. Box 432

Vonore, TN 37885

Email: inquiry@etmv.com

865.607.4337 Local

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