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Could You Use Some Help With Your Next Move?

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Baker’s Creek Storage in Greenback offers you far more than state-of-the-art climate and non-climate controlled self storage. Did you know that they also offer a full range of moving services as well? Their turn-key services can make your next move go a lot smoother than you might have imagined.

Whether you need some additional storage space, a little help moving, or both, just give the professionals at Bakers Creek Storage a call today at 865-973-4367.  

Bakers Creek Storage in nearby Greenback is conveniently located less than a two minute drive north of the Highway 411 bridge in Vonore.  It’s a brand new, state-of-the-art, self-storage facility featuring:

» Climate & non-climate controlled storage units
» Wide, paved drive aisles
» Highly visible from US Hwy 411
» Securely fenced & lighted facility
» Convenient keypad entry
» Online bill pay
» Online reservation option
» 24/7 video surveillance
» Pest control

So if you’re in need of some extra storage and/or help in your next move, why not call the professionals at Bakers Creek Storage today?

Bakers Creek Storage

7442 Highway 411S
Greenback, TN 37742

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

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Delivering an Extraordinary Experience with Every Painting Project

Spring has become that favorite time of the year when so many of us make plans to update our home or business. The experts agree that there is not a faster or more cost-effective way to update your interior and exterior surfaces than painting. With a virtually unlimited palette of colors and finishes to select from, you’ll no doubt discover those just-so-perfect colors for your every mood and space, magically transforming your home and business.

The success of every painting project depends entirely on your selection of a qualified painting contractor ahead of your selection of a paint brand, paint type, and colors. So just how should you go about selecting the right painting contractor?

In this issue of East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, we are excited to share with our readers this interview with CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee’s Jim Mazrimas (Residential Sales Associate), Salomon Velasquez (Job Site Supervisor), and Liz Kaleida (customer). CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee is the proud recipient of numerous awards and honors for their expertise in the fields of both residential and commercial painting during the last 16 years, including 2018 National Franchise of the Year. They continue to earn a reputation for honesty, integrity, value, and quality craftsmanship.

MV: How did you hear about CertaPro originally, and what motivated you to make the call for an estimate?

Liz: We got several estimates with references, but we just weren’t sure about hiring one of those painting contractors. Then we got a mailing from CertaPro. It was perfect timing. Usually we would consider those ads junk mail. This ad was a gem. We were happy we called. We HIGHLY recommend CertaPro and every member of this team.

MV: How do you make each estimate experience personal for your customers?

Jim: On the sales side, we try to connect with our customers even before we meet them in person. We do a setup call prior to the estimate to confirm the appointment time and to discuss the scope of work for their home improvement project. We attempt to get to know our customer personally and not just talk paint. We continue to build this relationship once we meet in person for the estimate. We want our customers to know that we are here for them and that we really care about their individual projects. We like to think that we are painting lives, not just homes.

MV: Describe the CertaPro Painters process and how this process differentiates from other contractors/home improvement specialists you’ve hired.

Liz: Jim came to our home to give us an estimate. We pointed out repairs that needed to be made, and we were pleased that CertaPro would be able to handle those. Jim went over the process and his plan to send sufficient staff so the work could be finished in a reasonable time. CertaPro recommends Sherwin-Williams paint. We had a preference for another brand, and Jim accommodated us without any pressure. CertaPro didn’t require a deposit and applied a discount for having the work done in the winter. Jim was very friendly and professional.  

MV: You advertise that you “don’t paint houses, you paint lives.” How does that look from a painter’s prospective?

Salomon: Having clean shoes, leaving the home cleaner than when we arrived, offering to change light bulbs, or rearrange furniture. We’re happy when a customer loves the work.  We also make sure we put things back in the same place and communicate with the customer every day and let them know what progress has been made.   

MV: Did CertaPro Painters deliver on the promises that were made during the estimate?

Liz: Absolutely. We had our entire home painted, including ceilings and closets, and it was completed in a week. Jim said we would be pleased with the staff he sent. We liked Salomon, Luis, Alexis, Stephanie, and Felix so much that we were sorry to see them leave. English is a second language for some of them, and they were patient while we practiced our Spanish. We had no problems communicating. They are skilled painters and carpenters (as needed). They took great care with the trim and furniture, moving and protecting other surfaces. 

MV: Poor communication is often cited as the number one complaint of both home and business owners when hiring a contractor. How do you communicate with your customers to overcome a challenge?

Jim: All of us at CertaPro Painters recognize that communication is key to a successful and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We have multiple levels of contact with our customers, starting with the office staff, to the sales team, and on through the production team. We try to ensure that our customer is fully aware of our process and what they can expect once the painting crew arrives. This communication continues with follow-up after the project is completed to be sure we have met or exceeded their expectations. Our main goal is building customers for life as we provide them with an extraordinary painting experience.

MV: How did CertaPro handle any potential issues that came up during the job?

Liz: We had done some remodeling since Jim gave his estimate. This required extra repairs. I let him know in advance, and he assured me they would be able to handle it. Additional charges for this work were reasonable. It was also necessary to put a third coat on one section of wall, where you could see the cutting in underneath – hatband effect. CertaPro paid for the additional gallon of paint, and I was pleased that Andy, the supervisor, readily agreed to the need for an additional coat. 

MV: What makes CertaPro different than other companies you have worked with?

Salomon: They are more professional, a true partnership, and service managers come around and help.   It makes you feel like a family.   

MV: Tell our readers about the other services CertaPro Painters offers their customers.

Jim: We feel CertaPro stands out from the competition with the additional expert services we provide. Besides interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial customers, we provide all levels of drywall, carpentry, and remodel work as we strive to become your “one-stop shop.”

MV: How can our readers learn more about CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee?

Jim: You can call us at 865-470-0001 or visit us online at www.east-tennessee.certapro.com

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

Community Church at Tellico Village Uses Technology to Share Easter Service Live Online

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As an interdenominational church, one of its missions is to welcome all Christians. One way it does this is by live streaming its 10:15 am Easter service, and every 10:15 am Sunday service, at TellicoChurch.com.

“We invite people from all faith and denominational backgrounds to join us at our Easter services at 8 and 10:15 am,” said Dr. Stephen Prevatte, Senior Pastor at Community Church at Tellico Village (CCTV). “In addition, we want to make sure all know that we stream our Easter service. The streaming of the 10:15 am Easter service provides an opportunity for those who are shut-in or traveling and who can’t make it to the church to still participate by being able to view the service.”

Those who would like to view the live streaming video of the service can do so by going to TellicoChurch.com.

“Another important reason we want to make everyone aware of our 10:15 am Easter service being streamed is to reach out to those who may be searching for a church home,” said Prevatte. “This is a great opportunity to begin to get to know us, and what better time to start that process than the day Christ has risen?”

Whether you attend the Easter service in person or view it online, your ears will be filled with joyous sounds. CCTV’s chancel choral, bell ringers, musicians, and a unique organ add a rich vibrancy to the Easter service.

“Easter is a unique season where the religious and the secular both interact with the same question: Who was Jesus and what do His teachings mean for us today?” said Pastor Devin Phillips, CCTV Pastor of Connections. “Those who have never been to church or are looking for one, come and join us for Easter and our Holy Week services as we wrestle with this together.”

Holy Week will include a Maundy Thursday Service at 7 pm in the Founder’s Chapel and Good Friday Meditation service from noon to 3 pm. There will be a sunrise service at Kahite and Rarity Bay, that all are invited to attend, at 6:45 am, followed by Easter services at the Community Church at Tellico Village at 8 and 10:15 am. An Easter egg hunt for the children will begin at 11:30 am.

The Community Church at Tellico Village is conveniently located at 130 Chota Center in Loudon. For more information, call 865-458-1516 or email mail@tellicocurch.org

Upcoming Events

Women’s Ministry Pot Luck Salad Luncheon

April 3 from 11 am to 2 pm
Community Church at Tellico Village: Fellowship Hall
RSVP: Free – Sign up at the Community Church at Tellico Village office 

Ladies! Enjoy a STAYinTV presentation with Chris Garner and a potluck salad lunch. Chris will provide information on Rides, Groceries & Errands programs. Fred Gibson will speak on Home Maintenance. Marilyn Hawkey will speak on Respite Care, and Sue Newman will speak on Our Place. If you need respite care in order to attend, please let us know. Bring a salad to share, and enjoy time with friends. Beverage and table service provided.

Fine Arts Concert Series presents The Janoska Ensemble – From Vienna to Liverpool

April 7 from 7 to 8:30 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
Community Church at Tellico Village: Sanctuary
RSVP: Tickets available at the Community Church at Tellico Village office for $10 

At each performance, the four artists dazzle their audience with their music and their vast reserves of creative energy. True art knows no frontiers, and the music of The Janoska Ensemble proves that in remarkable fashion: Their musical creations happily harmonize or colorfully contrast their classical style with the music of other genres – from jazz and Latin to pop music. The consequence is not a mix of styles; however, it is a creative synthesis: The Janoska Style.

Crafters Spring Sale
April 13 from 9 am to noon
Community Church at Tellico Village: Fellowship Hall
Craft and Bake Sale to benefit local non-profit organizations and scholarships.

Palm Sunday Services
April 14 at 8 and 10:15 am
Community Church at Tellico Village: Sanctuary

Starting Point (Discovery Class)
April 14 from 11:30 am to noon
Community Church at Tellico Village: Fireside Room

If you are interested in learning more about the Community Church at Tellico Village, join the pastors for a discovery class to learn more about our church family.

Maundy Thursday Service
April 18 from 7 to 8 pm
Community Church at Tellico Village: Sanctuary

Good Friday Meditation
April 19 from noon to 3 pm
Community Church at Tellico Village: Founder’s Chapel

Easter Sunday Sunrise Services
April 21 from 6:45 to 7:45 am
Kahite and at Rarity Bay

Easter Sunday Worship Services
April 21 at 8 and 10:15 am
Community Church at Tellico Village: Sanctuary

Don’t Say No

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By Brian K. Whitehead, Managing Partner of The Village Salon 

As we get older, we oftentimes continue to discover some of the little secrets of human nature.  In my own experience, one of the most consistent human nature traits is that we do not like to hear the word NO.  Here are some hints as to how you can avoid hearing the word no during your salon visit.  

At our salon, our entire staff works on the premise that people do not like to hear the word no, and as a guest of the salon, you should almost never have to settle for a no in any shape, form, or fashion.  

When discussing possibilities for your hair with your stylist, it is of course important to effectively manage your expectations when asking for a particular style.  When we make reasonable requests of people, the opportunities to hear the word no are almost always reduced.  Should you find yourself in a conversation with your stylist and they have been forced to tell you “no,” don’t be afraid to ask what a possible compromise might be.  

When it comes to scheduling your salon visits, make sure you do not have to hear the word no from the front desk.  When you have a stylist with a large practice, sometimes finding an appointment that fits your needs can be difficult, and sadly, the front desk is not able to accommodate every scheduling request.  

In order to not hear the word no, simply ask the salon representative to take your name and number, along with your request, and give the note to your stylist to be placed on their waiting list.  Oftentimes your stylist can find openings to squeeze you into their book at a time that the desk representatives simply do not have the authority to schedule.  

Everyone enjoys their salon visits more when they do not have to hear the word no, and if you have played your cards right, you will never have to hear it again.  

Thank you all for the continuing stream of ideas for this column, and should you have any problems at all with your salon visits, please consult your salon professional.  

The Village Salon

222 Village Square in Tellico Village

Have You Had Your Annual Checkup?

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By Douglas Warren

You may initially think I am talking about your annual medical checkup, but actually I am referring to your annual financial check-up.  Just like it is critical to review your medical health, you should take similar care of your financial well-being with an annual checkup of essentials, such as wills and living trusts, life insurance, and retirement funding.  Also, don’t be fooled into thinking you should only have a financial checkup when you get older and are nearing retirement.  A financial checkup may be as important in your younger life.

Read and Review Your Will

When was the last time you read your will?  I must admit a few years ago, I pulled out my will and read through it.  I was surprised how outdated it was.  My choice of personal representative had passed a few years earlier, and it still named my choice of guardians for my children who were in their mid-30s.  While these were important at the time I wrote my will, they were outdated.  I found that some of my interests and desires had changed over time.  It was time to rethink my desires and goals and make them more relevant.  Your beneficiaries and allocations may no longer fulfill your current wishes.  Other important documents such as Powers or Attorney, living wills, and medical directives should also be reviewed or considered if not in place.

Set Financial Goals

Financial goals are simply financial targets and a road map to accomplish them.  Building a retirement fund, creating an emergency fund, and saving money are just a few examples of financial goals.  Setting your goals and evaluating your progress can insure they become a reality.  Knowing how much to invest today to reach a financial goal in the future can better insure success. Monitoring and measuring your progress can reduce the stress and anxiety in planning for your financial future.

Protect Your Personal Security

Request a free credit report and protect your personal data.  Scammers target older individuals as they often don’t understand technological weaknesses and may be more willing to comply with the requests of strangers.  Check the information on your credit reports for accuracy.  Each of the three credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion – are required to give you a free copy of your credit report every year.  You can obtain your reports at www.AnnualCreditReport.com.

Your Insurance Coverage

This is another review that people overlook.  Failing to review your life insurance could leave you dangerously exposed.  Life insurance is often used for specific events that could occur.  As with my will, my annual review revealed my insurance policies were outdated.  When my children were young and I had a home mortgage, I was concerned about my family’s financial well-being in the event something happened to me.  I selected an amount of life insurance that would financially provide for my family, including educational needs.  As I mentioned, my children were in their mid-30s and already educated and financially dependent.  My life insurance was no longer appropriately structured. While the need to have life insurance at some level remained important, the amount of coverage was no longer appropriate.  Other needs like long-term care and retirement funding were more important.

Analyze Your Retirement Funds

You need to ensure the amount you are saving meets your needs and retirement goals.  You should start setting aside retirement funds when you begin to work.  As we get older, we need to make sure our retirement portfolio has the right mix of assets.  When we are young and years away from retirement, we can take more risk and a more long-term approach to our retirement funding.  But as we get older and the access to our retirement funds is more imminent, we may need to migrate our investments to a more conservative approach.  Also, while some of the funds may be needed in the early years of retirement, some of the funds to be used later in retirement can be invested in a more aggressive manner.  Determining our future needs and the timing of funding can assist in properly structuring our retirement portfolio. Evaluate returns and re-balance your investments as needed.

Plan for the End

Life events such as divorce, marriage, death, and changes in financial circumstances can necessitate changes in our estate and financial plans.  Coordinating your will, trust, life insurance, and investments with your goals can be critical to achieving them.

Evaluating your financial progress can be stressful and overwhelming.  Take control of your future and plan for success.  If you need assistance in conducting your annual review and assessing your progress, the professionals at WarrenJackson can assist you.  Call one of our professionals today.

WarrenJackson CPAs

606 South Main Street in Sweetwater

409 College Street in Madisonville

219 West Broadway Street in Lenoir City

206 N. Hill Street in Athens

The Best Improvement We’ve Made to Our Home

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Whether you’ve wished your home’s existing kitchen and bath storage were more efficient, or if you’ve experienced difficulty in reaching items due to a health or mobility issue, Shelf Help offers the perfect solution. Here’s how we can help. At Shelf Help, we design and install custom roll-out shelving and organizers that install right into your home’s existing kitchen and bath cabinets or pantries, providing you with easier access, better organization, and maximum use of your available storage space.  

And for those who may experience challenges reaching cabinets that are too low, too high, or too deep, Shelf Help allows you to make full and far more efficient use of your storage space. Solutions include converting of pantries with fixed shelves to easy access roll-out drawers, mixer lifts to ease moving of heavy appliances, roll-out waste and recycling containers, improved storage for bakeware, drawer organizers, and much more. 

Homeowners also appreciate how affordable Shelf Help is, saving 50% or more when compared to national brands. 

With our custom-built roll-out shelving and organizers, pantry storage systems, and under cabinet LED lighting installation, tasks are made simpler with easier access to kitchen and bath items and with the added advantage of optimal usage of storage space – a place for everything and everything in its place! 

Our clients are so pleased with the results, they say “We should have done this years ago!” 

As experienced Knoxville-area kitchen and bath design consultants and a locally-owned business, Shelf Help has the understanding and know-how to evaluate, design, measure, and professionally install solutions tailored to your needs – and budget. 

To learn how you can better organize your kitchen, bath, or pantry, call today to request your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation, or see our display at Knox Cabinet Co., located at 10238 Hardin Valley Road in Knoxville near Pellissippi Parkway. Mention this article and receive up to $250 off with a minimum purchase. 

Locally owned and operated, let Shelf Help make the most of your home’s kitchen, bath, or pantry storage space.

Shelf Help

Amish Elegance

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By Angie Carroll, Owner of Amish Elegance

It is with sincere appreciation to all of our customers that we announce an exciting new phase in our business, Amish Elegance (formerly Amish Excellence). We opened our 1,900 square foot showroom on April 1, 2016, with a great deal of enthusiasm and the knowledge that during the course of time, our understanding of the Amish furniture marketplace would be enhanced.

On our one year anniversary, we expanded our retail showroom to 4,200 square feet. This new space allowed us to display many new lines of Amish furnishings, resulting in us being recognized as the Number One Furniture Store in Farragut in 2017, Favorite Furniture Store in Knoxville in 2018, and Favorite Interior Design in Knoxville in 2018. We thank you for your continued support and encouragement and remain committed to providing you with the highest quality furniture, exceptional customer service, and friendly hometown hospitality. 

On March 1, we will become Amish Elegance | Fine Custom Furniture, with a renewed focus on offering our customers an expanded selection of fine custom furniture and design services for home and office.  We will also be introducing our Customer Loyalty Program that provides customers with previews of new additions to our offerings, upcoming sales, customer appreciation events, and special pricing for repeat customers and referrals. 

Also, mark your calendars for Friday, March 29, to visit Amish Elegance during a live broadcast with talk radio personality, Hallerin Hilton Hill, from 3 to 7 pm. Enjoy refreshments and special pricing on custom orders and showroom inventory during our Grand Re-Opening on March 29 and 30.

We are also excited to introduce our new website on March 1, featuring all of our product catalogs and photographs of custom furniture hand-crafted by our Amish craftsmen. During the year, you will also have the opportunity to meet many of Amish craftsmen during special events at our showroom. Also, in the coming weeks, we will be introducing an expanded line of upholstered pieces, including sofas, chairs, and recliners in leather and performance fabrics, as well an expanded selection of special order and in-stock lamps, mirrors, clocks, and other home décor.

At Amish Elegance, we will continue our tradition of offering only the finest, solid American hardwood, custom hand-crafted Amish furniture and home décor items. No veneers, laminates, or imports. We invite you to discover the exciting world of quality, hand-crafted Amish furniture at the all-new Amish Elegance. 

Amish Elegance
613 N. Campbell Station Road
Knoxville, TN 37934

Endless Gift Ideas for Spring

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By Peggy Cones, Owner of Cones Cupboard Antiques

Spring is that time of year when we naturally transition from indoor to out-of-doors activities. It is also a time for celebrating a variety of special family events, including weddings and graduations. And let’s not forget Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Shopping for gifts to celebrate these specials occasions can be challenging, particularly if you’re trying to find that just-so-perfect gift that is both appropriate for the event but that will also be remembered for many years to come.  Cones Cupboard Antiques offers you a virtual treasure trove of gift ideas that are far more unique and more likely to be remembered than the items you’re apt to find in the “big box” department stores.  We feature antique furniture, collectibles, china, silverware, and more, in addition to vintage items and a large selection of gift ideas, including seasonal items, such as hand-crafted, scented candles, garden flags, and indoor and outdoor décor items.

We personally select each and every item that you will discover in our shop.  Many of the pieces you will find at Cones Cupboard Antiques have a rich history that can become a new legacy, perhaps even an heirloom, that will be shared with future generations within your own family.

Regardless of the occasion, or whether you’re a new or seasoned collector of antiques and vintage items, Cones Cupboard Antiques is sure to have the perfect gift that will be cherished and remembered for many years and generations to come.  Discover your perfect gift at Cones Cupboard Antiques, “where the past comes alive.”

Cones Cupboard Antiques
307 N. Main Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Discover the Knox Cabinet Co. Difference for Your Home

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Sharp Design & Construction owners and husband and wife team, Jonathan and Taya Sharp, have been remodeling and designing for about five years. 

“While our main focus has been on kitchen and bath remodeling, we recently began designing and building spec homes,” said Taya. “Our goal is to design and build remodels and spec homes that have a more custom feel than what you normally see in our area. We strive to make the entire process as enjoyable and efficient as possible, taking great pride in providing a quality craftsmanship and design experience for each our clients. We love what we do and are grateful for this opportunity.”

“We carefully select all of our vendors and subcontractors in order to provide our clients with the same high level of customer service we would expect if we were the customer,” said Jonathan. “That’s the reason we are so proud to be able to recommend Knox Cabinet Co. to all of our clients for their cabinetry needs.” 

“Their Hardin Valley showroom location is beautiful, and we genuinely enjoy bringing our clients there,” added Taya. “Their customer service is incredible, as are their communication, scheduling, and problem solving skills. We bring them a design, and they make it work for our customers.”

Both Jonathan and Taya were also impressed with Knox Cabinet Co.’s willingness to expand their selection of cabinetry and accessories to meet the growing and changing needs of area homeowners, as well as the design and product knowledge exhibited by Knox Cabinet Co. owners, Megan Thomas and Brian Davis, and designer Cathy Price.

“Without hesitation, we would absolutely recommend Knox Cabinet Co. to anyone considering new cabinetry,” said Taya.

Considering new cabinetry for your home? Discover the Knox Cabinet Co. difference for yourself. You can contact Sharp Design & Construction at 865-340-9271.

Knox Cabinet Co.
10238 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

Photo credit:
Photos by B. Anderson Photography

Mountain Tranquility in Your Backyard!

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Science has proven the mental and physical benefits of not only the sound, but presence of water in our lives.  Waterfalls generate negative ions, which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which improves alertness and mental energy. The rhythm of “white noise” from the sounds of water affect our brain waves, encouraging a more peaceful pace of thought and deep meditation. The natural beauty of a pond, its colorful fish, and accompanied waterfall create a sense of awe that leads to greater life satisfaction. 

Moving water? √
Flowers? √
Fish and birds? √
Relaxation? √
Enjoying nature? √

The Pond Country Lifestyle is waiting for you.  We build natural ecosystem ponds and infinity waterfalls that provide you relaxation and beauty in your yard.  Our ponds and waterfalls are naturally balanced, low-maintenance ecosystems that work with nature, not against it.  We are often asked whether what we do is art or science.  We believe it takes a good mixture of both.  A correctly built water feature is very low maintenance.  The art comes in to make it appear to have always existed in the surrounding landscape.  We like to say that you will feel like you found the stream while hiking in the mountain, only we have prettier flowers!

Why call us?  Would you call your lawn guy to build you a sunroom or install your new kitchen?  Do you want someone who does it right and stands behind their work?  We don’t claim to do everything.  We are water feature specialists that do it RIGHT!  We offer a full one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship in the water garden installation. This includes material failure, leak repair, and any labor cost incurred for the repairs.  We are a full-service company and also provide service and repairs to water features no matter who built them.  

Pond Country recently appeared in the Dogwood Arts House and Garden show as one of the key garden exhibits featuring a Koi pond, infinity waterfall, and other water features.  Check us out at Pond Country of Knoxville on Facebook and at http://www.pondcountry.com/knoxville.

You will love the sight and sound that water brings to your landscape.  If you want to experience the sound, beauty, plants, fish, and nature in your yard, contact Tim today at 865-414-3664 or tim@pondcountry.com

Pond Country of Knoxville

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