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Enjoy an Active, Pain-Free Lifestyle After Joint Replacement Surgery

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments

East TN Mountain ViewsIf you are one of today’s 76 million baby boomers, terminology used to describe post-war babies born between 1946 and 1964, chances are you had never heard of either hip or knee joint replacement surgery growing up. If you witnessed grandparents with joint pain, you likely saw them become incapacitated over time.

But today’s grandparents are yesterday’s middle-aged. Credit innovations in health care to this phenomenon, and the innovation continues on at an accelerated rate.

Today, hip and knee joint replacement surgery is commonplace, although sadly, a large number of individuals who experience joint pain often ignore the benefits of this procedure. They often tell themselves that they are not candidates, that the recovery period is too long or painful, or that they will never be able to return to the active lifestyle they once enjoyed without pain. The fact is that most patients who received total or partial joint replacements wish they had acted sooner, regretting the active, productive, and pain-free lifestyles they might have enjoyed earlier.

Frank Iski, an active individual who enjoys golf, outdoor activities, and helping his wife around the house, describes his experience.

“I started having hip pain suddenly. It just started one day, and it never went away. It kept me from playing golf and working outside. I am very active and like to do things outside and help my wife around the house. My primary doctor, Dr. Jason Collins, recommended I see Dr. David Hovis, an orthopedic surgeon. I did not know who he was before my first appointment. Dr. Hovis reviewed my x-rays and told me that I needed surgery. He did give me other options such as the cortisone injections or physical therapy, but I did not want to go that route. I wanted the pain fixed and to be able to get back to my active lifestyle again. Dr. Hovis was very pleasant, and I felt confident that he knew what he was doing and would take good care of me. He answered all of my questions to my standards and was upfront and honest with the surgery and recovery process. I was then scheduled for surgery, and when I went in for my hip replacement surgery, everyone at the hospital took care of me, all the staff was very nice, and it was a pleasant experience overall. Today, I have no hip pain at all and am very satisfied with the surgery and results. Overall it was a pleasant experience, and I have no regrets.”

Frank, acting on his own good judgment and the advice of his primary care physician, Dr. Collins, is today living a full, productive, active, and pain-free lifestyle as a result of his surgery thanks to Turkey Creek Medical Center’s Joint Replacement Center. Combining the skills of orthopedic surgeons, David Hovis, MD and Michael Howard, MD with the MAKOplasty® anterior hip replacement technique, offers an innovative solution for those suffering from painful hip joint disease. MAKOplasty® uses the RIO® system, an advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm system technology, which enables Dr. Hovis and Dr. Howard to perform this procedure with a new level of precision that results in quicker recovery and ultimately better longevity of the implant.

The advantage of this technology combined with specialized equipment, such as the advanced operating table called the HANA Table®, allows our surgeons to perform the anterior approach going between muscles rather than cutting them. This translates to less pain, quicker recovery, and improved outcomes.

This procedure, in addition to the team of specialists at the Joint Replacement Center, helped Frank return to an active, pain-free lifestyle in far less time than that experienced using traditional hip replacement methods.

If you or someone you know is living with hip or knee pain, contact Turkey Creek Medical Center’s Joint Replacement Center to learn more. Why not live the pain-free, active lifestyle you deserve?

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