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Everything to Gain

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Connie Ferraro Tellico Hearing Solutions

When we enjoyed the gift of time with our friends and family this past holiday season, whether it was when we were gathered round the table at Thanksgiving, or exchanging gifts on Christmas morning, one of the greatest treasures we received were the words of our loved ones, and the laughter of our children and grandchildren. 

Is there any more magical sound than the laughter of a child?

Unfortunately, for many of us, experiencing that treasure grows more and more difficult over time. Sometimes we don’t even notice until that treasure eludes us altogether. When we, or a spouse, parent, or grandparent experience hearing loss, it can come as a shock, and create a sense of separation we could never imagine before. One may compensate by turning up the volume on the television or asking loved ones to speak louder and clearer. A good friend or spouse may repeat what others say when in circumstances where background noise or mumbling may seem to be the culprit. 

For some, it’s difficult to acknowledge they suffer from hearing loss, believing it’s an admission of advancing age or weakness. But denying that it is happening and refusing help from others comes with its own additional hardships, as untreated hearing loss can exacerbate loss of other senses, such as balance and cognitive function, making this period of transition in life all the more difficult.

While it’s true that most hearing loss occurs as we age, just as corrective lenses can overcome loss of 20/20 vision, so too hearing loss can be likewise addressed. And thanks to the technological advances in today’s hearing instruments, it’s possible for you, your friend, or family member to again lead full and active lives.

Have no fear. The new hearing aids we sell are not your grandma’s hearing aids! People will not even notice you’re wearing them. Participate once more in everyday conversation, confident that your ears won’t get you into trouble. 

This last Christmas may have come with some disappointments if you found yourself realizing the difficulties of simply hearing the conversations of your family and friends, the laughter of the children around you, or the carols filled with holiday spirit. But instead of seeing this as a loss, think of it as a wakeup call – the nudge you needed to take action. 

What comes next? Get yourself or your loved one in for a free hearing test and evaluation of your/their current hearing situation. Yes, it’s free, and it’s that easy. Experience the compassionate care that you will only find at Tellico Hearing Solutions. Remember, Robert is not only a Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, but he is also a hearing instrument wearer. Call us today and make this new year one you will remember. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Tellico Hearing Solutions, PLLC

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