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Rediscover Your Retirement Dreams

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 | Uncategorized | No Comments

ETMVYou’ve worked a lifetime toward your ultimate goal of retirement, and then the unexpected happens and our nation’s, and in some instances our personal, finances experience the uncertainty of a recession. For many retirees, this uncertainty means scaling back or even postponing their dreams. For others, they make a personal inventory of available resources and dream and boldly move forward with the lifetime of dreams with the goal of creating a lifetime of memories.

“It’s remarkable what would-be retirees are still able to achieve,” said Mike Jamison, owner of Tellico Village-based Jamison Custom Homes. “Homeowners are able to accomplish a great many of their retirement dreams without having to ‘settle’ for an often outdated, existing home, where the costs of the home and updates can often exceed the costs of a new home.”

Many would-be retirees often start by re-evaluating their square footage requirements. They’ve discovered that many existing homeowners simply overbuilt, and now a large number of them wished they had reduced their square footage, mindful of the fact that this often unused space has to be furnished, cleaned, heated, air conditioned, financed, and yes, taxed.

“I especially enjoy the planning phase of the construction process,” said Mike. “It is also a time to be creative to maximize your home’s investment dollars to ensure that every dollar is used wisely and that every realistic goal is achieved.”

With decades of experience in the home construction industry, Mike has specialized in both energy efficient homes using Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPS, which can attain energy savings of up to 30% annually.

“With energy costs rising rapidly, many retirees could experience monthly energy costs which could exceed their home’s property taxes, or, worse yet, their mortgage payment,” said Mike.

Jamison Custom Homes also offers its clients the option of timber frame construction, which adds both the warmth of large, exposed timbers in addition to their incredible strength.

“Jamison Custom Homes is all about exploring all of the options which exist for each and every homeowner and then to select a course of action that will best lead you to achieve your dreams in the most cost effective manner possible, on budget and on time,” said Mike.

Why compromise a lifetime of dreams by “settling” for what you already know won’t please you? 

”I invite you to call me and explore a wide range of options that can help you achieve the dreams you’ve envisioned all throughout your working career,” said Mike. “You owe it to yourself.”

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