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The Roof Cleaning Company that Knows Roofing

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Are you embarrassed by the ugly black streaks or moss on your roof but are worried that the cleaning process could damage your roof? You are right to be concerned. Certain roof cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, can cause significant damage your roof. Asphalt shingles are especially fragile, and high-pressure water can – and will cause damage.

In this issue of East Tennessees Mountain Views, we are delighted to share this interview with Steven Sadler, the owner of Clean Roof LLC.  Clean Roof LLC is a local business comprised of roofers trained and licensed in cleaning and repairing varying roofs.  They are also a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating. Clean Roof LLC professionally cleans your roof using a soft wash process that will make it look great as well as potentially increase its lifespan. Clean Roof LLC is both properly insured, trained, and licensed to clean and maintain roofs. 

MV: How did you get started in the roof cleaning business?

Steven: As a roofer doing mainly repairs, I saw many roofs that had significant staining. Stains from natural contaminants arent just an eyesore to look at, they also take a toll on the life of your roofs shingles. If not cleaned periodically, they can permanently damage roofing materials. I knew how roof worked, I saw how important it is for homeowners to properly maintain their roofs, but there were so few companies doing it right. So, I decided to do it myself!

MV: Can you elaborate on how these contaminants cause costly damage to shingles?

Steven: Algae alone can shorten shingle life by as much as 30%. That damage could have you replacing the roof prematurely. Even repairing small sections of a damaged roof is more costly than a roof cleaning. I saw many homeowners using pressure washing to get their roofs clean, which could also lead to real damage. 

MV: What makes Clean Roof LLC different from other roof cleaning companies?

Steven: As former roof installers, we are trained and insured specifically for roof cleaning, which is different from pressure washing. We are so confident in our process; we also guarantee our results. We encourage you to think twice before hiring a pressure washing company to clean your roof due to potential shingle damage and voided roof warranties. 

We have researched the recommendations from each shingle manufacturer so we can tailor our cleaning treatment accordingly.  From shingle to tile, we have installed and maintained all sorts of roofs, and, because of our experience, we have especially skilled knowledge for cleaning your shingles safely without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

MV: Contractors are so busy today.  Many times, they don’t even have the time to return customers calls.  What is your philosophy on communication with customers?

Steven: It’s really important to me to provide great customer service, especially in this market. If I don’t pick up the phone when you call, I will give you a call back within 24 hours. After you decide to use us, we strive to be in constant communication with you until the job is done.

MV: So, what causes those black streaks we see on so many roofs?

Steven: Algae – This typically causes the black streaking pattern seen on dirty roofs. Algae is most apparent on asphalt shingles of any color. Algae typically appears on the shady side of your roof or the north face, although it can be present on all sides.  But we’ll also get rid of the moss or lichen on your roof.  Those are pretty common in East Tennessee.

MV: Are there other items homeowners should be aware of with Clean Roof LLC?

Steven: Thanks to our roofing experience, we can check for maintenance needs, spot troublesome areas such as potential leak hazards or other unseen damage and provide a general overall inspection of your roof while it’s being cleaned. Also, during the winter months, we dont clean if the temperature is 50 degrees or less, so winter cleanings are scheduled as the weather allows.

MV: Does Clean Roof LLC provide any other services in addition to roof cleaning?

Steven: Absolutely. We clean your siding and gutters, do roof repairs, and if you wish, we can set up an annual or bi-annual plan to make sure your roof & gutters are always clean. We can even safely remove your old satellite dish!

MV: Can plants be harmed by your process?

Steven: We protect your plants by neutralizing our cleaning solution and keeping your plants wet before and while rinsing your roof. Be at ease, we have never killed a plant and we dont plan on starting with yours!

MV: Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us, Steven!  Is there anything you would like to add?

Steven: It only takes looking up to realize a clean, well-maintained roof is key to preserving not just the function, but outward beauty and appeal of your house. So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the unsightly streaks and discolorations on the top or even sides of your home, give me a call at 865-313-6779 or visit our website at www.cleanroofllc.com. There is no cost for an estimate. The only thing you have to lose are those unsightly stains on your roof! 

Clean Roof LLC
576 Foothills Plaza #180
Maryville, TN 37801

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