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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Sandy Kozar – Owner – Decorating Den Kozar Design Team

That is a great question, and I am glad you asked! To put it simply, hiring a professional interior designer allows clients peace of mind by bringing their aesthetics and needs together in a way that is convenient, curated, and fun.

There are many misconceptions about what an interior designer does. Many assume that the role of a designer is just to make a room pretty, and while that is a part of it, working with an interior designer has many more benefits than that.

“They made the process of furnishing several rooms painless. Everything came together and was installed right on time, and I absolutely love coming home. So thankful for their hard work!” – Laura, Knoxville

Experienced and Trained – With a combined 25 years of experience and degrees in interior design, as well as being Decorating Den Certified Designers, we have the experience and training to make rooms functional and aesthetically pleasing. Oftentimes we do this by creating a different layout, changing the traffic flow, and/or using the proper amount and scale of furniture. We also coordinate fabrics, furniture, flooring, window treatments, artwork, lighting, wallpaper, and wall color together using the elements and principals of design. We aim to create visual interest, along with adding comfort and style. Is there enough variety and texture? Does the space need more lighting? Will additional seating be needed?  Do the window treatments need to provide sun protection or privacy? Would the room need to be easily cleanable for children and pets? These are all some of the many questions we ask when pulling together a design.

Uniquely Curated – We also make sure that each design matches the lifestyle preferences and functional needs of each client. We do this by in-depth interviews during our complimentary consultation with homeowners. This allows us to create and implement a personalized design plan that’s unique for each client. We listen to the emotions they wish their home had, the quality the room should have, and needs of each client. We then sculpt their ideas into their customized design. From the thousands of design options available to us, we narrow the scope of options to a perfectly curated two or three design options for their home, making sure that it fits all of their requirements and desires. Since all of the options we present will be perfect for the finished room, clients can easily choose their favorites.  We save you the stress and wasted time going through solutions that would not work or endless shopping at retail locations trying to bring it all together.

“I have been working with Sandy and Rachael since September of 2019 and they have done a wonderful job. They truly put the customer needs first, and I can trust that every detail is a well thought out process, things that the non-decorator in me would have never thought of.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a decorator.” – Judy, Lenoir City

Not sure what your style is? That’s okay! Many of our clients can’t really say what their design style is, but they can often say what isn’t! During the first phone call, as well as during the complimentary consultation, we ask lots of questions and go through an in-depth lifestyle form to narrow down and target your needs and wants, as well as what your style is. We listen closely to what you are saying and take many notes that we continue to review throughout the design process. If there are pieces in the room that will be staying, we will take the style of those pieces into consideration for design as well.

Set Your Investment – Oftentimes when homeowners are furnishing their home by themselves, it is done piece by piece over long periods of time. After it is all said and done, they might be surprised how much they have spent on their room. When we work with clients, we design within an investment range. Once the investment is set, this also lets us determine which of our vendors (from good, better, best, and luxury lines) to design the project with. We can work room by room, entire homes, or bits at a time, but the project will be within an agreed upon investment range. Not sure what things cost at the moment? That’s okay, during our complimentary consultations we walk through what items typically cost, and work with our clients to find an investment range that they and we feel comfortable with. When clients give us an investment amount, we are respectful of that.

Keep What You Love – We happily incorporate family heirlooms, collections, and cherished mementos in our designs – we have even built designs around such pieces. Pieces like this give a home character and help make it uniquely your home. We’d never tell you to get rid of something that you love.

When we have clients bringing pieces from one home to a new one, there’s many times the puzzle pieces just don’t fit the way they did in their home before. We often find that rugs are one of the hardest things to place. The large open floor plans of today need much larger rugs than the sectioned off spaces of older homes, and vice versa. When working together with our clients, we look at all of the pieces to see how they best fit together in the new space, often in ways the client would never have expected.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes – One of the best benefits to hiring a designer is that we save homeowners costly mistakes, as well as the hassle of returning or repairing those mistakes. By using our photo realistic 3D renderings, scaled sketches, physical fabric, wood, and rug swatches we are able to show each client exactly how their new room will look. We analyze all of the pros and cons of each option. Our clients can feel confident their new room will be exactly as we envisioned it for them!

Professional Results – Another benefit of hiring professionals – you get professional results. We help clients from the beginning of their project to the end and beyond. Some of the things that we do for clients they never are aware of.  Our professional design services are all inclusive of:  all plans, drawings, conceptual sketches, and renderings, all presentations, project sourcing of all materials, all finish and fixture selections throughout, all selections to ensure both function and aesthetic fit for all furniture, rugs, lighting, window treatments, art accessories and more selections.

Throughout the project management aspect, we are responsible for: purchasing of all goods approved, tracking and shipping management, professional receiving, inspection of all goods, coordinate schedule with installers, delivery and professional installation of all goods. We also update clients throughout the process to ensure all progress stays on track to meet expected deadline.

We are there for every install, guiding our professional installers to ensure that everything is placed in the perfect spot. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and by doing all of this, we give our clients the reassurance that everything will be handled with dedication and our high-quality standards.

“Sandy Kozar and Rachael helped us to redecorate our “new” home. They listened to our vision and then helped us create a beautiful home that we will enjoy for years to come. They helped us with furniture, lamps, rugs, draperies, and accessories – a lot! A very positive experience from start to finish. We highly recommend them!!” – Melissa, Vonore

Ready to see the difference that hiring a professional can bring? Let’s chat about your next project! We can’t wait to hear from you! So, give us a call at 865-392-6222 or visit our website at www.SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com to get started today! Remember, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be enjoying your beautiful new room!

Decorating Den Interiors
Kozar Design Team

Decorating Den Interiors is a franchise with over 230 businesses throughout the United State and Canada. The benefits of working with a franchise are the tried-and-true systems for every project, as well as over 150 trade suppliers that are vetted and quality approved for us to use. Our clients benefit from the combined purchasing power of all of the Decorating Den franchises. We are also continuously informed and educated of all of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The Decorating Den Certified Designer exam, or DDCD, is a 3-day test to confirm that you are an expert in your field.

From the Kozar Design Team

– My favorite spot to put family photos is in a hallway leading to the bedrooms. Hallways are usually long and have room for expansion as the family grows and has more adventures through the years. Start in the middle with a focal image, a wedding, your last name, or a large family photo with everyone in it, and expand outward as the picture gallery grows.
– Another favorite tip is to use books! Many of today’s homes do not have many books left, but there is something really comforting and inviting about a small stack of poignant or themed books on a nightstand or coffee table in the living room. 
– When it comes to accessorizing, we like to go with a few big focal items, rather than a lot of little ones. This gives a greater visual impact and lets your eye rest to really absorb the beauty of those few pieces, without adding visual clutter. Another bonus is that there is less to clean, too!

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