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Do You Watch TV Together?

Monday, February 5th, 2024 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Connie Ferraro – Tellico Hearing Solutions

Hearing loss can affect all our relationships. It can affect everything in your life, even making little things, like watching TV together, more difficult and stressful. If you or a spouse have a hard time hearing the TV, or other family members frequently comment on the TV’s volume, you’re not alone. In fact, there are some spouses that have reported that the blaring volume has forced them to watch TV in another room. Even with the door shut, it can be too loud. But maybe that’s the volume you or a loved one need to be able to make out what’s going on. These spouses and family members, however, often find that they miss the intimacy of watching TV together!

That’s why I want to tell you about MY favorite feature of my husband’s hearing aids.

The volume of the TV can affect everyone in the house. Because Robert could not clearly hear the dialogue in the programs we were watching, he would often decide to turn the volume up so high that it was starting to become a serious problem for me. But the perfect solution came in the form of his new hearing aids, which have an accessory device called “TV Connector”. The TV Connector uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit the TV sound directly into the hearing aids. This small device attaches behind the TV and enables the person with the hearing aids to set their personal volume preferences independently of the sound produced by the TV speakers. Best of all, the TV Connector is easy to attach and very discreet. If I want to, I can even mute the TV sound and wouldn’t even know that the TV is on because the sound is only in his ears.

But that’s not all. A lot of TV programs these days have the volume of the music up so high that you often can’t make out the dialogue. These new hearing aids, however, can help to minimize these unwanted sounds and sharpen that dialogue for greater clarity. Even in the case of actors mumbling or talking too low to make out what they’re saying, the hearing aid features can lift their voices so that mumbling becomes more clear. Or what about PBS programs with lots of accents, such as All Creatures Great and Small or Vienna Blood? Again, the hearing aid can clarify the speech frequencies, making it easier to follow what everyone is saying. We have even had some clients with only slight hearing problems that will come in to buy entry level hearing aids just to get these benefits of the TV Connector!

At Tellico Hearing Solutions, we can solve the ongoing debate about the TV volume. Remember, just because hearing loss is invisible doesn’t mean it is less real.

Don’t delay coming to see us for a free hearing test. We can even give you a demonstration of the TV Connector. It is possible to enjoy watching TV together again!

Tellico Hearing Solutions, PLLC

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