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The Valentine Gift of a Lifetime

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Jim Fairweather

Owner/LPL Financial Adviser –

Fairweather Financial

February has arrived, and with it the customary swell of red, pink, and white decorations in business fronts, chocolate displays in stores, and dinner reservations at high-end restaurants, all heralding that Valentine’s Day is coming around once again. Some people look forward to this holiday as a chance for quality time with one’s spouse or significant other, while others may have some trepidation, wondering if their gifts and preparations will live up to the expectations of their nearest and dearest. But for those who have seen their fair share of Valentine’s Days come and go, the truth remains that after the last piece of candy is eaten, and the final flower in the bouquet wilts, it’s the everyday, seemingly mundane gifts that, while more humble in appearance and concept, last not just to the next Valentine’s Day, but through all of them.

We all know thoughtful gift-giving is a key aspect of demonstrating love for our family, and each gift, whether great or small, glamorous or practical, has its place. But actively planning for your own retirement and for the future of your loved ones remains one of the most key and poignant gifts of all.

We’ve all witnessed the difficulties that come with retirement, and know they come in many forms. It can be the loss of a loved one, where the absence of a will makes it difficult to fulfill their final wishes. It can be the elderly couple struggling to subsist solely on Social Security because of inadequate plans for their retirement. These challenges, from the loss of a loved one, to retirement and other eventualities in life are inevitable, but the gift of well thought out plans can often serve to lessen their potential negative impact, not simply on our own lives, but on the lives of our families.

If you’ve been tempted to postpone creating such plans, fearful they won’t meet your loved ones needs or expectations, then do not hesitate further. Ask yourself the hard questions. Do you have a will, a medical and financial power of attorney, or a financial plan tailored to help you enjoy retirement to the fullest while seeing to your loved one’s needs after you’re gone? It’s a daunting task to positively answer these questions, but remember, the best gifts of all are a culmination of patience and perseverance, and unless you’re one of the lucky few already equipped to create and execute your financial plan, there is no reason for you to work them out alone.

So, enlist the expertise of your own Financial Advisor. Like a florist is skilled in assembling the most gorgeous Valentine bouquets, and the confectioner crafts the best chocolates, your own Financial Adviser is both trained and licensed to assist you in crafting your financial plan against tomorrow’s uncertainties. I invite you to call me today and set up your private, no cost or obligation consultation. In doing so, youll be taking the first step in securing a better future for both you and your family. That’s a Valentine gift that won’t just last an evening, but your entire lifetime and beyond.

Fairweather Financial
107 West North St.
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Disclosure: Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial a registered investment advisor, member FINRA/SIPC.


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