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Can You Actually Enjoy Something That is Both Delicious and Healthy?

Monday, March 1st, 2021 | Uncategorized | No Comments

East TN Mountain ViewsLocal pharmacist and entrepreneur, Ellen Phillips, is often asked that question by clients, friends and even family members. “Not surprisingly, their questions are typically laced with a certain degree of irony, but my answer often comes as a surprise to many,” says Ellen.

“My over 20 year career in retail and clinical hospital pharmacies was the inspiration behind my creation and launching of believeRx. believeRX offers clients a totally new and innovative approach to healthcare. Pharmacies are typically viewed by most patients as an impersonal, assembly-line type experience for dispensing prescriptions, combined with a mini-mart. believeRX, on the other hand, differs by combining a holistic and interactive approach to the pharmaceutical experience, delivering an experience designed to help you ‘Live Your Best Life’.”

So it came as little surprise to those who know Ellen best that her answer to their ‘Delicious and Healthy’ question came in the form of a line of new products she recently introduced – fresh and individually crafted Smoothie drinks, bowls and juices made from her very own recipes.

Not your everyday Smoothie, we recently asked Ellen to describe the delicious and healthy differences between her Smoothies and the often sugar added and artificial ingredients found in Smoothies available elsewhere.

MV: Describe the major differences between your Smoothies and those offered elsewhere.
Ellen: Our smoothies, bowls, and juices are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, with no added nor refined sugars. The recipes have been perfected by our team of pharmacists, nutritionists, and smoothie experts. We also offer unique ingredients and recipes including, but not limited to: elderberry, local honey, MCT oil, and herbal / wholistic vitamins and supplements.

MV: How do your Smoothie bowls differ from your drinks?
Ellen: The best way to describe our bowls, is like a healthy bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt! They are made with 100% natural and organic puree, topped with natural and organic ingredients such as granola, goji berries, fresh fruits, and more!

MV: Can customers purchase your drinks and bowls to be enjoyed later?
Ellen: Yes! We offer at-home or on-the-go options such as bottled juices and smoothies, as well as detox and weight loss drink programs.

MV: Where can our readers view your full menu and options?
Ellen: Either on our website www.believeRXtra.com, our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, Google and delivery apps such as Doordash and Uber Eats, or simply call us or come by and we would be happy to discuss our options with you!

MV: In closing is there anything else you would like to add?
Ellen: Our menu is constantly growing as we test more recipes, so always be checking back! Our team of health and nutrition experts (pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses, etc) are always ready to help you with your nutrition, fitness, and/or weight loss needs so please reach out to us today and we will tailor a plan that works best with your lifestyle!

Both delicious and healthy, why not wrap your taste buds around a Strawberry Orange Sunrise or Mango Margarita Smoothie? Or how about an Acai Peanut Butter Bowl or any one of nearly 30 other delectable bowls, smoothies or juices available exclusively at believeRX. ‘Live Your Best Life’!

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