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“Dustless” Versus “Sandless” Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Monday, March 6th, 2017 | Uncategorized | No Comments

East TN Mountain ViewsThere are two realities in owning a hardwood floor. First, they are incredibly beautiful. Second, in order to retain their beauty, hardwood floors require refinishing.

One real advantage to installing hardwood floors in your home is that they can usually be refinished multiple times, allowing you to restore their original showcase quality look. Two methods that are most often promoted to homeowners today are “dustless” and “sandless.” Despite both being advertised as hardwood refinishing systems, the two methods are very dissimilar in a couple of key ways. “Dustless” refinishing is the only method that allows you to restore your floor’s like-new finish. “Sandless” refinishing, on the other hand, is more or less a cosmetic method used to enhance only your floor’s topcoat.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Which method will restore my floors to like-new condition?
» “Sandless” – This method will not eliminate imperfections, dents, scratches, or other damage.
» “Dustless” – The only method that incorporates sanding and will safely return your floors to like-new condition without dust or fumes.

Can I re-stain my floors with both methods?
» “Sandless” – The answer is no. Because there is no sanding, stain cannot penetrate into the wood flooring.
» “Dustless” – Yes. In fact, you can also change stain colors. The application of stain also helps to seal your refinished floors.

At European Fine Hardwood Floors, we not only use our skills learned from European flooring artisans to install the finest hardwood flooring, but we also use the newest technology and training to provide you with a dust-free and fume-free hardwood floor restoration experience. At European Fine Hardwood Floors, we are Bona Certified Craftsmen. This is your assurance of the finest finishing and refinishing results from the world’s undisputed leader in hardwood floor care: Bona.

We know that when restoring your home’s hardwood floors, you have a variety of options to choose from. That’s why we invite you to discover for yourself the many benefits of selecting European Fine Hardwood Floors and Bona, the world’s standard in hardwood floor care. Visit our website, www.knoxvillehardwoodrefinishing.com, for more information and customer testimonials.

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