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Home Offices: Do Your Homework

Monday, March 1st, 2021 | Uncategorized | No Comments

When you started working from home last March, more than likely you didn’t put much thought into where you did your work. You probably thought it was only temporary. It wasn’t.

Here we are more than year after the COVID pandemic changed so many aspects of our daily lives, especially working from home. The makeshift home offices we created that involved working on the laptop from the bed or flipping through files on the living room sofa are no longer acceptable. That’s why in 2021, and beyond, home offices will be more important than ever.

Approximately 40% of Americans are now working from home fulltime. In fact, many Americans want to continue working from home even after the pandemic ends. So one of today’s top home trends is adding a home office or renovating an existing space in the house to work.

“As people continue to work from home they don’t want to hold Zoom meetings or answer calls from the kitchen table,” explained Kathryn Norton, a co-owner of Tailored Living of Knoxville. “Our customers want to develop a work space that will maximize their concentration, motivation and productivity. However, having an office at home doesn’t need to be extravagant. With the right design, an extra bedroom, a closet, quiet corner or loft can all be used to fill this need.”

No matter where you choose to put your new home office, there are some important aspects to consider.

Don’t Sacrifice Form for Function
Your desk, shelves and storage should serve you, not the other way around. Consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips. While a basic office desk from a big-box store may be inexpensive, it probably won’t fit your needs. A custom home office doesn’t have to be expensive, just designed for your needs to enhance productivity.

Invest in a Great Chair
You spend hours sitting in your office chair; an ergonomically correct, comfortable seat is worth every dime!

Master Your Technology
Hide unsightly cords. Start by making sure your equipment is close to outlets and easy to access. Feed the cords into a desk grommet that helps guide cords through a hole in the desk and hides them underneath. Tame the cord jungle on the floor with cord winders, tubing or a wire organizer.

Let There Be Light
Cut down on eyestrain and headaches by making sure you have plenty of light. Also, plan the position of the computer monitor so there’s no glare from a window or overhead light.

No matter the size of your office, call Tailored Living of Knoxville to give you a design that maximizes your storage space and budget!

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