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Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Forecast

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 | Uncategorized | No Comments

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The trend forecast for spring fashion is as versatile as those wearing it! It’s a matter of finding yourself in this fabulous mix of styles. Let’s break down the favorites and see what’s trending for you!

ALIVE fashions are for those who appreciate a home-grown influence that emphasizes organic textures and a joyful spirit for life. Color palettes for “ALIVE” are saturated with green tones. Yellow is also important, as is chartreuse and olive, used mainly as a base color. Styles suited best for you are the oversized blouse, culottes, palazzo pants, and maxi and shift dresses.

GEN-U speaks to today’s millennials who seek a stimulating life and are involved in many facets of the world. It’s about the bold, creative, urban spirit and seeking your own destiny. Colors best suited for you are lively lemon, candy apple red, periwinkle, and aqua. Fashions you’ll love are cropped silhouettes, fitted t-shirts, jogger bottoms, and the parka and bomber jackets.

GLOBAL COMMUNE gals are bohemian spirits in a world focused on handed-down traditions and artisanal techniques. Inspired by free-thinking hippies of the ’60s and an appreciation of craftsmanship, this one’s a favorite of many. Feeling at home in rich copper and red colors, you’ll want to add a pop of dark teal and moonstone blue, as well as indigo, to your new palette… perhaps some tie-dye or fringe to really put you at ease as you head into spring.

SEAMLESS INNOVATION has active wear influence and is about intelligent essentials that push us forward to be better, both inside and out. These urban minimalists personify the modern mentality of good health as they embody urban minimalism. Loving modern, timeless silhouettes, you’ll choose minimal colors such as custard, orange rind, and seaglass (aqua). Hazy taupe, tailored grey, olive, and navy will become your best base colors. You’ll want to look at new styles of jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, and a slim silhouette of slacks as a new spring option best suited for you.

And so it goes on this fashion-forward journey… come find your trend at The Lily Pad!

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