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What Is Your Style?

Sunday, March 1st, 2015 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Brenda Bryan

Have you ever wondered how we just seem to know what you will like when you visit The Lily Pad? One thing that’s most helpful to us is observing your type of style.

Even though the lines may cross over a bit and you can certainly be a little of four basic styles, each seem to hold true. It’s meant to be fun, so don’t get in a tizzy, but see if you find your style here. Are you the modern romantic or maybe the traditional, sporty, natural? Perhaps a little dramatic and contemporary or just a true classic?

The modern romantic gal is soft and feminine, always wanting to look nice but never wanting to stand out in a crowd. She can be comfortable in a tailored suit as long as she can add a ruffled blouse to soften the look. Her hair may be funky and fun, but most of all, she’ll find her style and is very comfortable with herself and her feminine style.

The traditional, sporty, and natural you is the preppy one who loves the outdoors and is trend aware, likes coordinated and matched looks, and has your own personal style that you’re rigid about maintaining. You’ll like knowing you’re well-dressed even when you’re casual, like Martha Stewart or maybe Jennifer Aniston.

If you’re the classic dresser, you’ll love things that last and have a history. You’ll love better goods and ones with the most luxury you can afford. You’re timeless and love status and collections; no ruffles, no nonsense clothing, often in head-to-toe color because you want the complete picture. You’re self-confident and know who you are. Think Diane Keaten, always in her signature, all over black or white.

Finally, there’s the dramatic, contemporary type, a fashion leader who likes to be first. She’s free with her styling and throws clothes together with ease. When she thinks western, it’s not cowboy – it’s west coast! She wants to see and be seen when she enters a room, because she knows she looks good. Cher was the outstanding dramatic girl, now maybe being replaced by Paris Hilton.

Do you recognize your style? Let The Lily Pad team assist in still another way as together we find just the right look for you!

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