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East TN Mountain ViewMuch More Than Knoxville Area’s Most Trusted and Referred Residential Painters

Earning a surprising 98% customer approval/referral rating and several Angie’s List Super Service awards, you might think that CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee has earned a reputation as the area’s most trusted and referred residential painters. While this is true, what you may not know is that CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee also established a reputation for a wide variety of other home renovation, repair, and remodeling services, including carpentry, deck restoration, pressure washing, drywall, staining, wallpapering, and wallpaper removal. CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee also offers area business office/retail business owners, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, managed properties, and more a full line of commercial painting services.

With the addition of all of these to their full array of interior and exterior painting services, CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee offers area homeowners a complete turn-key solution for many of their home’s renovation, repair, and remodeling needs. Mountain Views is excited to share with its readers an interview with CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee’s owners, and husband and wife team, Jeff and Joann Brown.

MV: Jeff, how would you describe the CertaPro difference?

Jeff: We strive to operate like a world-class service company! There is a perception in our industry that it is difficult to find a truly good contractor or painting company. As we speak, I have two project managers and four painting supervisors in a service training session in our training room. We spend a lot of time and resources training and coaching our painting crews, not just in application methods, but in customer service. We are deeply committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations! In order to accomplish that, we are constantly learning and training with information provided by customer feedback and interaction.

MV: You insist on personally providing your residential customers with comprehensive proposals on the spot and a rapid turnaround on commercial proposals. Tell our readers why this is so important and how this differs from the typical customer experience.

Joann: We believe it is important while the scope of work and project is fresh in everyone’s minds to enter the proposal in the computer and print a detailed proposal on the spot and review in person with the customer carefully to ensure accuracy. Others may email you a brief estimate days later with little detail, leaving you uncertain of what is included or not included. It takes the guesswork out!

MV: How does your pricing compare to competitive pricing?

Jeff: There is a misconception sometimes that as a professional company, we may be a little high. In fact, we frequently hear from our customers “oh, you are in line with the solo guy” or “that is less than what I was expecting.” We work hard to ensure our prices are competitive while providing a level of service above the competition! In addition, we are, in fact, licensed, bonded, insured, and have a two-year residential written warranty!

MV: How have you been able to earn Angie’s List esteemed Super Service of the Year awards, as well as a 98% customer approval rating?

Joann: We have understood since day one that the successful way to build and grow our company was to do whatever it takes within reason to meet and exceed customer expectations. Further, that word of mouth was the most powerful form of advertising. So, we have a mission to create customers for life and know that if we practice this business philosophy, the great scores will come!

MV: Tell our readers about several of the services you provide homeowners in addition to quality interior and exterior painting.

Jeff: We have been methodical and strategic to add services and value to our customers throughout the years as our competence levels increased at all levels of our organization. Early on we started repairing rotten wood on home exteriors. During the past 12 years, we have added many services to include deck build/rebuild, screen porch additions, interior trim carpentry, and custom built-ins to tile work and interior remodeling. We now can do most anything in the “home improvement” category well. We certainly offer other services and are happy to review them on the phone with potential customers.

MV: Describe your unique five-step interior and exterior painting process and how that varies from what most competitors offer.

Jeff: Our purpose is to ensure our customers get the same risk-free experience every time they utilize our services. So, our first step is to review the scope of work with the customer and the crew the morning the project starts to ensure we are all on the same page. Second, we set up the area to be painted/repaired and ensure furniture is moved, drop cloths are down, plastic covers things as needed, and the general “set up” is complete. The third phase is to perform any prep work (drywall repair, sanding, rotten wood replacement, etc.). The fourth step is when we actually start the painting or improvement project, and finally, we clean up, have the customer inspect with the crew, and collect our payment!

MV: Joann, how does your commercial business unit process vary from your residential unit?

Joann: Depending on the type of property, some businesses need painting done monthly, so you develop a partnership with your customer. You might see them monthly or quarterly. They know they can depend on us to take care of whatever their needs may be and in the time frame they need. On a residential job, you might paint for a customer every four or five years, so you don’t see them as often. That is why we are excited to offer additional services besides painting. Homeowners are usually doing some sort of remodeling or home improvement, and we can help with most of those projects. Whether you are adding a deck or remodeling a bathroom, we can take care of that project for you.

MV: You are committed to a goal of improving and exceeding your customers’ expectations. Explain.

Jeff: Joann and I have been in some sort of service business our entire lives, so we grew up professionally in a very competitive service industry. We learned early on that the ONLY way to grow and keep our business healthy is to surround ourselves with people who understand that and take pride in what they do. Our two main goals every day is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and to practice continuous improvement at every level. We are lucky to have a very dedicated and professional team at CertaPro!

MV: How important do you feel it is that both of you are engaged in your business full time each and every day?

Joann: Our staff at CertaPro is remarkable, but Jeff and I both enjoy being involved in the day-to-day business. We like meeting our customers and helping with their individual needs.

MV: How can our readers learn more about CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee?

Jeff: Our estimates for painting and home improvement are free and with no obligations. Our team is very well-trained in most every aspect of the business, so the best way to learn is to call CertaPro and schedule a consultation/estimate appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

MV: In closing, is there anything you would like to add?

Jeff: First of all, we would like to express our appreciation to all of our customers for their support and encouragement. As our company has grown throughout the years, our ability to give back to the community has grown as well in many ways. For instance, this winter we were privileged to have participated in a Homes for Our Troops new home build in our area. HFOT is a wonderful organization that provides mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured veterans post 9/11, enabling them to rebuild their lives. When we got the call to help, as a veteran myself, I did not let the woman even finish asking if we could donate all the painting services before I said “yes, and when can we start?” I was asked to speak at the key ceremony and felt so privileged to do so and give back in a small way to a veteran who had sacrificed so much for our great country! We believe it is our company’s obligation to continue to seek ways to give back to our community.

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

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