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Cleaner, Drier, Greener, and Healthier Carpets Every Time

Monday, April 1st, 2013 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Roger Heldreth

I may be the owner and founder of Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning, but I wear a second, and equally important, hat as well: that of a homeowner. As a homeowner, throughout the years, I’ve had my homes’ carpets professionally cleaned innumerable times.

My experiences as a homeowner really were the basis for my decision to launch Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning. I still believe today, as I did then, that a superior alternative to the decades-old conventional methods of carpet cleaning existed that would provide far better results and would be both safe and environmentally friendly.

Our six step method used in carpet cleaning guarantees your carpet is left clean, dry, fresh, and safe.
1. Vacuum with standard vacuum cleaner.
2. Use Knox Dry soft brush method to refresh carpet fibers.
3. Spray mist of our solution to carpet.
4. Distribute our Dry Compound to carpet.
5. Use Knox Dry to clean carpet.
6. Renovate and retrieve solution and compound.

We are the only method used that claims all of the following:
» 98% organic
» pH neutral
» 100% biodegradable
» Naturally green
» EPA compliant
» DfE approved

Our system uses no harsh chemicals and helps eliminate allergens and mold with no detergent residue. All we leave behind is a clean carpet that is safe for family members and pets and is dry within one hour. You also improve the quality of the air within your home while extending the life of your carpeting.

If spots, spills, pets, and traffic paths have left your carpeting less attractive, I invite you to give me a call and discover the Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning advantage. Our pre-treatment will emulsify stains and spots while our dry carpet cleaning compound patented equipment dissolves, absorbs, and traps soil, spots, stains, and odors, which are then extracted, leaving a cleaner, drier, greener, and healthier carpet. Because our price is all inclusive, you won’t be surprised with up-charges or add-ons, which turn what appeared to be a great deal into an expensive alternative.

If you’re tired of conventional carpet cleaning methods that use harsh chemicals and detergent residue and leave your carpeting wet and a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, do as I’ve done and discover the difference that the safe and healthy six step system from Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning can make in your home.

To learn more, I invite you to call me at (865) 604-0087 or visit us online at www.knoxdrycarpetcleaning.com .

Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning
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