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Now Open in Vonore! Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream – Unlimited Flavorful Fun!

Friday, April 1st, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Spring is here. Warm weather is ahead and, just in time, there is a new roadside ice cream shop in Vonore! Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream Shop is now open for business!  If you are ready for some awesome ice cream and hot dog options, this is the place to be.  Bootlegger’s is a fun date or family destination worth checking out right away.

In this month’s Mountain Views, we are excited to introduce you to Frank Vultaggio and Wendy Perestam, owners of Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream.

MV:  Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds.

Frank:  We moved here to Tellico Village about 3 years ago, and we absolutely LOVE Tennessee and Tellico Lake.  

Besides the ice cream shop, Wendy also owns a business that sells marketing products for businesses.  Oh, and now she’s even a Tennessee notary. 

Wendy:  Frank owns a pool and spa company, 2nd generation, in upstate NY still, so he will be splitting his time. But you’ll find me at Bootlegger’s daily.

MV:  You both seem like incredibly hard workers!  It can’t be all work; what do you do for fun? 

Frank:  We both ride motorcycles so we are very biker friendly.  I’m also a race car driver and have a sports car collection.  We encourage and look forward to holding classic car events. 

MV:  Tell us a little about Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream.

Wendy: We have take-out ice cream served at walk-up windows, but also have a great outdoor atmosphere to enjoy your treats.  We’re open 7 days a week.  We’re hoping to attract bikers and sports club car parking.

MV:  Tell us about the ice cream you’ll be offering.  What can we look forward to enjoying?

Frank:  We have both hard/hand scoop ice cream as well as soft serve.  Both are produced by Hershey’s Ice Cream, and the flavors are all-natural. We have 36 flavors of hard ice cream and 26 standard flavors of soft serve.  You’re certain to find a flavor you’ll love.

MV:  Why Hershey’s Ice Cream?

Wendy:  My kid’s grandmother lived in Hershey PA, so when we decided to open Bootlegger’s, we knew this was the brand to bring to our neighbors for a different taste.  They have SO many natural and amazing flavors!

MV:  With so many choices, what are your favorites?

Wendy:  Oh, there’s so many! Frank’s favorite is Road Runner Raspberry. My favorite hard ice creams are anything Peanut Butter Twist and Cappuccino Crunch, and in soft serve, it’s got to be Blackberry Twist, and, of course, a banana split – nothing better!

MV:  Ok, I’m guessing you also have some amazing shakes and sundaes.  

Frank: You bet!  Our sundaes are bold and unique. Come try a Dolly, Dirt Road, a Front Porch or, if you’re real hungry, get The Boot!

Wendy: Our shakes are amazing.  In addition to our regular shake menu, we also have the shake of the month.  April’s special shake is an Easter one along with our always available birthday shake.

MV:  Ok, I’ve got to admit, I love soft-serve ice cream, and from what I’ve heard, you have a very special soft-serve machine.  What makes it so special?

Wendy:  Well, our machine has the capability to mix in flavors on the spot at the touch of a button.  Which means, we have a practically limitless number of soft serve flavors we can sell.  We have an exclusive on this unique machine; we’re the only ones within 100 miles that have it!

MV:  Are you only serving ice cream?

Frank: Oh, no!  We have all beef New York style hot dogs with meat sauce and sauerkraut, homemade Italian Ices, plus Coke products.

MV:  Wendy, since you own a business that sells promotional items, what kinds of promo items will you have for Bootlegger’s?

Wendy:  Lots of fun stuff!  We have ice cream scoops, t-shirts, koozies, mugs, and more to go along with your trip to Bootlegger’s. 

MV:  What is your vision for Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream? 

Frank: Our hope is to create Bootlegger’s as a destination and an experience for our customers.  With our quaint outdoor patio, soon to come fire-pit, and of course scrumptious treats, we think we’ll become THE place to hang out.  

Wendy: We also have a giant inflatable ice cream cone that kids – and kids at heart – can take their picture in.  When people think of fun; they’ll think of Bootlegger’s.

MV:  Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Wendy: We will also be doing weekly drawings for all who like us on FaceBook and give us their email addresses for specials.   

Frank: And, we have a traveling ice cream cart for events small or large.

MV:  Are you having a grand opening? How do readers find out the date?

Wendy: Yes, we are planning an awesome music event in April as a grand opening. Date is TBA.  You can check our website, www.booticecream.com, call us at 423-884-2271, or like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of our exciting new details.

MV:  What can our readers expect to see at Bootlegger’s in the future?

Frank:  A fire pit will be coming soon, and we’re working on chicken BBQ weekends.   We plan to have a music event monthly, or possibly even weekly as we get going.

MV:  Wow!  You’ve got such great plans for Bootlegger’s.  You do so much!  Just how do you do it?

Wendy:  That’s a good question.  I try to live by my motto: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

So, the next time you’re hankering for some cool, sweet, creamy, goodness, head on over to Bootlegger’s.  With so many choices, they’ll have what can satisfy your craving!

Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream
1813 Highway 411, Vonore TN
423-884-2271, www.booticecream.com
Mon-Sat: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Sun: Noon to 6:00pm

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