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Pattersons Home Appliances Opens New Store in Chattanooga

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Are you looking for a Home Appliance company you can trust? Well, youre in luck! Pattersons Home Appliances has been serving their community for more than fifty years. In that time, they have spread out to eight different locations, always delivering the best products and services they can. They pride themselves on treating everyone who walks through their doors not just like a customer, but like family. This month, Mountain Views was privileged to interview Mark Patterson with Pattersons Home Appliances!

MV: Not only has Pattersons has been in business since 1965, but youve even managed to expand to new locations, all while keeping the business in the family. What do you think has made Pattersons so appealing to customers for that amount of time?

Mark: I think theres a lot we bring to the table. For one thing, we dont just sell you a heavy appliance and expect you to handle everything else like a lot of the big box stores do. We, on the other hand, will handle delivery for you, along with stuff like cords, installation kits, and so on. If youve ordered a lot of free-standing appliances at once, well take care of all of them for you. Just one charge, even with multiple appliances. Well even unbox it and take your old appliance for you. On top of all that, we service what we sell, so really, were a one-stop-shop for the community when it comes to appliances.

MV: Whats the business philosophy of Pattersons Home Appliances?

Mark: It really all comes down to transparency and trust. We want to treat our customers the way wed like to be treated, and thats more like family than just someone you do business with. All our technicians and staff and even our delivery drivers have to undergo extensive background checks and drug screenings, so when you come to us, you know exactly what youre getting, and you know you can trust us. Most of the bigger stores go through third-party installers, so with them you can never quite be sure who will actually show up to your home. With us, you can rest assured that we know them and weve put in the effort to vet them. More than that, our sales staff doesnt work on commission, so they wont feel that incentive to push you to buy something more expensive than you actually need. Instead, we make sure that all our staff are educated and knowledgeable about what theyre selling, so we can make sure you find a product that fits both your budget and your needs.

MV: We hear youve opened a new location in Chattanooga. What do you think Pattersons brings to the community there that other stores dont?

Mark: More than fifty years of experience, for one thing. Like you said, weve been serving the community here since 1965, so we know the market and know just how to take care of our customers and give them the products and service they need. We also focus a lot more on having a more personal touch. Ever since we first opened our doors, weve been family owned. Thats three generations running the same business. Were not some fancy big box store that only cares about the bottom line. No, were a family store, and we really do see our customers as part of our family. And from the instant you walk in through our front door, we want to treat you like it. Whether were talking about any of our other locations or our new store in Chattanooga, thats the kind of atmosphere we want to provide. We really do want that personal touch in everything we do. That means friendly customer service, knowledgeable staff, and all the best brands at the best prices youre likely to find anywhere.

MV: Including the new Chattanooga store, you now have eight locations, right?

Mark: Thats right! We have locations in Cookeville, Crossville, Harriman, Oak Ridge, Alcoa, one in Knoxville, then theres the outlet store in Rockwood. And, of course, our newest location in Chattanooga. I know that might make us seem like a really big company, but were really not. Were still family owned. We have eight showrooms, a Luxury Appliances Design Center, and 45 dedicated employees, so we really do mean it when we say were all a family here.

MV: Its been great talking to you! Is there anything else youd like to add?

Mark: Just that, by doing business with us, youll be supporting your local community, and were going to do everything we can to find you a product that matches your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Take the first step and call Pattersons Home Appliances today at 865-364-1500 or visit their website at www.pattersonsappliances.com.

Pattersons Home Appliances

8 Convenient Locations:
1067 S. Walnut Ave Ste 7

2024 N Main St

1807 Roane State Hwy

10640 Kingston Pike

Oak Ridge
170 Oak Ridge Turnpike

148 S. Calderwood St.

Rockwood Outlet Store
1090 Gateway Center

6231 Lee Hwy

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