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The Top Four Areas to Focus On to Increase Your Home’s Curbside Appeal & Value

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 | Uncategorized | No Comments

According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 % of homebuyers will tour a home they’ve viewed online. They cite “curbside appeal,” which refers to the first impression buyers have of a property. Regardless of the home’s inside, it’s the outside that matters most.

What will buyers see when they view your home? First impressions matter. Look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. The four main areas they focus on include your front entry, yard and landscaping, driveway, and roof. Here are some suggestions.

Front Entry
» How well is your entryway illuminated? Consider using affordable LED and solar lighting.
» Repaint your front door, trim, and shutters with a bright color contrasting the house.
» Make sure the doorbell operates and that metalwork, including your street numbers, is clean and polished.
» Replace burned-out exterior bulbs, and clean all lighting fixtures.
» Seasonal wreaths or a decorative door knocker can make your home more welcoming.
» Add large potted plants to your deck or porch.
» Consider upgrading your walkway to an alternative surface or applying stain or paint to your concrete. Add plants and a rock shoulder on each side of the path.
» Do a “mailbox makeover.”
» Replace your welcome mat with a large, bright, and cheery mat.
» Add a rocking chair or even a bench.
» Consider adding an arbor near the front door.
» Add outdoor curtains to set off a seating area or porch to add a touch of color.

Yard and Landscaping
» Create a pop of color with flowers on your porch, along the drive, or around your trees.
» Select a variety of plants and flowers to create year-round color.
» Weed, remove dead blooms, and mulch regularly.
» Mow and trim your entire yard regularly. Reseed bare areas, and eliminate yard clutter. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed.
» Repair or remove old or outdated fencing.

Driveway and Walkway
» Remove clutter and anything else that will detract from the home’s appearance.
» Repair cracked and damaged walkways.
» Make sure your driveway is well lighted and easy for guests to navigate.
» Add plants or decorative rock along your drive.

The Roof
» Clean and repair gutters.
» Remove holiday lighting and hooks.
» Remove accumulated leaves and pine needles.
» Does your roof need replacing or just a good cleaning?

The time and money you invest in improving your curbside appeal will more than pay for itself. A few hundred dollars and a weekend or two spent improving your home’s first impression can result in thousands of dollars in the purchase price, so take the time to do it right.

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