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Vonore Realtor Helps Homeowners Navigate Today’s Unique Times

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As with so many other parts of todays economy, the real estate market is in rapid flux.  Buying or selling a home, or purchasing a lot with intent to build, is even more stressful than before. The amount of time available to make decisions can be miniscule.  During these times, it helps to have an experienced hand at the wheel. With those things in mind, we are excited to bring you an interview with Annette Oliverio, owner of Exit Realty Premier!

MV: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you to pursue real estate?

Annette: I grew up in a military family and moved frequently as a child. Moving from home to home, I realized at a young age that the process of buying and selling a house could be very stressful.  My entrepreneurial spirit was kindled, and I decided I wanted to create a better experience for prospective home buyers and sellers. Also, because I moved so much when I was young, I can relate to the issues of buyers and sellers from all over the country. I moved to Tennessee 37 years ago, living on Tellico Lake for 18 of those years, which has allowed me to become intimately familiar with the area.

MV: Would you tell us a little about your background as a homebuilder and Commercial Interior Architect?

Annette: Absolutely! After graduating high school, I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, with a major in Interior Architecture and Design. I was recruited immediately after by an architecture firm, and after apprenticing, I received my state license. From there, I worked my way up to the lead interior designer, before striking off to start my own company, Infinity Design. Over time, I expanded and began building homes with my father in 2002, which then enabled me to transition smoothly to real estate.

MV: How would you say your background has helped your clients to either sell or find the right home?

Annette: There are a number of ways. From a very young age, I’ve been well aware of how stressful buying or selling a home can be, and I understand what costs go into building and design. Thanks to my long-term experience, I know quality when I see it. When it comes to helping sell homes, I’m able to advise my clients in how to stage their homes to maximize the Wow! factor. Not only that, but when it comes to purchasing a property, I can read the lay of the land to know the best site to build a house. And thanks to my early experiences, I can connect with buyers from all over the country.

MV: What made you decide to choose Exit Realty and open the Vonore office?

Annette: I wanted to open a professional, yet local, family-owned, real estate brokerage in Vonore because of the lack of a nationally recognized company in that area. Exit Reality is the fastest-growing brokerage in the United States and offers training for new agents.  The better trained the agent, the greater asset the agent can be to both buyers and sellers. I was able to buy the Exit Realty franchise rights for the Monroe County territory.  I felt it was important to be a part of a national franchise due to the advertising and reach it brings to sellers, as buyers don’t just come locally, but from across the country and beyond, with some even coming from Europe. 

Exit Realty also offers advanced technology such as smart signs. Buyers who see a property can text a code posted right on the sign and get instant information on the property. They don’t even have to wait for an agent to return their call. And thanks to Exit‘s defined marketing plans, they can be tailored to each home’s unique characteristics. We’re able to offer professional services such as staging, design, photography, drone photography, YouTube videos, sites, and more!

But you know, the thing that I love the most about Exit Realty is that they dont just care about technology and making sales, but they also really care about people and the community. Exit Realty gives back to the community with each transaction fee received. Through the Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program, Exit Realty offices and associates raise money for all sorts of local, approved, and registered charities.  To date, Exit Realty Corp International has pledged more than $6,800,000 to charity, and sponsored 19 Habitat for Humanity home builds in the U.S. and Canada.  The companys Focus on Good Health initiative demonstrates their concern about realtors and their associates as individuals.  They recognize that a persons emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being are keys to their overall quality of life. 

MV: Tell us about the opening of your Vonore office.

Annette: My husband and I bought our franchise in November 2019, and secured our business name in March 2020, just as the pandemic arrived. Instead of opening the office right away, we had to wait for what felt like an eternity due to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission being shut down. I officially got my business registered through the commission in November 2020, and I opened the door to the Exit Realty Premier office in January of 2021. 

Unfortunately, we were dealt another setback on February 21st, when my husband’s mother and father were in a major accident. A car hit them doing 102 mph on Hwy 411 right after leaving my office heading to the thrift store in the Derby Downs shopping center. My husband and I were able to nurse them back to health, and they are doing wonderfully today!  One of the things I am most proud of is that we were able to endure not only that setback, but also the next one: my husband losing his job of 30 years in October 2020, again, thanks to the pandemic. Despite all this, I had a record year of sales in 2021, so I’m here to stay! 

Our Vonore office may not be the fanciest one in the county, but as we grow, we create worth, and we are worth more to the residents of this wonderful area. As a business owner, I don’t believe in overextending myself financially. I most certainly don’t expect that my clients would want to overextend themselves either. A home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make in your life, which is why both buyer and sellers trust my experience in making these lifelong decisions!

MV: How would you describe your marketing philosophy?

Annette:  Tennessee is a very desirable state for many reasons. We have so many people from other states wanting to own an investment property, moving here to Tennessee immediately, or hoping to pursue a combination of the two. Marketing needs to be diverse because we have both mountains and lakes to promote. It’s important to know why people want to move here to know which aspects will match what they’re looking for. Having lived on Tellico Lake for 18 years and owned investment properties, I have personal, firsthand experience with both primary residency and investments.

For instance, I have gone through the entire process of purchasing a lakefront lot and building on it. I am familiar with the cost that goes into it, including details like getting a dock permit, which is essential for kickstarting the dock building process. I understand the value of the cost and labor wrapped up in properties with pre-existing lake views and dock access.

MV: What are your future plans for your Exit Realty Premier office?

Annette: We are definitely looking to bring on additional licensed agents that will take care of our community. I believe in hiring those with compassion, honesty, and ethics. If you have those qualities, you will be an asset to buyers and sellers!

MV: Anything else you would like to add?

Annette: I absolutely love what I do! I have met some of the most amazing people, who have become my friends while I worked in the real estate business.

So come to the Exit Realty Premier office in Vonore and meet Annette for yourself or call at 423-884-2255 to get the personal – and experienced – help you need to buy or sell your home and smoothly transition through this important step in your life!

Annette Oliverio
Exit Realty Premier
1000 Hwy 411 Suite 4
Vonore, TN, 37885

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