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Don’t Stress the Number!

Monday, May 4th, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

The average female shopper has several sizes hanging in her closet… so why are you a size 6 in some brands and a size 10 in others??

Alfredo Cabrera, author of 101 Things I Learned in Fashion School, explains.  “Most companies start with a size 8 production pattern, which sometimes gets shifted larger or smaller.  A high-fashion 8 isn’t typically as large as a mass-market brand’s size 8.”

Even in Europe, where measurements are standardized by law, there can be some variation because a designer may decide to slide a garment’s waistline above or below a woman’s natural waistline.

Our experience has been that European lines, as a rule, are approximately 1-2 sizes smaller than your average fit.  This is where an experienced sales clerk can be very beneficial as you shop, many times suggesting that you begin trying on certain lines a size or even two above what you normally wear.  

Don’t limit yourself to a certain size… be open to some variation… basing your decisions on style, designer, and your individual sales associate’s advice.  Remember… we have seen the styles tried on, trying many on ourselves to better advise our customers of the fit.

We are here to advise you on the size and fit of your selections; however, for men who are purchasing a gift for Mother’s Day, may we suggest a beautifully designed, boxed and gift wrapped gift certificate!  Always a perfect gift!

The very best way to ensure a good fit is to try on several sizes.  Remember to trust your personal sales associate and the mirror instead of the digit on the label!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Shopping!

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