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Spring into Spring!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

During this special time of renewal and new life you will be adding new decorative plants and flowers out-of-doors for your neighbors to see. You’ll be raking up the debris and starting the growing season afresh by trimming off old growth on trees and bushes. You’ll add mulch and fertilize the grass; get the sprinkler system going and power wash the drive and walk.

But what about the environment that surrounds you indoors every day? Don’t you deserve a new, stimulating bit of color inside? Shouldn’t your surroundings be as fresh and sparkling as the blossoms after a cool, revitalizing rain? Paint is an inexpensive way to jazz up your atmosphere and add excitement to your life. Sometimes just one wall is all it takes to spice things up. Perhaps only the wall behind the bookshelves needs color so that the items you display there are enriched. Computer renderings can help you see the results of color ideas without having even bought the paint – taking the guesswork out of the process!

Now is the time to replace, recover or reupholster that tired furniture to add those springy accents and put away the winter colors and accessories. Add an area rug to your room arrangement to splash color into your life, softness underfoot, delineate the space and help the room’s acoustics by absorbing some of the echo in spaces with a lot of windows and high ceilings. Rugs are easy items to change with the seasons and greatly alter the room’s mood and yours!

Heavy, formal draperies may seem too overpowering for the light, airy atmosphere of the season. Lighten up in fabric, weight and color. What? No window treatments? I know that many of you don’t want to cover up the view of those beautiful trees, mountains, or lake, but window treatments can enhance the view by calling attention to the windows that now blend into the wall. Framing the view is important to bring your eyes forward. It’s hard to visualize the results of the proposed style and fabric, and that’s where the computer and new software programs come in to help. Now you can see it even before you spend a cent on the fabric or fabrication!

Permanent floral arrangements don’t last forever – they will fade in time, droop, break apart and get dirty. Start fresh with new spring blooms and greenery inside as well as out. Size and shape is important to complement the adjacent space or surface that it rests on and color should not be taken lightly – customize for a professional aura.

Don’t forget that layering is essential. The new soft throw for the sofa for cool nights, a luxurious table topper and stylish throw pillows can really change an ordinary place into a well dressed space. It’s like adding your jewelry to an outfit before going out.

How about your outdoor living spaces? You’ll soon be spending time on the deck or the dock or in the screened porch. Look at the appearance of your furniture cushions in case the all-weather fabric has weathered with age. There are more options than ever in the outdoor fabric lines. If your iron pieces show signs of rust, they may need a simple can of spray paint or a more thorough sand blasting and powder coating. Wood should be oiled. Wicker catches a lot of dust which can be blown off, and a fresh coat of paint will have it gleaming like new.

Think rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal – Think Spring!!!!

Margaret Boyes at Interior Motives can help your endeavors in a creative way. Call today for an appointment to start your projects. Spring into Spring!

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