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Create a Lifetime of Memories Out-of-Doors

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

If you’re considering creating or redesigning your home’s outdoor living spaces, then discover the unlimited opportunities offered by Undercover Systems and Distinctive Designs, companion companies whose combined expertise and communication skills can help you transform your home.

Unique and family-owned, the leadership of Undercover Systems and Distinctive Designs has been busy for the last decade helping area homeowners discover the undeveloped or underdeveloped potential for expanding their home’s indoor living spaces into exciting new outdoor living spaces where friends and family can gather for memorable occasions.

“More and more families are discovering their home’s full outdoor living potential,” says Distinctive Designs owner and founder Jim Conn, who also owns the Knoxville branch of Undercover Systems. “Thoughtfully considered and carefully planned, outdoor living spaces offer an entirely new dimension to how we enjoy our homes and promise to deliver many years of enjoyment and memories for friends and family.”

A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Distinctive Designs and Undercover Systems offer homeowners the peace of mind that they search for in a building contractor.

More important than their standing in the business community, however, is the companies’ commitment to quality craftsmanship. They offer an ever-expanding line of outdoor options including pergolas, grill islands, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, porch rescreening services and adjustable louvered patio covers they call the pergola porch. They also boast a unique under deck ceiling, designed by Undercover Systems, which helps to create living and entertainment spaces under existing raised decks.

Throughout the redesign process, Distinctive Designs works closely with the homeowner, from the initial assessment all the way until the job is complete.

Jim and Sales and Installation Coordinator, Jerry Frederick, then carefully craft a proposed design creating a seamless transition from your home’s interior spaces to your new outdoor living areas which complements your existing architecture and landscaping plan.

“Your options are limited only by your imagination,” says Jim.

But don’t take Jim’s word for it, just ask satisfied customers.

Kathy and Loy Waldrop, who have lived in Knoxville since the 1970s, recently had a wonderful hybrid pergola installed. The pergola came with an undercover system to cover her outdoor kitchen. 

“In practical terms, it is wonderful,” says Kathy. “In aesthetic terms, it is beautiful.”

The process began three and a half years ago when Kathy and her family built an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and swimming pool. Like so many outdoor kitchens, Kathy’s was completely exposed to the elements. So Kathy began searching online and at local stores for a pergola kit that might cover the kitchen, but she could find none that would fit the space.  That’s when Kathy scheduled an appointment with Jerry Frederick, who quickly came up with a hybrid design for a pergola that would fit her unique space.

“I would recommend Jim and Jerry because they delivered a quality product when they said they would and for the price we agreed to,” recalls Kathy. “The pergola sets off our outdoor space in a way I didn’t anticipate. Plus, our investments are also protected by this addition.”

Kathy and Loy are already scheduling parities for summer!

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