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You’re Invited to a Martin Luther Lecture Series

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 | Uncategorized | No Comments

A&E Biography ranked Martin Luther the third most influential person of the last 1,000 years. (Johann Gutenberg and Isaac Newton were numbers one and two.) In this year of observing the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, located at 143 Chota Center in Loudon, is sponsoring a series of lectures throughout the summer and is inviting the Tellico Village community to join us in deepening our understanding of Martin Luther, his times, and continuing impact on the world to this day.

The first lecture, “Martin Luther, the Man,” was presented May 20th by University of Tennessee Professor, Robert Bast. Notwithstanding a nondescript childhood and early adulthood, Luther lit religious dynamite with his published concerns of a church he thought had lost its way in caring for the souls under its charge. Luther’s challenge of the Church hierarchy in the 16th century found a sympathetic audience throughout much of Germany, which spread to Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Martin Luther’s impact was that of a committed Christian and fallible man. His support of the nobility’s merciless repression of the peasant’s revolt, his inability to hear the gospel in response to the anti-Semitism of the Medieval Age and thereby encouraging that sin, and his strict understanding of the substance of the Lord’s Supper revealed a man wrestling with his own internal struggles. Protestants and Catholics wrestle to this day with Luther the man and Luther the theologian; Luther was a man captured by his culture and captivated by his God. No wonder we look forward to the next three lectures!

Open to everyone, you may want to save these dates:

» Saturday, June 17, at 4 pm – Luther the Theologian, The Rev. John Rossing, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Dalton, GA. Location: Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, 143 Chota Center in Loudon.

» Saturday, July 8, at 1 pm – Lutheran/Catholic Dialog, Bishop Julian Gordy, ELCA-Southeastern Synod and Father Doug Owens, St. Thomas Catholic. Location: St. Thomas Catholic Church in Lenoir City.

» Saturday, August 12, at 4 pm – Luther the Musician, Dr. Carl F. Schalk, Prof. of Church Music Emeritus Concordia University – Chicago. Location: Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church.

Come and learn with us of the paradox of this man who impacted history – then and now – even in East Tennessee!

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
143 Chota Center
Loudon, TN 37774
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