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The Art of Displaying Art!

Friday, July 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

East TN Mountain ViewsYour home need not look like an art gallery for you to have tastefully displayed your works of art. By works of art I mean not just framed pieces, but also three-dimensional items as well.

Let’s start with your 3-D items. If you have a collection of items it’s best to not have them scattered all over the house, but grouped together so that you get the fact that they are a collection and not just a single piece. They should not just be lined up on a shelf or table, but artfully arranged, some raised up on pedestals or decorative boxes with enough space around them so that they can be viewed singly as well as in the set. Small items can be heaped in a basket or box.

Framed works also should not be just lined up gallery style, but grouped. They can be assembled according to the similarity of their content, their media, their colors, their era/style or their personal significance. Groupings can be aligned horizontally, vertically, boxed to form a square or rectangle on one wall or to cover the whole wall. Balance is important. Heavy pieces can be offset by several lighter feeling or smaller ones. Odd numbers create the most pleasing displays and varying subjects are better linked by the use of matching frames. Spacing is important so that there is “white space” surrounding each piece so that it can be viewed individually, but those spaces need to be balanced with the size of the art pieces themselves.

Framed work can also be set on a mantle or shelf instead of hung from the wall and can be accompanied by related three-dimensional items or found objects to form a cluster exhibit.

Warning!!!! Don’t just start banging nails into the walls! Always have a plan – you might lie all of the pieces on the floor and, like a puzzle, fit them into a pre-arranged shape, taking into account the spacing and the amount of space the whole arrangement will take up. Better yet, cut out a piece of brown paper the size and shape of each piece of artwork to be hung. Use painter’s tape to affix them on to the wall until you have the finished arrangement. Only then will you hammer that nail or hook into the wall, over the paper. Then tear the paper away. Measure, measure and measure again to avoid the need to fill holes and touch-up paint!

Be sure to take furniture, accessories and lamps into consideration in the overall arrangement and arrange around these fixed pieces.

You can hang art on walls with wallpaper, both patterned and not. Be careful to only hang subjects of a different scale than the wallpaper print. Don’t stair-step pictures unless actually stepping up the stairs. AND, if you do hang all of your artwork in a line, gallery style around the room, the center of each piece should correspond to each other, not the tops or the bottoms. That center should be at eye level for an average person.

When in doubt, call Margaret Boyes at Interior Motives for your consultation or for arranging and hanging services.

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