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Turning Loose

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Brian K. Whitehead, Managing Partner

The Village Salon is proudly beginning its 31st year of serving Tellico Village and its surrounding communities and has been in its current location since 1995.  During that time, there has been a need to “spruce up” the place every few years, and that time is once again upon us.  So Turning Loose could possibly affect your next visit to the salon. Renee Fisher, owner of White Street Market, has been commissioned to do the current remodeling project here at The Village Salon and to an extent has been turned loose to complete job.  

The parallels between her job and your stylist’s job are quite remarkable.  Renee asked very important questions and established very important parameters prior to taking on the job.  Once her vision for the changes came to her, she began the project in two separate phases.

Many of our guests would ask me what exactly we were going to do to the salon, and most all of them were shocked when my reply was that I didn’t know.  The reason their question couldn’t be answered is because the project had been turned loose to Miss Renee.  

Since my particular area of expertise lies in coloring hair, it is likely best that the decisions made on the remodel of the salon are left to the people whose expertise lies in interior design.  It is this Turning Loose that could possibly help you on your visits to the salon.  

Simply tell your stylist the expectations and budgets you have, and then allow them to take care of the rest of the project.  You may find that Turning Loose of your control and absolving yourself from the decision making process will provide you with the best results.  

Turning Loose this project to Miss Renee has provided us with a fabulous, fresh new look, and my own absence from the decision making part has made it stress-free.  So give Turning Loose with your stylist a try, and enjoy the experience.  

The Village Salon
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