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What’s Bugging You and Your Pets?

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Like it or not, almost every dog and/or cat owner encounters fleas at some point in their pet’s life. Adult fleas feed on blood and will bite a variety of animals, including man. Certain fleas are capable of transmitting diseases, and the severity of the physical reaction varies from person to person. Pet owners beware; cat and dog fleas are carriers of tapeworms. Knowing the enemy will help you combat these unwelcome pests.

Suspect fleas? Check pet bedding or sleeping areas – they will have a salt (flea eggs) and pepper (flea feces) appearance. Or put on a pair of white socks and shuffle across the carpet – fleas will be on the attack. Still not sure? Put a white towel down on the floor with a pure white bowl filled with a couple drops of lemon fresh Joy dish washing liquid, water, and a small lamp. In a very short period of time, the bowl will see flea activity.

What to do
If pets in your neighborhood have access to your yard, they could be dropping flea eggs on your property every time they pass through. Start early. Do not wait until you have a full blown flea population. Fit your pets with flea collars, but remember flea collars alone will not eliminate the fleas.

Treat your yard with a long lasting insecticide. For the environmentally conscious, try to limit the access of other dogs and cats onto your property, and keep your own pets confined to your backyard.

Keep your grass short. Areas with tall grass provide moist hiding places.

Vacuum frequently and throw the bags away.

Wash all small throw rugs and animal bedding in hot water weekly.

If possible, use cedar wood chips in the animal’s bedding. Cedar is a very effective flea repellent.

If pets sleep on furniture, vacuum or wash with hot water frequently.

If your pet travels with you, treat your vehicle often.

On vinyl, cement, wood, and tile, use cleaner with a citrus base. It’s natural flea repellant.

Treat animals, house, and yard simultaneously.

Always consult your veterinarian, and call Heritage Termite and Pest Service for a free in-home consultation… they know what’s bugging you.

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