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Phoenix Pest Control

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 | Uncategorized | No Comments

“…done right”

If you thought that all pest control companies were the same, you’d only be half right. While it’s true that pest control companies typically use the same or similar pest control systems and treatments, that’s where the similarity ends.

“It’s all about the technician,” said Phoenix Pest Control co-owner and co-founder, Jason Swann. “If our 25 years of experience in the pest control industry has taught us anything, it’s that the right tools in the wrong hands produce inferior results.”

“Most of what we observed before launching Phoenix was technicians we refer to as ‘spray jockeys,’” said co-owner and co-founder, Aaron Veal A.C.E. “Simply put, their solution for every pest control problem was to spray everything.”

“That’s why we launched Phoenix Pest Control,” said Jason. “We combined those positive elements of our 25 years of experience with superior diagnostic and consultative skills to create a state-of-the-art experience for each of our clients.”

So what should you expect from Phoenix Pest Control?
» Diagnostic sales consultants that identify your specific needs before creating a customized treatment program
» All consultations and treatments are conducted by the owners of Phoenix
» Aaron is the only Associate Certified Entomologist within a 100-mile radius
» Jason and Aaron explain all work to be performed with the home and business owner
» Home and business owners are instructed on how to minimize potential pest problems

“Treating the pests is only half of the problem,” said Aaron. “The other half of the problem is determining their entry points and identifying the conditions that are attracting these unwanted pests.”

If you’re satisfied with the “spray jockeys,” then you’re not likely looking for a new pest control company. But if you’re interested in a pest control company that will exceed your expectations, then you’re invited to discover the Phoenix Pest Control difference:
» Associate Certified Entomologist and veteran owned
» All work and consultations provided by company owners
» They communicate with you every step of the way

Phoenix Pest Control – why not? All you have to lose are the pests!

Phoenix Pest Control
Aaron Veal (865) 455-8571
Jason Swann (865) 963-8867
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