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Smart Strategies Before You Retire

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

If you’re looking forward to the day when you can permanently silence your morning alarm clock and pursue your own interests, you’re not alone. Perhaps your days will be filled with a hobby, golf, tennis, exotic travel, or just relaxing.  Here are some suggestions to help you to achieve that goal:

• If you’re retiring before age 65, budget for the health insurance that will be required to fill the gap between the end of your employer’s plan and the beginning of Medicare. Shop for individual insurance policies, and make sure you understand the true cost of Medicare once it begins.

• If you are married, create a Social Security claiming strategy that will allow you to maximize your benefits as a couple. At our firm we have proprietary software that can help you identify a strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits.

• Create an after-tax emergency fund so you don’t create taxable income by dipping into your 401(k) or IRA to pay for an unexpected home or auto repair. 

• Segregate your investments into time horizons. Conservatively invest a portion of assets for the first phase of your retirement years, and use a growth focus for phase two assets. A key to success is having a well-diversified portfolio that can withstand the market’s inevitable rollercoaster ride.

• Have enough guaranteed income to cover your fixed living expenses. If you don’t have a company pension to combine with Social Security, you can create your own. The right pension annuity can pay you (and your spouse) lifetime income that keeps pace with inflation and provides a death benefit to your heirs if you pass early. 

• At age 72, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) begin, creating additional taxable income for you. Prepare in advance and create a smart tax strategy for the years between retirement and age 72. 

Your retirement can become the dream that you’ve worked and saved toward for so many years, and proper planning is the key to help you achieve those retirement dreams. Call me today and discover how together, we can help you secure your retirement by scheduling a one-on-one, no-cost consultation or introductory phone call today. Retirement dreams begin here.

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