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Superior Rug Cleaning Service Just Got Even Better! 
New Machine Enhances Oriental Rug Cleaning Capabilities Even More

Monday, August 1st, 2022 | Uncategorized | No Comments

How long did it take you to find that perfect Oriental or Persian Specialty area rug for your home that just brought your whole home to life?  How many hours did you spend looking at rug after rug, looking for just the right colors and the perfect design to complement your own unique style?

One of the biggest investments you can make in any living space is selecting the perfect, genuine Oriental or Persian area rug. These rugs are each unique expressions of pure art. Created from natural fibers and woven one at a time to match the vision of the artisan, your Specialty rug is truly irreplaceable, and an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

With such a large investment of not only money, but also time, you obviously want to protect its longevity and attractiveness. Embedded dirt not only mars its beauty but actively reduces the life of rugs and must be properly addressed to protect your long-term investment. 

That’s where Superior Rug Cleaning enters the picture. Launched in 1985, for over 37 years Superior Rug Cleaning has focused specifically on pursuing and investing in new, state-of-the-art technology specifically to ensure your heirloom Oriental rug maintains its original beauty and quality. 

Superior Rug Cleaning has again added new technology to enhance their Specialty rug cleaning capabilities, an Ergin Rug Centrifuge.

This month, we interview Kerry McDuffie, the owner of Superior Rug Cleaning, to find out additional information on the new machine and his thoughts on the delicate cleaning process for Oriental or Persian Specialty Rugs.

MV: Tell us about your new machine.

Kerry: I am really excited about the addition of the Rug Centrifuge to our cleaning process! The centrifuge enhances our Oriental area rug cleaning capabilities quite a bit.  Most issues that can occur with Oriental area rug cleaning have to do with drying times after they are washed. After a rug is washed, of course, it needs to be dried. The longer it takes for the water to evaporate, the more potential problems can arise, such as potential dye migration and some return of minor pet urine odors.

The Rug Centrifuge rapidly spins the pre-washed rolled up area rug to remove 90-95% of the water within a few minutes, greatly reducing issues resulting from longer drying times.  It also helps flush out pet urine that might have been left over from urine-soaked rugs.  In addition, since we can dry your rug so much faster, the overall wait time for your rug cleaning project will be reduced significantly. 

MV: You have been in the Specialty rug cleaning business for a long time.  Can you tell us more about yourself and your business philosophy?

Kerry: Absolutely! I have been married to my lovely wife, Sharon, for 42 years. We have two kids and six grandchildren.  Superior Rug Cleaning is a local family run company. I have been in business cleaning rugs here in the Knoxville area now since 1985.

I have over 37 years of experience cleaning many different types of Oriental Specialty rugs.  In that time, Ive gone through extensive training, and I learned how to use the right method for different types of high-end rugs. You need to adjust for the material of the rug, the colors, the age, and the type of stain.  For example, cotton rugs often need more special handling because they can have more dye migration than rugs made of other materials.

I guess much of my business philosophy can be summed up as, Quality First.” I firmly believe that the quality of the job I do is remembered long after price is forgotten; I won’t compromise on quality since my reputation is at stake I take pride in being honest and up-front with customers. Before I take on your rug for cleaning, I will give you an honest evaluation of what our cleaning process  can and can’t do for your rug.  

MV: There’s no question that Specialty rugs are replacing wall-to-wall carpeting in many American homes and businesses. Aside from their obvious visual differences, how do Oriental rugs differ from carpets?

Kerry: Conventional carpeting is machine made and tufted with synthetic material, although cotton and wool are sometimes used in higher end wall-to-wall carpeting. Genuine Oriental or Specialty rugs, on the other hand, are created using natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk. These handcrafted rugs are woven one at a time, with artisans paying individual attention to detail, color, pattern, and the motif of each piece of art they are creating. These rugs are truly art for your floor.

MV: Does the use of all-natural fibers and organic dyes in the handcrafting of Oriental rugs require a different cleaning process than that used on conventional carpeting?

Kerry: Absolutely. Because of the use of natural fibers, vegetable and plant dyes, meticulous care must be taken to ensure that dyes remain stable during the entire cleaning process. While wall-to-wall carpeting can be cleaned with high heat and strong cleaning agents, Oriental or Specialty rugs must be washed using pure deionized cold water and natural fiber safe washing agents, then thoroughly rinsed, run through our new centrifuge, and then hung to dry in a temperature-controlled drying room.

MV: How did your knowledge and experience in Oriental rug washing help you in the design and creation of your Farragut based facility?

Kerry: After visiting numerous other rug-washing facilities nationally and attending a variety of schools and seminars, I decided to create a state-of-the-art rug washing boutique which combines the very best of all the methods I had experienced. Our 11-step washing process is designed to provide a rug washing experience unavailable anywhere else. We also installed a Centrum Force Rug Wash Floor to more enhance our cleaning capabilities. Using only water filtered by a Kinetico reverse osmosis system, clear, sanitary water washes your rugs to get them as clean as possible. The best way to describe the difference between this system and the traditional rug pit cleaning process is to compare them to your choice of a morning shower or a bath. With a shower you always bathe in clean water. We are constantly educating ourselves to bring our clients the best cleaning methods available.

MV: Anything else youd like to add?  

Kerry: All throughout our 37 years in business, our company has remained committed to delivering the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction in the industry. Hundreds of satisfied customers give testimony to that fact. Quality plus service equals superior value guaranteed!

When you selected your Oriental or Specialty rug, you invested in an item that is unique and nigh-irreplaceable. This investment, with proper care, can span not just your lifetime, but the lifetimes of your children and beyond. To protect it, the key is to have your rug properly serviced by someone who truly understands your rugs unique cleaning needs. 

So, call or text Superior Rug Cleaning at 865-680-1450, email them at info@superiorofknoxville.com, or reach on Facebook to schedule your carpet and rug cleanings today. Invest in your rug’s true potential and beauty today!

Superior Rug Cleaning

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