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Your Personal Safety is Your Responsibility

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Tom Irmen

East TN Mountain ViewsIncreasingly over the last several years, buoyed by more and more reports in the media, our attention has turned to both our home and personal safety. News accounts showing scores of fair attendees in Milwaukee being indiscriminately beaten by thugs as they exited the state fairgrounds, and with as many as 100 marauding teens, some as young as 11 years old, beating tourists in Philadelphia, we had had enough.

We both recognized that, like our personal health, our personal safety was our own responsibility and that we needed to become more proactive. And with national response times to 911 calls averaging 23 minutes and home burglaries averaging less than 10 minutes, we decided to act.

Our commitment to becoming more aware of those steps we could take to enhance our personal safety both at home and while away has become a priority. We recognize that knowledge itself could become a huge deterrent to becoming a victim.

Our goal over the weeks and months ahead is to ensure that we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all issues impacting our personal safety. Recognizing that we did not possess the requisite skills necessary to review issues relating to our personal safety, we decided to contact the professionals at Self Defense Solutions, LLC.

Monroe County based Self Defense Solutions is a local self defense company whose instructors possess varied skill sets including:
• NRA Certified Firearms Instruction
• NRA Certified Personal Protection In-Home Instruction
• NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home Protection
• NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
• NRA Home Firearm Safety Instruction
• P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Officer
• Tennessee State Certified Carry Permit Instruction
• SWAT Certified
• State of Tennessee Armed Security Officer
• Former United States Military Member

Recognizing that others might choose a different course of action, we first elected to train to secure our Tennessee handgun carry permits. We contacted Don Charest of Self Defense Solutions to register for their class which was held on August 20th.

“Having only fired a firearm at an indoor range, I was understandably apprehensive,” says Judy Irmen. “Nonetheless, I felt it was my responsibility to protect myself. And because of the growing number of women I have met recently who have decided to make their own personal safety a priority, I agreed to attend the class.

“While somewhat apprehensive, my mind was quickly put at ease when I met the three instructors who were conducting our class of 10 students,” says Judy. “The instructors were professional in both their appearance and their conduct. The course material was comprehensive and the instruction at the firing range was excellent. I would have to say that I am pleased with my decision to attend this one-day class and recognize that it is an important first step in our goal to assume greater responsibility for our own personal security. I would recommend the class to other women and couples.”

Self Defense Solutions offers a variety of classes designed to promote personal safety including:
• Don’t Be a Victim Seminar
• NRA Basic Personal Protection – In-Home
• NRA Basic Personal Protection – Outside the Home
• Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Instruction
• Individual Firearm Tutoring

We have decided to take the In-Home Basic Personal Protection Class together in September which is designed to assist us in creating a plan designed to protect ourselves in our home should it become necessary. Recognizing the increasing need to become more proactive in providing for our own safety, we both agree that all of us have a responsibility to enhance our level of knowledge, so that when acting in conjunction with local law enforcement, our personal safety can be assured.

To learn more about steps you can take to enhance your personal safety both at home and outside of the house, contact the professionals at Self Defense Solutions at (423) 261-2003.

Don’t become a victim.

Self Defense Solutions
(423) 261-2003

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