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Valspar Forecasts Colors of the Year

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 | Uncategorized | No Comments

“At Valspar, we believe a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways for people to change their homes for the better,” said Sue Kim, Valspar Color Strategist. “But with so many colors to consider, it’s nice to have a little help on the often stressful color selection journey – even when looking for the right shade of white. Choosing a white for doors, trim, ceilings, or even a wall can sometimes be harder than choosing a color, so we are simplifying that this year by highlighting four of our most popular.”

According to Kim, the four current trend palettes are defined as Comfort Zone, Simply Perfect, You Do You, and Good Company. The suggested paint colors are drawn from Valspar’s vast portfolio of hues available at Tate’s Building Supply in Vonore and are perfect for interior, exterior, and small project applications.

Comfort Zone

The Valspar Comfort Zone palette offers the perfect antidote to our fast-paced lifestyle, with a selection of soft, calm colors that balance and restore the mind, body, and spirit. These muted mid-tones counter-balance busy living and are perfect for creating a restful yet stimulating environment to unwind, relax, and recharge. A chalky white (Gray Palisade 7006-2) blends quietly with the comfy colors.

Simply Perfect 

The movement toward simplified living that’s focused on fewer choices inspired the Valspar Simply Perfect palette, a versatile, stylish set of grays that work well in any setting. This palette of six of our most liveable grays simplifies selecting a foolproof neutral that refreshes your space and seamlessly coordinates with your décor. A clean white (Pale Bloom 7002-8) is the perfect accent for any of these go-to grays.

You Do You

Different is the new normal. You Do You is leading to this trend palette of expressive and uplifting zingy brights. These confident, spirited hues encourage you to express yourself in full color anywhere you’d like, whether it be a full room, an accent wall, trim, or furniture. A pure white (7002-6 Du Jour) anchors the boldness of these brights.

Good Company

Consumers today have high demands for transparency, integrity, and authenticity – the farm-to-table organic food trend are a prime example. The Valspar Good Company palette, a collection of rich, familiar, and enduring artisanal shades, is inspired by heritage and handcrafted products and materials. These deep, pigmented colors evoke a connection to our heritage. A linen white (Totten’s Inlet 7006-9) enhances the natural richness of these tones.

Valspar’s Colors of the Year are available in interior and exterior formulations, as well as many of the brand’s specialty paint products, and are available to be discovered by you at Tate’s Building Supplies in nearby Vonore.

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