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Your Gift of Hearing

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Joe Simpson

September 11, 2001 will always have a special meaning for all of us, but for me even more so. I lost my grandmother on that same day. I was very close to her and she meant a great deal to me. Secondly, I observed a significant change in my business, Audibel Hearing Aid Center, just weeks later.

Soon after September 11th, I began to experience a considerable increase in our business. Both unexpected and appreciated, it left me wondering just why so many people were now looking to discover a solution to their hearing loss.

I soon discovered that with the enormous emotional trauma of 9/11, that many people were now committed to improving the quality of their lives by taking the steps necessary to enhance their lifestyles. Among these changes they were pursuing was the decision to treat their hearing loss.

While hearing loss may begin gradually and go unnoticed over time, its impact can lead to both a deterioration in one’s speech and a genuine sense of isolation. Untreated, its full impact can be devastating, leading to near total withdrawal of a person from social interaction which may negatively effect their performance at work or their ability to advance in their careers.

The reasons for ignoring symptoms and treatment vary. Many people elect the often resulting signs of aging, which may include hearing loss. Others are reluctant to treatment because they are unaware of just how far technology has advanced in the area of hearing loss treatment.

If you or somebody you know suffers from hearing loss, act now, before your or their symptoms worsen.

With the holidays fast approaching, give those you love a gift they will long remember. By treating your hearing loss now you will experience the joy of the seasons that might not otherwise be possible. Don’t ignore your symptoms any longer.

For your free, no-obligation hearing evaluation, call Audibel Hearing Aid Center today.

Audibel Hearing Aid Center
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