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“God’s Work – Our Hands”

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For more than 25 years, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has been a church deeply rooted in faith and in sharing its passion for making positive changes in the world. Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Tellico Village – Loudon joins other ELCA congregations across the country to boldly participate in God’s work in the world – restoring and reconciling communities and pursuing peace and justice.

Since 2013, thousands of ELCA congregations have participated in “God’s Work – Our Hands,” an opportunity to dedicate one day to serve communities in ways that share the love of God with all people. We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work. Whether it’s volunteering at a shelter for people and families who are homeless, gathering food items to fill shelves at a local food pantry, or advocating for peace and justice in communities, our service activities offer an opportunity for us to explore one of our most basic convictions as Lutherans: That all of life in Jesus Christ – every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life – flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.

On “God’s Work – Our Hands” Sunday ELCA members put their faith into action by engaging in service activities in their neighborhood and surrounding communities. Members of Shepherd of the Lake volunteer at area ministries regularly throughout the year, but on “God’s Work – Our Hands” Sunday, we identify and volunteer in groups for needed specific projects at selected area locations.

This year, in October, we sent crews to:
» The Loudon Senior Center – Mary Ann Collins and her crew of nine church members worked for five-and-a-half hours sanding and painting 15 rockers, a love seat glider, and a wicker table with two chairs.
» Habitat Home Store – Tom Schemberger and his crew of six church members plus the husband of the store manager painted the intake room, which really brightened it up.  The Habitat ReStore had everything ready to go, including the paint.
» Child Advocacy Center – Frank Navratil and his crew of eight church members attacked several projects at the Child Advocacy Center.  Toys and playrooms were cleaned and sanitized, game closets were organized, and light fixtures were cleaned. The entire outside of the building was power washed!
» Good Samaritan Center – Sue McDermott and her crew of six church members worked at the Good Samaritan Center in Lenoir City cleaning out four refrigerators, wiping off shelving and the display racks in the pantry, washing two store front windows (inside and out), and emptying numerous trash baskets throughout the Center.
» Iva’s Place – Howard Kastner and his crew of 10 attacked the overgrown shrubs, and two-and-a-half hours later, you could see the house. The group agreed that as a group of seniors, it’s a thrill to be able to help others in need. We are blessed!
» Adult Community Training – Emma Roeber brought her crew of five, including canine Wally to the center, located in Loudon, to visit with the resident women and staff. Gifts were distributed along with lots of laughter, hugs, and kisses. We are blessed to be able to make a difference for the developmentally/intellectually disabled people in our society.

Meanwhile, back at the church, Pat Yeager and her crew were busy preparing nourishment. Feeding the saints took more than three fishes and five loaves of bread! Sustaining the multitude of the ELCA workers was great behind-the-scenes support. Pat’s crew stayed at the church to pack s picnic, and then delivered the lunches to all to the various work areas.

“When one congregation or a group of congregations gather for service in their local communities, they are the church in that place, taking care of that part of God’s vineyard,” said ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. “But this is all work that we do together. When one congregation works to feed people who are hungry, that is also the entire church coming together. ‘God’s work. Our Hands’ Sunday reminds us that we are church together for the sake of the world.”

Shepherd of the Lake is a community of Christians who acknowledge the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives and seeks to help others in their journey of understanding what it means to “love God, love others.” We welcome everyone to gather with us to learn of God’s unconditional love for us and to grow with us in sharing that love with others. The church is located at 143 Chota Center in Tellico Village – Loudon. For more information, contact The Reverend Laura Shally at (865) 816-4756.

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
143 Chota Center in Tellico Village
(865) 816-4756

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