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Loudon County Property Assessor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments

This month Mountain Views interviews Loudon County Interim Property Assessor, Mike Campbell.

Mountain Views: As Interim Property Assessor, how long have you served in this position?

Mike Campbell: I was appointed September 19, 2011 by the Loudon County Commission to serve the remaining term of the late Chuck Jenkins. Upon the appointment, I took the oath of office on September 20, 2011 and started that morning.

MV: Mike, the Loudon County Property Assessor’s office plays an important role in the daily lives of all the residents of this county. How does the revenue generated from property taxes benefit the lives of all Loudon County citizens?

Mike: The Tennessee General Assembly separated the Assessment and Taxation roles to provide fair treatment to the citizens. The Property Assessor’s primary role is to appraise real property and business personal property to establish a fair and equitable assessment. The county commission and city governing bodies determine the tax rate. The revenue generated from this process goes toward public safety, senior services, road maintenance, education and many other public services.

MV: Individual property taxes are determined in large part by the value assigned to real estate located within the county by the Loudon County Property Assessor’s office. How often are these values assessed?

Mike: The current assessments are based on the 2009 reappraisal. Many property owners are not aware that Loudon County adopted a four year reappraisal cycle and the values generally remain constant for that four year period. Although the assessment generally remains constant, the tax rate can change yearly.

MV: So just for the record, current property taxes are based on real estate values assessed in what year?

Mike: The current assessment is based on the reappraisal period from 2009. The assessment generally remains constant for the four year period. The next reappraisal will be effective in 2013.

MV: How has your 20 years of experience as an independent licensed appraiser and 10 years in the real estate brokerage business prepared you for this position?

Mike: I am very excited to be able to offer my 20 years of independent fee appraisal experience, over 2,300 appraisal reports completed within Loudon County and my experience as an affiliate broker for the upcoming reappraisal period as well as the ability to identify with property owners in Loudon County, where my family resides. The role of Property Assessor is increasingly demanding in terms of skills and knowledge required to accurately and efficiently fulfill the responsibilities of the office. It is an honor to serve the taxpayers of Loudon County in this capacity.

MV: There’s an important election taking place in March 2012 related to the Loudon County Assessor’s office. Fill us in.

Mike: I actually qualified for the election prior to the appointment as Interim Property Assessor. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the remaining term of the late Chuck Jenkins through August 2012. It is an honor to serve the taxpayers of Loudon County in this capacity and I am seeking the support of the Loudon County property owners for the upcoming election. The primary poll is March 6th with early voting starting February 15th. Then the General election will be held August 2nd. My website is www.votemikecampbell.com for additional information and I would appreciate your vote!

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