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Vonore Realtor Helps Homeowners Navigate Today’s Unique Times

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As with so many other parts of todays economy, the real estate market is in rapid flux.  Buying or selling a home, or purchasing a lot with intent to build, is even more stressful than before. The amount of time available to make decisions can be miniscule.  During these times, it helps to have an experienced hand at the wheel. With those things in mind, we are excited to bring you an interview with Annette Oliverio, owner of Exit Realty Premier!

MV: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you to pursue real estate?

Annette: I grew up in a military family and moved frequently as a child. Moving from home to home, I realized at a young age that the process of buying and selling a house could be very stressful.  My entrepreneurial spirit was kindled, and I decided I wanted to create a better experience for prospective home buyers and sellers. Also, because I moved so much when I was young, I can relate to the issues of buyers and sellers from all over the country. I moved to Tennessee 37 years ago, living on Tellico Lake for 18 of those years, which has allowed me to become intimately familiar with the area.

MV: Would you tell us a little about your background as a homebuilder and Commercial Interior Architect?

Annette: Absolutely! After graduating high school, I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, with a major in Interior Architecture and Design. I was recruited immediately after by an architecture firm, and after apprenticing, I received my state license. From there, I worked my way up to the lead interior designer, before striking off to start my own company, Infinity Design. Over time, I expanded and began building homes with my father in 2002, which then enabled me to transition smoothly to real estate.

MV: How would you say your background has helped your clients to either sell or find the right home?

Annette: There are a number of ways. From a very young age, I’ve been well aware of how stressful buying or selling a home can be, and I understand what costs go into building and design. Thanks to my long-term experience, I know quality when I see it. When it comes to helping sell homes, I’m able to advise my clients in how to stage their homes to maximize the Wow! factor. Not only that, but when it comes to purchasing a property, I can read the lay of the land to know the best site to build a house. And thanks to my early experiences, I can connect with buyers from all over the country.

MV: What made you decide to choose Exit Realty and open the Vonore office?

Annette: I wanted to open a professional, yet local, family-owned, real estate brokerage in Vonore because of the lack of a nationally recognized company in that area. Exit Reality is the fastest-growing brokerage in the United States and offers training for new agents.  The better trained the agent, the greater asset the agent can be to both buyers and sellers. I was able to buy the Exit Realty franchise rights for the Monroe County territory.  I felt it was important to be a part of a national franchise due to the advertising and reach it brings to sellers, as buyers don’t just come locally, but from across the country and beyond, with some even coming from Europe. 

Exit Realty also offers advanced technology such as smart signs. Buyers who see a property can text a code posted right on the sign and get instant information on the property. They don’t even have to wait for an agent to return their call. And thanks to Exit‘s defined marketing plans, they can be tailored to each home’s unique characteristics. We’re able to offer professional services such as staging, design, photography, drone photography, YouTube videos, sites, and more!

But you know, the thing that I love the most about Exit Realty is that they dont just care about technology and making sales, but they also really care about people and the community. Exit Realty gives back to the community with each transaction fee received. Through the Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program, Exit Realty offices and associates raise money for all sorts of local, approved, and registered charities.  To date, Exit Realty Corp International has pledged more than $6,800,000 to charity, and sponsored 19 Habitat for Humanity home builds in the U.S. and Canada.  The companys Focus on Good Health initiative demonstrates their concern about realtors and their associates as individuals.  They recognize that a persons emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being are keys to their overall quality of life. 

MV: Tell us about the opening of your Vonore office.

Annette: My husband and I bought our franchise in November 2019, and secured our business name in March 2020, just as the pandemic arrived. Instead of opening the office right away, we had to wait for what felt like an eternity due to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission being shut down. I officially got my business registered through the commission in November 2020, and I opened the door to the Exit Realty Premier office in January of 2021. 

Unfortunately, we were dealt another setback on February 21st, when my husband’s mother and father were in a major accident. A car hit them doing 102 mph on Hwy 411 right after leaving my office heading to the thrift store in the Derby Downs shopping center. My husband and I were able to nurse them back to health, and they are doing wonderfully today!  One of the things I am most proud of is that we were able to endure not only that setback, but also the next one: my husband losing his job of 30 years in October 2020, again, thanks to the pandemic. Despite all this, I had a record year of sales in 2021, so I’m here to stay! 

Our Vonore office may not be the fanciest one in the county, but as we grow, we create worth, and we are worth more to the residents of this wonderful area. As a business owner, I don’t believe in overextending myself financially. I most certainly don’t expect that my clients would want to overextend themselves either. A home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make in your life, which is why both buyer and sellers trust my experience in making these lifelong decisions!

MV: How would you describe your marketing philosophy?

Annette:  Tennessee is a very desirable state for many reasons. We have so many people from other states wanting to own an investment property, moving here to Tennessee immediately, or hoping to pursue a combination of the two. Marketing needs to be diverse because we have both mountains and lakes to promote. It’s important to know why people want to move here to know which aspects will match what they’re looking for. Having lived on Tellico Lake for 18 years and owned investment properties, I have personal, firsthand experience with both primary residency and investments.

For instance, I have gone through the entire process of purchasing a lakefront lot and building on it. I am familiar with the cost that goes into it, including details like getting a dock permit, which is essential for kickstarting the dock building process. I understand the value of the cost and labor wrapped up in properties with pre-existing lake views and dock access.

MV: What are your future plans for your Exit Realty Premier office?

Annette: We are definitely looking to bring on additional licensed agents that will take care of our community. I believe in hiring those with compassion, honesty, and ethics. If you have those qualities, you will be an asset to buyers and sellers!

MV: Anything else you would like to add?

Annette: I absolutely love what I do! I have met some of the most amazing people, who have become my friends while I worked in the real estate business.

So come to the Exit Realty Premier office in Vonore and meet Annette for yourself or call at 423-884-2255 to get the personal – and experienced – help you need to buy or sell your home and smoothly transition through this important step in your life!

Annette Oliverio
Exit Realty Premier
1000 Hwy 411 Suite 4
Vonore, TN, 37885

FBC Patriotic

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May in the Garden

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more erratic spring than the one we’ve had. Those ups and downs made it hard on some of our plants and on us! Let’s cross our fingers that the craziness is past.

May is one of a gardener’s busiest months, so let’s get started on your to-do list:

• It’s critical that you do a good checkup on your yard this month. You need to know how much damage was done by the cold. Tender plants and plants with new growth took quite a hit, so you may need to do some careful pruning. Please remember that they’re not dead if the branches are flexible! If you need guidance, give us a call.

• Remember to look up. Check the trunk and canopies of your trees. Do you see sparse areas, dead or dying branches, woodpecker holes, or mushrooms? Is there sawdust anywhere at the base? Are there holes that seem to be too small for woodpeckers (toothpick size)? Do you have oozing areas? All these are signs that your tree could be struggling. If so, you need an arborist, which is basically a tree doctor. Call us for recommendations.

• Look down. Do you have signs of moles or voles? They can be chased off with a repellant. If something is digging, it is likely possums, squirrels, or skunks looking for grubs. You can apply a grub killer. Do you have brown patches or dead areas in your lawn? Come in and talk to Steve the lawn guy. He is here every Saturday morning!

• Look all around. Check for signs of disease and insects on your plants. So far we’re seeing a lot of fungal infections, azaleas with lace bugs, crepe myrtles with bark scale (another reason to NOT commit crepe murder, as it makes them more susceptible), and laurels with phytophthora root rot. It’s easier to treat an outbreak before it becomes an infestation!

• If you’re planting this year, try to get larger trees and shrubs in by the end of June so they can establish root systems before they start battling the heat. It will also behoove you to not postpone planting this year, as we are encountering even more plant shortages. 

• Smaller shrubs and ornamentals can be planted throughout the spring and summer but may require a little more attention to help them get established. They are trying to put down roots and grow at the same time. Don’t overcrowd them, and give them a gentle boost with an organic fertilizer regularly.

• Let’s talk about water, because over or under-watering is the number one plant killer. Remember that sprinkler systems are great for grass and flowers, but they are often inadequate for trees and shrubs. You need to get 1” of water to the roots of larger plants every week. If it gets dry, I drag the hose out to my trees/large shrubs and turn it on just a trickle. I let it run for 20 minutes or so, then move it to the next plant. I strongly suggest you set a timer, as I have turned my yard into a bog a couple of times by leaving the hose going overnight! It’s important to water deeply and less frequently to encourage plants to develop deep roots instead of shallow roots. It’s also best to water in the morning. Water at soil level instead of overhead. Watering the foliage encourages fungal growth.

• Did you mulch this spring? If not, apply a fresh layer or top-dressing or at least go out and rake old mulch to “fluff” it, because it becomes very compacted during the winter. Mulch adds a neat look and keeps soil temperature and moisture levels stable. It also breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil. 

• You can prune spring bloomers once the blooms have faded. Please do some research or give us a call if you need help. Remember that you are doing plant surgery, so don’t go out and start whacking!

• Wait until the foliage has died down before cutting back spring bulbs. They are storing energy for next year’s blooms. A little BulbTone will give them a boost.

• Some of your perennials may need a little assistance as they emerge. Tall plants may need to be staked or caged, and it’s easier to do that while the plants are small. You can also pinch plants back to encourage them to be shorter and bushier. 

• Be a friend to the birds and they will be a friend to you! Keep feeders and baths full and clean. Birds will remove lots of pesky insects, so attract them to your yard with plants, houses, feeders, and water sources.

We are getting several trucks in every week, so stop by often to see what’s new. Happy gardening!

Sweetwater Flower Shop

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Suze Orman Explains the Value of Long-Term Care Insurance

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My mama lived to be 97 years old. I was blessed to have the means to make sure she had the best care. But I am so very aware that the $20,000 or more a month I spent for her assisted living and special aides during the last seven years of her life is a huge sum of money that most households could not cover. 

What was so sad is that when my mom was still eligible to get long-term care (LTC) insurance, I tried every single year to get her to sign up for a policy. I told her, “Mom, I will pay for it. Please just let me do it.” And she’d say, “Suze, I don’t want you to waste your money. I am never going to need it.” She wouldn’t sign the application forms. 

Over $2 million later, I can only wish she had listened to me. I am grateful I could keep my mom living a great life until her very last day. But this is not just about me and my mom. It’s about each of you. 

Earlier in my career, when I was working as a financial adviser, I watched so many couples struggle with the massive expenses of later-life care. People who had saved so diligently saw their retirement accounts swallowed up when one spouse needed care, either at home or in a nursing home. That often left the eventual surviving spouse in a precarious financial situation. 

The median monthly cost for a home health aide is over $4,000. A nursing home can cost $8,000 a month, if not more. And that’s just in today’s dollars. The cost will be higher in the years ahead. 

As with any type of insurance, you buy LTC coverage with the expectation that you’ll never use it. But if you do use it, the nursing home costs covered by the policy over one year will be greater than the sum of all the premiums you ever paid. Do yourself a favor—check out LTC insurance. If you’d like a quote for Long-Term Care Insurance, please contact: 

Peggy Fields, Licensed Long-Term Care Planner 

Now Open in Vonore! Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream – Unlimited Flavorful Fun!

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Spring is here. Warm weather is ahead and, just in time, there is a new roadside ice cream shop in Vonore! Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream Shop is now open for business!  If you are ready for some awesome ice cream and hot dog options, this is the place to be.  Bootlegger’s is a fun date or family destination worth checking out right away.

In this month’s Mountain Views, we are excited to introduce you to Frank Vultaggio and Wendy Perestam, owners of Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream.

MV:  Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds.

Frank:  We moved here to Tellico Village about 3 years ago, and we absolutely LOVE Tennessee and Tellico Lake.  

Besides the ice cream shop, Wendy also owns a business that sells marketing products for businesses.  Oh, and now she’s even a Tennessee notary. 

Wendy:  Frank owns a pool and spa company, 2nd generation, in upstate NY still, so he will be splitting his time. But you’ll find me at Bootlegger’s daily.

MV:  You both seem like incredibly hard workers!  It can’t be all work; what do you do for fun? 

Frank:  We both ride motorcycles so we are very biker friendly.  I’m also a race car driver and have a sports car collection.  We encourage and look forward to holding classic car events. 

MV:  Tell us a little about Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream.

Wendy: We have take-out ice cream served at walk-up windows, but also have a great outdoor atmosphere to enjoy your treats.  We’re open 7 days a week.  We’re hoping to attract bikers and sports club car parking.

MV:  Tell us about the ice cream you’ll be offering.  What can we look forward to enjoying?

Frank:  We have both hard/hand scoop ice cream as well as soft serve.  Both are produced by Hershey’s Ice Cream, and the flavors are all-natural. We have 36 flavors of hard ice cream and 26 standard flavors of soft serve.  You’re certain to find a flavor you’ll love.

MV:  Why Hershey’s Ice Cream?

Wendy:  My kid’s grandmother lived in Hershey PA, so when we decided to open Bootlegger’s, we knew this was the brand to bring to our neighbors for a different taste.  They have SO many natural and amazing flavors!

MV:  With so many choices, what are your favorites?

Wendy:  Oh, there’s so many! Frank’s favorite is Road Runner Raspberry. My favorite hard ice creams are anything Peanut Butter Twist and Cappuccino Crunch, and in soft serve, it’s got to be Blackberry Twist, and, of course, a banana split – nothing better!

MV:  Ok, I’m guessing you also have some amazing shakes and sundaes.  

Frank: You bet!  Our sundaes are bold and unique. Come try a Dolly, Dirt Road, a Front Porch or, if you’re real hungry, get The Boot!

Wendy: Our shakes are amazing.  In addition to our regular shake menu, we also have the shake of the month.  April’s special shake is an Easter one along with our always available birthday shake.

MV:  Ok, I’ve got to admit, I love soft-serve ice cream, and from what I’ve heard, you have a very special soft-serve machine.  What makes it so special?

Wendy:  Well, our machine has the capability to mix in flavors on the spot at the touch of a button.  Which means, we have a practically limitless number of soft serve flavors we can sell.  We have an exclusive on this unique machine; we’re the only ones within 100 miles that have it!

MV:  Are you only serving ice cream?

Frank: Oh, no!  We have all beef New York style hot dogs with meat sauce and sauerkraut, homemade Italian Ices, plus Coke products.

MV:  Wendy, since you own a business that sells promotional items, what kinds of promo items will you have for Bootlegger’s?

Wendy:  Lots of fun stuff!  We have ice cream scoops, t-shirts, koozies, mugs, and more to go along with your trip to Bootlegger’s. 

MV:  What is your vision for Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream? 

Frank: Our hope is to create Bootlegger’s as a destination and an experience for our customers.  With our quaint outdoor patio, soon to come fire-pit, and of course scrumptious treats, we think we’ll become THE place to hang out.  

Wendy: We also have a giant inflatable ice cream cone that kids – and kids at heart – can take their picture in.  When people think of fun; they’ll think of Bootlegger’s.

MV:  Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Wendy: We will also be doing weekly drawings for all who like us on FaceBook and give us their email addresses for specials.   

Frank: And, we have a traveling ice cream cart for events small or large.

MV:  Are you having a grand opening? How do readers find out the date?

Wendy: Yes, we are planning an awesome music event in April as a grand opening. Date is TBA.  You can check our website, www.booticecream.com, call us at 423-884-2271, or like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of our exciting new details.

MV:  What can our readers expect to see at Bootlegger’s in the future?

Frank:  A fire pit will be coming soon, and we’re working on chicken BBQ weekends.   We plan to have a music event monthly, or possibly even weekly as we get going.

MV:  Wow!  You’ve got such great plans for Bootlegger’s.  You do so much!  Just how do you do it?

Wendy:  That’s a good question.  I try to live by my motto: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

So, the next time you’re hankering for some cool, sweet, creamy, goodness, head on over to Bootlegger’s.  With so many choices, they’ll have what can satisfy your craving!

Bootlegger’s Roadside Ice Cream
1813 Highway 411, Vonore TN
423-884-2271, www.booticecream.com
Mon-Sat: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Sun: Noon to 6:00pm

MountainScapes – For The Yard of Your Dreams – Today

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In this months Mountain Views, we would like to present an interview with Reed Perestam and Casey Sinclair, the owners of a local company, called MountainScapes.  They are a pair of hardworking, young entrepreneurs that create and install great-looking landscapes and hardscapes in the areas of Tellico Village, Rarity Bay, and the communities that are served by East Tennessees Mountain Views.  Reed and Casey have now been in business about a year in the area and that seemingly hard-to-find customer service is a big priority for them.

We hope you enjoy our recent talk with Reed Perestam and Casey Sinclair, the owners of MountainScapes.

MV: Tell us a little about yourselves.

Reed: I moved to Tennessee from Rochester, New York, after my sister moved here, leaving my job there as a welder. I came for one visit here and that was it. I made the decision to relocate. I played golf and basketball in high school and focused on lacrosse in college. Once I made the move to Tennessee, my partner, Casey, and I decided to start MountainScapes.

Casey: In college, I was a swimmer. Soon after Reed moved here, I also relocated, following my girlfriend, Reeds sister, a UT pre-med student.  Before I moved, I had a warehouse management position at a large pool and spa company.  Thats where I got my training with landscaping, concrete, heavy equipment and more.

MV: How did you come to start MountainScapes?

Reed: We wanted to start our own business, since having some control of our own destiny was important to us. We originally began as a yard work firm focusing mostly on mowing and yard work. After a while, we found out that many of our customers also needed landscaping and hardscape design and installation.

Casey: Our backgrounds with landscaping, concrete, heavy equipment, and welding were a great fit for helping people with landscape and hardscape design and installation, so we moved very successfully into those areas. Lately, we have focused almost exclusively on landscaping and hardscaping.

MV: What is your definition of hardscaping?

Casey: Hardscaping can include paved areas, driveways, steps, retaining walls, water features, walkways, and any areas consisting of materials such as wood, stone, and concrete.

Reed: Generally, softscape involves living plants and such. Hardscape covers the parts of your yard that arent living.  MountainScapes does both.

MV: Currently, contractors are so busy that customers have trouble getting ahold of them and, once they contact them, have challenges scheduling the job and communicating with the contractors. What is your customer service philosophy?

Reed:  We are committed to returning phone calls and keeping our promises. We can provide references so new clients can get feedback from prior customers.

MV: Anything else you feel would be important to add?

Casey: We go above and beyond for our customers, and we are fully insured. Also, our estimates are always free. So, call or text us for a free estimate. You can call Reed at 865-936-7481 or Casey at 607-239-7335. Get started on the landscape of your dreams today!

Reed Perestam 865-936-7481, Casey Sinclair 607-239-7335

Village Salon

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Like a Garage For Your Family Boat

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By Tom Irmen

The 2022 boating season is about to get underway and so is the season of endless boat detailing if you don’t own a Touchless Boat Cover System from Lifetime Docks, LLC.

Like other area boaters, we frequently see boats in docks, both private and some community docks that are protected by Touchless Boat Cover System. The concept is a simple one…create a garage for your boat that protects your watercraft like your home’s garage protects your vehicles. But it wasn’t until multiple boat owners on our community dock in Rarity Bay installed the Touchless Boat Cover that we made the decision to make the investment by redirecting a portion of the money we saved from a canceled 2020 Mediterranean cruise.

Previously when we arrived at our dock for a day on the lake, we had to first clear away the cobwebs from the sides of our boat. Then we removed the straps that secured our boat cover and then removed the cover. We shook the cover off to shake off the spiders that remained before folding the cover and placing it in our dock box. We would wash the bird and spider droppings off the cover when we returned. 

Before we had started to wipe the cobwebs and spider droppings from the now exposed topside areas of our boat, the boat owners in the slip across from ours arrived. They pressed their key fob; their Touchless Cover was fully raised in 30 seconds or less. They lowered their boat lift, started their outboard engine and were off in 5 minutes or less.

On a recent outing on the lake, we pressed our key fob. While our Touchless Cover was rising, we lowered our boat lift. We turned on the battery, started the blower and after the required interval, started our engine. We were off for an enjoyable day on the lake. And yes, we’re using our boat far more than before.

And the spiders? I can’t explain it. They’ve mostly disappeared. And our newly detailed boat looks just like it did on the showroom floor in 2007. 

Prepare for a season of fun in the sun on the lake without the long hours of detailing your boat by calling Patrick Boring at Lifetime Docks, LLC. Avoid the rush by calling Patrick today.

Lifetime Docks, LLC
Patrick Boring

Maintaining Beauty, Prolonging Life

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By Darla Zorn – Owner/Founder – Express Blinds

Few items more readily transform the feel of a room than the window treatments you select, and odds are you haven’t forgotten about all the thought and time you put into choosing the perfect window treatments for your living spaces. If left to themselves, accumulated dust and dirt can cause your window coverings to slowly deteriorate over time, leading not just to a loss of visual attractiveness, but also to diminished energy efficiency and proper light filtering. Because of this, it’s key to properly maintain your window treatments to retain their beauty and maximize their life; you’ve made an investment worth protecting. 

The following chart offers general recommendations from various manufacturers for your reference. Be sure to check these against the instructions for your specific window treatments before proceeding.   

Other products requiring special handling:

  • NATURAL SHADES: Occasional light vacuuming with a brush attachment will keep shades clean. 
  • FABRIC WINDOW TREATMENTS:  For regular maintenance, vacuum lightly with brush attachment.  If a more thorough cleaning is needed, have them professionally cleaned. Spot cleaning is not recommended for fabric window treatments, nor is the use of water, club soda, soaps, or cleansers. 
  • FAUX WOOD BLINDS: Dust with a chemically treated dust cloth or mitt. Other acceptable cleaning methods include: Vacuum, Compressed Air/Hair Dryer, and Spot Cleaning.  The Immersion method is for FAUX wood blinds without cloth tapes only.  
  • WOOD BLINDS: For blinds with painted/stained finishes, clean with spray polish or Pledge® and a soft cloth. For best results, never use water on any wood products.      

If you love your window treatments, be sure to protect your financial investment by investing a little bit of time on a regular basis to take care of them; they should last you many years.  But if you’ve fallen out of love with them in a way that no amount of cleaning will correct, maybe now’s the time to replace them with one of the many beautiful new styles available today. Reach out to us at 865-730-4880; we’re here to listen and help you make a selection that will complement your home and reflect your own unique style.

Express Blinds, Shutters, Shades & Drapes
1043 N. Cedar Bluff Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923

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