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This Year Invest in You, Invest in Your Home

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Sandy Kozar – Owner –
Decorating Den Interiors
Kozar Design Team

Every year January is filled with inspiration for new diets, new exercise goals, setting new daily routines, and everyone has a new journal to keep their goals straight. This year why not focus your intentions on your home. More and more, we’re seeing new scientific research that proves that your living environment can have as much of an effect on your health as your eating and your exercise habits. Did you know that by spending time in a space you perceive as beautiful can actually lower your stress and your blood pressure? Contrastingly, if you’re in a cluttered overwhelming space, that can actually raise your blood pressure by adding on-going visual strain, tension, and adds a constant to-do list in your mind, letting your mind never truly rest. It makes sense. Your home is your foundation, and where we all go to relax and recuperate from the day, but if your home is also visually stressful, how can you rejuvenate? In light of that, making an investment in your home can actually have more of an impact on your daily life than you might expect.

That’s where we come in. Hiring a professional interior designer allows clients peace of mind by bringing their aesthetics and needs together in a way that is convenient, curated, and fun. Here at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, we strive to help all of our clients live in a beautiful home that matches their lifestyle and needs too. With a combined 25 years of experience and degrees in interior design, as well as being Decorating Den Certified Designers, we have the experience and training to make rooms functional and aesthetically pleasing. Oftentimes we do this by creating a different layout, changing the traffic flow, and/or using the proper amount and scale of furniture. We also coordinate fabrics, furniture, flooring, window treatments, artwork, lighting, wallpaper, and wall color together using the elements and principles of design. We aim to create visual interest, along with adding comfort and style. Is there enough variety and texture? Does the space need more lighting? Will additional seating be needed?  Do the window treatments need to provide sun protection or privacy? Would the room need to be easily cleanable for children and pets? These are all some of the many questions we ask when pulling together a design.

No matter what your design dilemma is, we consider it all when designing your home for you: interesting architecture you can’t quite figure out, special health considerations that might influence your layout, intricate hobbies, a large art or specialty collection, furry family members, a large extended family, or anything else. We do this through in-depth interviews during our complimentary consultation with homeowners to learn their lifestyle preferences and functional needs. We listen to the emotions they wish their home had, and the quality the room should have as well. This allows us to create and implement a personalized design plan that is curated and unique for each client. From the thousands of design options available to us, we narrow the scope of options to a perfectly curated two or three design options for their home, making sure that it fits all of their requirements and desires. Since all of the options we present will be perfect for the finished room, clients can easily choose their favorites.

Do you have an idea in mind, but not sure how to get there? One of the best benefits to hiring a designer is that we save homeowners costly mistakes, as well as the hassle of returning or repairing those mistakes. By using our photo realistic 3D renderings, scaled sketches, physical fabric, wood, and rug swatches, we are able to show each client exactly how their new room will look. We analyze all of the pros and cons of each option. Our clients can feel confident their new room will be exactly as we envisioned it for them! Plus, we save you the stress and wasted time of going through solutions that would not work or endless shopping at retail locations trying to bring it all together.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful and comfortable home that makes them feel welcomed and happy. We also realize how an investment in your home sets the stage for family celebrations, and improves your everyday life, and for making memories that will last a lifetime. Nothing is more sacred than your personal space you share with your family, and nothing makes your day easier than a home that fits your lifestyle. However, it’s more realistic when you have an investment range in mind for this. For all of our projects, we design within an investment range. Once the investment is set, this also lets us determine which of our vendors (from good, better, best, and luxury lines) to design the project with. We can work room by room, entire homes, or bits at a time, but the project will be within an agreed upon investment range. Not sure what things cost at the moment? That’s okay, during our complimentary consultations we walk through what items typically cost, and work with our clients to find an investment range that they and we feel comfortable with. When clients give us an investment amount, we are respectful of that.

Another benefit of hiring professionals is you get professional results. We help clients from the beginning of their project to the end and beyond. Our professional design services are all inclusive of:  all plans, drawings, conceptual sketches, and renderings, all presentations, project sourcing of all materials, all finish and fixture selections throughout, all selections to ensure both function and aesthetic fit for all furniture, rugs, lighting, window treatments, art accessories and more selections.  Throughout the project management aspect, we are responsible for: purchasing of all goods approved, tracking and shipping management, professional receiving, inspection of all goods, coordinate schedule with installers, delivery and professional installation of all goods, as well periodic updates with clients throughout the process to ensure all progress stays on track to meet our expected deadline. We are there for every install, guiding our professional installers to ensure that everything is placed in the perfect spot. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and by doing all of this, we give our clients the reassurance that everything will be handled with dedication and our high-quality standards.

In light of this, an investment in your home, is also an investment in you. Let us help you with your New Year’s resolutions this year, by investing in your home and setting a good foundation for 2024 and beyond. Interested? Give us a call today 865-392-6222 for a discovery call to see how we can help you feel better in your home. Feel free to visit our website (www.SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com), browse our portfolio, and visit our “how we work” page to go behind the scenes from a first phone call, all the way to installation day with the big reveal. Remember, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be enjoying your beautiful new room!

Decorating Den Interiors
Kozar Design Team


New Year. New Projects for your Kitchen or Bath!

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024 | Uncategorized | No Comments

With the new year comes inspiration to tackle some projects around the house. Although you may have dreams of gutting your kitchen or renovating the bathroom, these big jobs are costly and time-consuming. Instead, consider taking on smaller projects that will give you the best bang for your buck. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Organize and better utilize your pantry. Throughout the year, you probably accumulate all sorts of things in your pantry. By removing the contents and throwing away expired items you can start with a clean slate. Consider installing pull-out shelving to better access your items. Hard to reach items will be at your fingertips, and you will increase your storage capacity.

2. Create usable storage space in your bathroom cabinet. Bath products, hair products, and cleaning solutions may be taking up all the space under your bathroom sink, leaving you no room for essentials like toilet paper and tissues. With a two-tiered pull-out shelving system, you can maximize your storage and easily find what you need.

3. Declutter and find more space for your pots and pans. Are you frustrated with the way you store your pots and pans? Most people get frustrated looking in their cabinets for the right size pot and matching lid. With pull-out shelving, you can easily arrange your pots, pans, and lids so you can access them quickly when cooking.

4. Make better use of corner cabinets. Most kitchens have a corner cabinet that has dead space that is often hard to access. With a unique pull-out solution for corner cabinets, you can add more storage space in your kitchen. It’s a cost-effective way to use the space you already have without adding to the footprint of your kitchen.

You may not be able to redesign your whole kitchen, bathroom, or pantry at this time, but you can ease your frustration by working on smaller projects that will have lasting impacts throughout the new year!


Church – What’s in it for Me?

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024 | Uncategorized | No Comments

By Claire Moxim

My husband and I moved to East Tennessee 25 years ago from New England.  Although not retired yet, we looked forward to this move as a brand-new beginning for the rest of our lives.  Brand new beginnings aren’t always what we think they’re going to be when we start the journey.  Our journey brought with it the best (or worst) of all ourselves, our plans, and a sudden detour.

I left a church in Connecticut that had been a home to me for over 15 years.  So many things had happened to me while I lived and worshipped with that congregation.  My young daughter became a widow, my son left for college, both my parents died, and I had to learn coping skills that did not include dependency on alcohol, food, or people.

Most of my life had been spent wrapped and coddled by family, friends, and good luck.  I didn’t have any coping skills for dealing with the harsh realities that life often tosses at us.  Where do you turn when you just don’t know how to do it?  Yes, there’s professional counseling and advice from well-meaning friends, but at the end of the day, there you are – alone.  For way too long a time, I tried to run and hide and pretend that I actually was able to handle reality by myself.  Solitary prayer and a solo relationship with the Lord just wasn’t all of the solution, and I sunk deeper, wondering where God was in all that mess.

My church family reached out to me and loved me when I couldn’t love myself.  They never judged or smothered, only showed compassion, friendship, and God’s love.  I still had to make my own mistakes, but that’s how we learn, whether it’s English, Math or Life.  The biggest thing that I learned was that we are not meant to live our lives alone.  Belonging is being a part of a group where we are nurtured and can continue to learn and grow.  Together we weather the storms of life and the joys that come with the rainbow.

My husband died sixteen years ago – not an event we ever thought our brand-new beginning would take us to so quickly.  I was so blessed to be surrounded by a loving Christian community.  I was able to take a fork at the crossroads of my life with confidence that no matter what lay ahead, I was not alone.  Today my church family at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Tellico Village is one of the most important gifts I’ve ever received, and we are such a gift to each other.

And there’s the Big Revelation …. it’s not all about what I get. As a member of a caring church community, I’ve learned that fulfillment can be found in knowing that I too have gifts to bring and share.  I’ve discovered a joy that cannot be found in the loneliness of any mind-numbing substitute that I might try to use to get by.  God works through his people, my family  – What a blessing!

Claire Moxim lives in the Kahite neighborhood of Tellico Village with her two rescue dogs and a grandson.  She is active in UT’s H.A.B.I.T. (Human Animal Bond in Tennessee) program and has visited schools weekly with her RUFF READER dogs, Wally and Alice.  Alice currently visits residents at NHC Holston Hills.  Claire serves on the board of the Good Shepherd Center in Madisonville and is an active member of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Tellico Village.

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
143 Chota Center
Loudon, TN
(across from the POA office)
Phone: 865-816-4756

Tellico Village Welcomes Sirrabelle Boutique – Jewelry and Gifts

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Theres a brand-new boutique store in the Village, Sirrabelle Boutique – Jewelry and Gifts. Its located in Lakeside Plaza on the opposite corner to Little Italy, and its here just in time for your Christmas shopping!

This month, we interviewed Leah Stilson, the owner of Sirrabelle, to find out more about her new store.

Mountain Views: Tell us a little about yourself and why you started Sirrabelle.

Leah: Its a really odd story. I was a corporate manager for the state of Illinois at HD Supply Facilities and also worked at Harbor Brewing Company brewing beer and serving. I have never NOT had two jobs. When COVID-19 happened, a third of our business at HD Supply diminished and they did major layoffs. I started making jewelry out of boredom when a friend said I need to get a hobby, as I am a workaholic.  Prior to that I had never made one piece of jewelry. There was a hiring freeze in Chicago at the time and I couldnt support myself, so I prayed to God asking him what I should do. One night his voice woke me from my sleep, saying to move to Tennessee.  The next morning, I put my house up on the market. Three days later it sold, and 35 days later, I was in Tennessee. Once here, my mom pushed me to try and sell my jewelry. I was surprised that people began buying. I never knew I was artistic at all. I felt so humbled that people enjoyed my work. I slowly added small batch branded clothing and purses. I love the people in Tellico Village so when an opportunity arose, I thought a store was a good move.

MV: When did you open?

Leah: I am excited to say I opened the doors November 10th, so Sirrabelle Boutique is still brand new!

MV: What types of items do you have available?

Leah: I still sell Sirrabelle Jewelry, small batch and unique clothing, and purses, but I also added on some wonderful items that local artists create.

MV: Can you tell is a little about those other artists and their creations?

Leah: I am so honored to carry products from such talented artists. They make the store well-rounded. If a person is thinking of someone, they no longer have to run all the way to Vonore or Lenoir City to get a special card or gift. I have handmade pottery, fantastic high-quality wreaths and decor, mind blowing quilted items, homemade soaps, slate photo decor, and of course my favorite card maker, Rhodas Cards. Something for anyone.

MV: What are your hours?

Leah: Currently, I am open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 5pm except for Wednesday. Wednesdays hours are 1pm to 5pm, because I still go to the Tellico Village farmers market. Its one of my favorite things to do each week!

Please make sure to stop by and support our new boutique shop in Tellico Village. You may find that perfect gift for Christmas and get a chance to see some amazing unique items!

You can also find them on Facebook under Sirrabelle Jewelry.

Sirrabelle Jewelry and Gifts
318 Lakeside Plaza Suite 332
Loudon, TN 37774.

Hours: Tues, Thurs-Sat – 11am to 5pm
Weds – 1pm to 5pm in the store
9am-12pm at the TV Farmer’s Market

Don’t Miss Out on the Christmas Cheer When the Jingle Bells Start Jingling!

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By Connie Ferraro – Tellico Hearing Solutions

Of course, Christmas is about sharing time with family and friends, so for those who have developed hearing loss, the holidays can be an especially tough time. If you already have a great hearing aid, you will know the joy and improvement to the holiday experience that these modern devices can bring. But if you don’t, you may not even realize what you are missing!

People celebrate the holidays in all sorts of ways, but most of us have a few favorite sounds of the season.

With hearing aids, you can fully appreciate sounds like:
>> Laughter from your children or grandchildren when they open their gifts.
>> Church choirs singing.
>> Christmas carolers going door to door.
>> the clatter of pans as your Christmas turkey goes in the oven.
>> Laughter and conversation at the family dinner table.
>> A performance of your holiday favorites.
>> Your favorite Christmas movie.

Our hearing tests are free and easy.

During your hearing test we will determine:
>> The quietest sound you can hear at different pitches.
>> How well you can hear speech.
>> What type of hearing loss you have, if any.
>> How your ears respond to loud sounds.

These evaluations are quick, painless and provide valuable insight into your hearing health. Robert is a Certified Hearing Specialist and also a hearing instrument wearer who’s been in your shoes. Call us today!

Is your hearing Christmas ready? It’s the most wonderful time of the year to hear.

Tellico Hearing Solutions, PLLC

High Quality Carpet, Flooring, & Cabinetry for the Lowest Prices

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Want to transform your homes outdated kitchen, but worried about breaking the bank in the process? Worry no longer. At Country Carpet & Flooring, our everyday prices are reasonable, affordable, and far lower than even the sale prices youll find at our competition. We sell high quality solid wood cabinetry direct from the factory. That means no middlemen, no distributors, no dealers, no boutique-style showrooms, and no exorbitant prices to make you wince. What we do have is the highest quality cabinetry, all solid wood, with your choice of door profiles, soft-close doors and drawers, dovetail drawers, colors, and hardware. And more. Weve even got specialty cabinets like waste receptacles, spice racks, and so on. Come on by, and well create a showcase kitchen for you, one that will be the envy of your friends and family.

At Country Carpet & Flooring, weve earned our reputation as the area’s premier resource for all your residential and commercial flooring needs. Over 4 decades, weve proven were the best. But more than that, weve have also earned a reputation for designing and installing fine kitchen cabinetry for far less than you might expect to spend in Knoxville’s kitchen designer showrooms.

So if youve been dreaming of a new custom kitchen and bath, but thought you couldnt afford it, think again. Let the professionals at Country Carpet & Flooring show you how to transform your ordinary kitchen and bath into an extraordinary one. And while youre here, why not complete your new project with new flooring as well? An extensive selection of name brand tile, hardwood, carpeting and vinyl plank flooring awaits you at Country Carpet & Flooring. A stunning new kitchen and bath couldn’t be easier.

Country Carpet & Flooring
3107 Highway 411
Madisonville, TN 37354
(Across from Sequoyah H.S.)


Loudon County Concert Band

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 | Uncategorized | No Comments

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: music! Good music is essential to any holiday experience, and if that’s what you’re looking for then look no further than the Loudon County Concert Band. You have two great opportunities to hear them perform, one on November 17th and another on December 13th. We know you won’t want to miss either of them, so we sat down with manager Kevin Meyer and director David Whipple from Loudon County Concert Band to ask them a few questions.

ETMV: Thanks for sitting down with us today. When did Loudon County Concert Band first come together?

David: Well, Kevin Meyer officially started the band back in September 2021, but he was in talks with Charlie Barnard from First Baptist Church of Tellico Village as far back as 2018. Kevin had played in the Army band for many years, so when he came here to Loudon County, he saw a huge need for a band in the area. But he needed money, people, and a place to rehearse.

Kevin:  Charlie stepped up to the plate immediately, offering the church sanctuary for rehearsals, granting the band a small budget, and even recruiting our first director, Eugene Hattaway. Sadly, Eugene passed away in 2022, and that’s when David Whipple took on the role. Back when we were getting started though, Eugene was our director, I took care of recruiting players and getting the music selections together, and Charlie handled the location.

ETMV: It sounds like everything came together very quickly.

Kevin: It would have, if it weren’t for COVID. We were all ready to go in Spring of 2020, but then our plans had to be put on hold until a year later. That September 2021 date marked our first rehearsal.

ETMV: How many musicians do you have in the group?

David: We started out with 21, but we’ve since grown to 30.

ETMV: What sort of music do you perform?

David: Mostly Americana, some showtunes from Broadway, a few marches, even pop songs and popular movie themes. And, of course, we even perform a lot of holiday favorites!

ETMV: Does the Loudon County Concert Band have any signature pieces?

Kevin: I don’t know about signature pieces exactly. But one of our favorite pieces to perform is the song “Deep River”. I think you’ll love it when you hear it too. On top of that we actually had a local resident named Mr. Bill Buelow write a special piece for us called “Go Tell It”. It’s a variation on “Go Tell It on the Mountain”.

ETMV: What’s your mission or purpose in forming this band?

Kevin: Really our goal is just to give musicians in the area an outlet to perform for the public and enhance the arts in Loudon County. We’re always on the lookout for more people, too, so I’d encourage anyone in the area that’s reading this to sign up if you’d like to. We practice every Thursday night from 6:30 – 8:00pm at the First Baptist Church of Tellico Village. Though some of our players are older, some are on the younger side, so we’re not just a group of retirees playing music. We’re open to just about all ages and experience levels. Even if you haven’t even touched your instrument in decades, dust it off and come join us. We’d be happy to have you.

ETMV: Are there any roles in particular you were looking to fill in the band?

David: We’d love to add some more double reed instruments like the oboe and the bassoon to our mix, as well as woodwinds, and percussion.

ETMV: I hear you’ve got two shows coming up. Tell us more about those.

Kevin: We do. We’ve got one on November 17th, at the Community Church at Tellico Village and running from 7:00 – 9:00pm in the sanctuary there. We’ll be performing together with the Tellico Voices, Harriet Schneider and Friends, and Tommotley Crew. It’s being put on by Tellico Village Working Together (TWT) group as their 2nd Annual Variety Show. The proceeds will go towards assisting the Family Resource Centers of Monroe County, Loudon County, and Lenoir City with the assembling of food packages and monetary contributions for needed necessities. It’ll be a variety show with Broadway, Pop, and Movie themes for you and your family to enjoy. Tickets are on sale now for $10.

ETMV: And the second show?

David: That one’s our annual Christmas Concert at the First Baptist Church of Tellico Village. It’s on December 13th at 7:00pm, following the Christmas Fellowship dinner at 6:00. We’ll be playing variations of both secular and sacred Christmas favorites ranging from “We Three Kings” to “Go Tell It” (mentioned earlier) to a variation on “Jingle Bells”, to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and many others. The public is invited to join us for both the dinner and the show, but reservations for the dinner have to be in by December 10th.  Or you can just come to the show at 7:00.  Dinner is $15, but the concert is free.

ETMV: How often do you perform?

Kevin: In addition to the holiday concerts mentioned, we usually also perform in March as well as June.

ETMV:  Anything else you’d like to add?

David:  Yes, I’d just like to say again, that we’d really love to have more of you join us.  We have a lot of fun and get to perform some amazing music!  If you’re interested in joining the band, or you just want more information on Loudon County Concert Band, be sure to contact Kevin Meyer at kmeyer56@sbcglobal.net.

Tickets for the 2nd Annual Variety Show are available at Sloans, United Community Bank in Tellico Village, and the Village Salon, or from any Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, or General Federated Women’s Club members.


1. 2nd Annual Variety Show
November 17th at 7:00 pm

Location: Community Church of Tellico Village

Tickets: $10 each
Purchase at Sloans, United Community Bank (TV), Village Salon, or
from any Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, or General Federated Women’s Club members

2. Christmas Concert
December 13th at 7:00 pm

Christmas Fellowship Dinner at 6:00pm

Location: First Baptist Church of Tellico Village

Tickets: Concert is Free, $15 if attending Dinner
Dinner reservations required. Call the church office at 865-408-0110 by December 10th.

Woodchucks: The Help You Need to Create Your Own Woodworking Masterpiece

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Have you ever wanted to create something that’s personal for you or a friend or relative, but you either don’t know what to make, or you lack the skills and equipment to actually do it?  There is a fun solution.   It’s called Woodchucks, a new local, husband and wife-owned DIY woodworking design studio located in Maryville’s Foothills Mall. Think of it as a woodworking studio with a fun twist – they help you create and actually make the item you want!

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Sheila Smith, one of the owners of Woodchucks. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in the area!

Mountain Views: Woodchucks has a very different business model, particularly when you compare it to other similar studios. What can customers expect when they make their first appointment?

Sheila Smith: Well, first of all, as the name implies, we’re a Do-It-Yourself woodworking shop, and that applies to every aspect of what we do here. So, when you go to our website, you first choose what kind of project you want to work on. We’ve got a lot of different kinds of projects you can select from, and we’re happy to do custom work as well if that’s what you need. We also offer classes if you’d like to build up more of these skills for yourself.

Once you’ve selected exactly what you want, we’ll work with you on the design process. Even if you’re not familiar with woodworking or design, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Once you’re satisfied with the design, then we schedule a time for you to come in and make it in the store.

When your project is done, you get to say you did all of it. It was your idea, and you’re the one that did all the hard work to make it a reality. But we’re not just putting all of this on you. We’re providing the materials, giving you instructions and guidance, and so on. Whatever you need that you can’t get anywhere else, that’s what we’re here to provide.

MV: That sounds like a lot of fun! Can you also accommodate groups?

Sheila: Absolutely!  We love having groups and parties. Kids especially have a great time. We’ve also had date nights, girls’ nights, and so on. If you can name it, we’ve probably done it. In addition, we can come to your group, with all supplies in tow!

MV: Do your customers need to be good at woodworking?

Sheila: Absolutely not. It can help, of course, but we provide plenty of help and instruction to our customers that are just learning the ropes.

Well, there you have it! A woodworking and design studio fun for all ages, where you can make nearly anything you can imagine. Be sure to book your appointment today at www.woodchuckstn.com.

And remember, whatever you need that you can’t get anywhere else, that’s what Woodchucks is here to provide.

Visit us on Facebook!
Our website is coming soon.

197 Foothills Mall Dr, Ste 23
Maryville, Tennessee 37801



This Season, Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

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By Aaron Hunt, Co-Owner of Premiere Consignment

Know any shoppers who want to pay full retail price, especially for furniture? Me neither! That’s why we launched Premiere Consignment in nearby Tellico Village. We offer both buyers and sellers the perfect venue for conveniently buying and selling quality, name brand, gently used furniture, décor, rugs, and art at prices far below their original retail selling prices!

Homeowners, here’s a great suggestion when planning for the upcoming holidays. Think back to how conveniently and comfortably your guests were able to enjoy your home last holiday season. Did a particular room appear cluttered, or was the traffic pattern or flow obstructed? Was there sufficient seating for everyone? Was your dining room table too large or too small? Would a buffet or sideboard have been helpful when serving meals? Reflecting on last year’s holiday events provides you with the perfect opportunity to determine how to improve your home for the upcoming holiday season, allowing you to comfortably and efficiently entertain friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. If you find that you could use those extra guest chairs, a rug for cold feet, or a smaller table, Premiere Consignment has a large selection of home décor with every style imaginable represented. Buyers can browse our extensive showroom during business hours, OR 24/7 ON OUR FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEBISTE, www.premiereconsignment.com, as well as having access to our full-service eBay store.

If you find that letting some items go would be the best option, Premiere Consignment is the safest and most convenient way to sell no longer used, quality items. Safe because sellers won’t have to invite strangers into their home or wait for potential buyers – who may never show up – or who want to negotiate an already agreed upon price. Convenient because sellers don’t need to be concerned about bad checks or handling large amounts of cash. We also know how to price things to get you top dollar for your items.

If you find that you could use those extra guest chairs, a rug for cold feet, or a smaller table, Premiere Consignment has a large selection of home décor with every style imaginable represented. Buyers can browse our extensive showroom during business hours (www.premiereconsignment.com), as well as having access to our full-service eBay store.

Did you know Premiere Consignment also conducts Estate Sales?

Estate sales, which are growing in popularity, are generally the most efficient way to sell unneeded personal and household items resulting from the passing of a homeowner, downsizing, relocation, bankruptcy, or divorce.

An estate sale can easily become overwhelming, which is why a growing number of area residents are turning to Premiere Consignment in Tellico Village for assistance in conducting an estate sale. At Premiere Consignment, we offer our clients a complete turnkey estate sale experience. We help organize, display, price, advertise, and sell those no longer needed personal and household items. We are with you every step of the way to make certain that your sale is the complete success you hoped it would be. At the end, the client is left with a check and a home that is cleared of every unwanted/unneeded item.

What if not everything sells? We have solutions for that as well. We can place any remaining unsold items for sale in our Tellico Village retail showroom (www.premiereconsignment.com) or use our extensive eBay sales platform to sell a variety of other sales items, such as collectibles, to buyers across the country and the world.

Buyer or seller, Premiere Consignment can help. Let us take the inconvenience out of buying and selling quality home décor items while saving up to 90% off full retail prices. You can also visit our website to view our ever-changing inventory and shop from your couch! Premiere Consignment is simply your smartest and easiest way to buy and sell.

Premiere Consignment
320 Lakeside Plaza, Loudon, TN 37774
Open Mon-Sat – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

The Gift of a Superior Cleaning for your Superior Rug

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By now, you’re sure to have noticed that the holidays are fast approaching. Family, friends, customers, and other guests are going to be here soon, after all, and that means you’re going to want your home or business to look its best. And, of course, that’s going to include a one-of-a-kind Oriental rug. Once a rare luxury item, now beautiful, handmade oriental rugs are a feature in homes and businesses throughout the country, often replacing wall-to-wall carpeting. But now that you have one, how exactly are you supposed to clean it?

That’s where we come in. Here at Superior Rug, we’ve been cleaning Oriental rugs just like yours for 38 years, so we know all about how to care for your handmade masterpiece. During that time, we’ve built a reputation for quality, affordability, and innovation thanks to our owner, Kerry McDuffie. Kerry has gone out of his way to invest in new and emerging technologies in his field, including a state-of-the-art facility for washing Oriental rugs and making them look better than ever in the process. The result? Not only are our services markedly different from our competitors, but our customers head home happier and more satisfied in every way.

Knowing the proper cleaning process is crucial to keeping your handmade Oriental rug looking sharp and beautiful for years to come. Handmade Oriental rugs are unique, each telling a story based on the exact time and place it was created, and the cleaning process is just as specialized. Because your rug is made of natural fibers and colored with either vegetable or plant dyes, we take extensive care to ensure that those dyes remain stable throughout the cleaning process. We’ve even built a specialized rug cleaning studio, where our experts in the field of Oriental rugs will thoroughly inspect and analyze your rug to determine the ideal cleaning treatment.

At Superior Rug, we believe that properly caring for your Oriental rug requires more than just a carpet cleaning machine. That’s why we have a 12-step cleaning process, where we first determine the exact fiber content and dyes used, then take the rug to our specialized facility, wash it in pure, deionized cold water in a wool-safe solution. Once the rug is washed, we give it a thorough rinse and hang it to dry in our temperature-controlled drying room. We even roll and wrap the rug up for you.

It may seem like a hassle, but skipping even one of those steps could compromise the rug’s color, texture, and integrity. And with the holidays coming up, we know you’re going to want your rug looking just like it did when you first bought it.

Whether it’s in your home or place of business, our cleaning process is sure to put that extra magic back into your handmade Oriental rug. We’ve had hundreds of satisfied customers walk through our doors over the years, and we’re excited to add you to the list.

Be sure to call today or visit our website for more information or to receive a cleaning estimate for your Oriental rug!

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